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  1. I like the new take on Vauban's 1,3 and 4 But his stats are still paper and his 2 feels misplaced Either: Please buff his base stats or just add a chunk more armour so he can take a hit when out of position Or Give him a defensive 2 Damage reduction, overshield, ammo replenishment from a personal sentinel to effect himself and allies One, the other or both would be great
  2. Unless Vauban gets a little stat buff, he's still going to die very quickly from a stray grenade or rocket The abilities look good though
  3. Also no physical damage bonus too At least for the few who enjoy a physical focus build for weapons
  4. When delays like this happen, any chance of a release speculation? Eg. Earliest - Tuesday Expected - Wednesday Latest - Friday I was here for the Wait Within, so I can very much appreciate it and letting bugs get polished too I like this a lot Tenno Reinforcements was a little joy of sorts - seeing what weapon would be brought into the game and how it can fit/potentially play into a niche
  5. I dig it - it's looking good (Finally got time to write my response) Heavy attacks as a resource is quite an interesting idea - particularly the ebb and flow of combat, especially with the heavier/specialist units we face. It and the coming rage mode have piqued my interest as I very much enjoyed channel builds back when melee 2.0 was released. Though, perhaps a little counterintuitive - mods or arcanes to play into the heavy attack/rage mode playstyle as a main focus would certainly be interesting. Also the manner of differentiation between weapons and allowing their passives/part in the story/stance play out. Eg. Nikana. With Decisive judgement (using it without the sheath) gains additional damage without sheathing The other stances could benefit with the strike/sheath playstyle that could be based around a single strike heavy attack. Then you have something like the Broken Sceptre - gaining its beam attack from the story rather than physically striking a foe I am very much looking forward to the last part of this melee update!
  6. Any chance of Trinity and Revenant getting another look over? As for melee; an option to keep the nikana out of the sheath would be nice Splitting the polearms would also be good - staves, bladed staves and halberd/spears for the families of the weapons. Currently just polearms seems a little lack luster for how different they can be Will arch weapons ever be standardised as to be able to use them in day to day missions rather than using them on a cool down/low ammo chance drop? Using them as a two slot weapon could certainly help with more weapon choice and allow them to be more frequently in the day to day - as it stands they're weaker than our ordinary weapons and could use a buff if we can use them as often as out normal blade and gun
  7. Just a thought. Vauban struggles with survival if you mistime your Bastille or get a stray rocket to the face. Perhaps alongside the passive armour buff which appears like it occurs only in the area of Bastille - why not apply a layer of damage reduction on top just for Vauban so he can survive at least one larger hit as well as the armour from Bastille. Just so he isn't forced to be stuck to one stop and in and around corners. After all, Vauban's base stats aren't the greatest compared to other frames - an extra bit of damage reduction will really help him in later levels
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