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  1. So I bought Frost Harka skin. He looks awesome I think, but, I threw on the Frost Prime helmet on him, and damn... I like the Harka helmet too, but the bulky neck looks pretty Dan cool. Color recommendations? Doesn't matter which helmet. Currently I use a blend of purple, light blue, black, and gold.
  2. Id go with a gold yellow main. Deep purple but not to dark second. Light blue accents and tertiary.
  3. Yeah people are impatient. Chances are they are just finishing up Railjack. They don't release things when it's finished, they do it to build up hype and playerbase and expectations and alot of things alot of people don't understand. Railjack will be out. Just wait.
  4. Um buddy, tenno get warframes. Warframes dont get tenno Buddy. Cmon. That's just confusing. Waframes are a a hunk of metal without the operator
  5. No one got the F? Not even a D? Idk I'd throw Zephyr, or Ember, or Vauban, or Atlas, all of them get the D and F.
  6. Idk why a hunk of metal gotta have a gender tbh
  7. I say zephyr tbh so pointless, can be replaced by literally any frame. Flying only good in vallis and the plains and that what archwings for so like...
  8. Mobile warframe Tap your enemies to death You see that eidolon, all it takes is the touch of one finger and bam they die. Do you have what it takes? To tap? To tap all the grineer scum to death? Install now mobile warframe
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