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  1. i dislike certain tilesets of the kuva fortress and Lua. the waypoint marker seems to hate them too cause it gets confused trying to guide me where to go quite often. mission wise i dont really care for defection...its boring and the "refugees" tend to get stuck or take forever to get anywhere for the mission to be anything but a droll experience. Also dislike "some" specific spy rooms that are either "Risk the room by taking the secret route as a non stealth frame" or "how dare you make me hack 3-5 consoles just to get to the console!"
  2. only issue i see with on contact explosions is that it would basically be a bow version of the Acceltra. Though Z-prime came first.
  3. i noticed some abilities blocked the ability to kill too. nidus tentacle grabby ball nullified the lanterns vulnerability effect so you couldnt kill whatever was in it till it dispersed i basically just carried the lantern and melee killed anything within range while running around like a crazed maniac
  4. Frame- Limbo - cant stand how he trivializes content and dont care for his kit in any form. primary- Convectrix - its just boring/bad secondary- Knell - for a pistol, its gimmick is very risky and nor usually worth bringing over any other decent consistent secondary. melee - cant think of any warranting removal.
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