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  1. Hi could you please pay the advance? I'll get started on your emblem.
  2. Sorry about the elay I was really sick the last few weeks. How are these?
  3. Just an update, i've been sick the lat week aand i'[m getting back into working on the emblem this weekend. I shouldd have a draft for everything that pending done by Sunday.
  4. **NEWS** A couple of people have taken advantage of my time, requesting emblems and then not responding to me after supplying drafts. Further some people have made requests only to say that they are unwilling to pay for them after I produce a final draft. Not only has this wasted my time, but also that of those that make genuine requests for clan emblems. Due to this any requests from now on would have to be paid partially for in advance. As of right now I will accept only one hours worth in Plat/Items/$$$ as an 'advance' before I accept any requests. Thank you for your understanding! Its been over 2 Years since I started my first clan emblem shop on the 4th of January in 2014. I've been in and out since then, cut down on gaming to a bare minimum, and expanded on my hobby of doing designs to a more professional level while juggling studies and the dealing with the horrors of life. I owe it to the Warframe community for allowing me to gain a great deal of practice working in the field (I found out recently that I've made over a 100 emblems for clans in this game alone), so i'm back here to lend my services once again. Current Work Queue Name Advance Paid Emblem Completed Final Paid Latest Reply Guardians of Asguard Yes Yes No 12/26/2018 IXth Legiones Astartes Yes Yes No 1/16/2019 Ice Warlocks No Yes No 2/5/2019 Cult of Corruption Yes Queue Priority: 1 3/14/2019 Kinsman No Queue Priority: 3 Lethal Abyss No Queue Priority: 2 Emblems I've Made in 2018/2019: Emblems I've Made in 2016/2017: Emblems I've Made in 2014/2015: My Other Projects: Since then I've been working freelance to build up my portfolio so below are a few links you can use to get a brief idea of my current design quality and styling. DeviantArt Showcase (Fan Art) Facebook Showcase (Professional Projects) Falcon Gaming (Personal Project) How to Request an Emblem Design: Fill out the template below (replace the text in italics) and comment it below so that I can immediately begin working on your emblem. I will correspond with you until I can perfect the emblem for you, upon doing so I will send you both a high resolution version of the logo (1000x1000 pixels) and a ready to upload version of the logo (128x128 pixels). All designs will have a watermark or background, the final versions will not be sent until a payment is received in advance. Payment Information: I am using whatever is left of my free time to cater for your emblem designs, so for that reason I will be charging contingent on the complexity of your design. I binge edit at a stretch so you can expect me to get work done within a week. I may prioritize design requests depending on preferred payment type. Also, if you pay in advance, I will put on hold any designs for which I have not received a payment for to immediately work on a design that has been paid for until it is done. Just so you can get an idea on how I charge, my hourly rate is $20 (That is lower than what most low end designers charge for per hour). The conversion rate I follow is based on the official Warframe platinum purchase page. 300p = $20 If you prefer to pay by cash I accept payments via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/FalconGaming I only play the game once every blue moon so I will only accept one of the following listed in-game items below as a payment if the first payment method is not an option: Platinum Prime Sets (Currently willing to trade for prime junk.) Primed Mods (Currently looking for Primed Reach) Riven Mods (Currently looking for Lato/Vectis/Lanka/Tigris/Boltor/Skiajati Rivens) Arcanes (Currently looking for Grace, Strike, Fury) Ayatan Sculptures (Filled ones) Other (Prisma Angstrum, Braton Vandal) Payments are negotiable. I also accept donations 😘 Do not private message me on the forums as my inbox is full! Keep all discussion of emblem designs within this thread! Thanks everyone again for helping me come this far! I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section.
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