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  1. Glad you like it! It will be an additional $60.
  2. I could do 300p + Mesa Prime Set + Redeemer Prime Set + Rubico Prime set + 300p worth of Ayatan Sculptures/Prime Junk which sould equal just under 900p. Theres no rush, I don't even have enough credits to accept that yet.
  3. Recievied! I forgot to mention USD, CAD converted down to $15, but its fine for now i'll get you a draft soon!
  4. 900p (I hope I have enough credits for this trade x_x)
  5. I didnt know how to feel about adding the blue ring and smoke without risking the emblem being too bright. So here is one with everything you asked on it, without the ring, and without the smoke. Tell me which one you like best and we can make changes from there if any.
  6. I only use that account for this work so Its easy for me to figure out whose request is paid for. I also think there is a way for you to add a note when you send it or maybe if that’s when you send it directly to info@falcon-gaming.net
  7. I wouldn't call this a business, this is not how I make a living, and i'd consider this to be more of a hobby. I offer my talent as a service, as a freelancer, based on trust and mutual understanding, so there is no contract involved. People tell me what they want made an send me the images/fonts/assets they'd want used and I make it for them no questions asked. Whatever my clients do with whatever I make is completely up to them and I am not legally responsible. I have been making clan emblems for this community since 2014 and have never needed to to get approval to do this, as I am simply an invidivual offering my help within the relavant scope of this forum. There are other resident artists like me out there on other game forums. If you want to improve your skills the best way would be to get experience doing different designs, not just clan emblems. I would highly recommend a website like https://www.freelancer.com/ to start finding work that you would be intersted in doing.
  8. Hi! Its really hard for me to give an estimate as it is contingent on the changes you require me to make after I send the first drafts. I can get started on both of them immediately if you can send an advance of $20. I would prefer not to accept platinum.
  9. I'd switch up the character model depicted completely to be more warframe related
  10. I remove the watermark/background after receiving the payment.