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  1. the necramech is a bit poorly done, what it should have been is something more like putting only 10 slots on it, disappearing the 3 mele mods and letting it use the archmele weapons or otherwise making them go up like kuva weapons than each shape I increased the capacity for mods because currently there is no way to make a complete build, my necramech has 8 forms and even so I can not put the 12 mods because it simply does not give enough capacity.
  2. hey, eh subsumido 16 warframes y tengo solo 12 flores, donde estan mos 3 restantes 😭
  3. They must do something with the necramech, it is totally full of forms and even so the mods do not fit , it is illogical that they put a space for 12 mods but the capacity is only 60.
  4. Put more than 60 points on the necramech, not even filling all the spaces with forms will it be possible to enter the 12 mods. the affinity gained is still a bug, I don't know where they got that they have corrected it.
  5. Por dios quiten las reliquias del contrato de la boveda no se puede obtener nada aparte de eso, es un fastidio construir al necrameca e.e
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