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    x2 multiplier doesn't seem to apply to heavy attack critical chance when Crit Chance mods are equipped.
  2. It would be cool if: 1) Railjack gets a speedometer (as well as archwing and hoverboard); 2) Railjack Battle Avionics get more balanced and useful as, for example, swarm does literally nothing in Viel Proxima at all; 3) Zetkai turrets get another buff or debuff as Rate of Fire + Overheat can be barely called a balanced weapon. 4) Droprate of Lavan and Vidar parts vs Zetka is increased; - Armaments bonuses get changed as the only good ones are listed below: +25% Railjack damage while shield depleted Zetki Shield +50% boost speed while shield depleted Vidar Engines +100% damage immunity duration after a Major Breach is repaired Vidar Reactor - Railjack stops warping forward if it's boosting backwards or to the side; - Turret enter/exit speed is increased; - Transport engines stop consuming all Tunguska damage;
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