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  1. was hoping for this update sooner. cant really enjoy it much right now because iceborn came out at the same time. still i appreciate the changes (especially for railjack) and will attempt to find time to squeeze in a couple of missions in warframe. also im probably going to be using wisp more... for reasons...
  2. I have never been matched with people who intend to win or work as a team outside of pre-made teams. There is always the one guy who has to refine all our materials as soon as we get them, the host whose railjack has not been upgraded, and the crew who think its an archwing mission. Also why does investing in piloting feel like a waste at higher levels? i have 3 in piloting and it doesn't feel any different from when i had 2. meanwhile i feel like upgrading gunnery, engineering, and tactical is far more rewarding (especially gunnery and tactical) because they give you access to more tangible abilities outside of stat bonuses.
  3. i feel lied to... the emote was not nearly as cool as the icon made it out to be. i assumed that based on the icon it would have a particle effect or sprite effect similar to the tennocon 2019 emote. turns out it just looks like a scraped operator idle. this is what the animation looks like (also using the armor and the sigil)
  4. this was my reactor room xD going to have to slightly redesign it
  5. at this point i am pretty confident that there is nothing above or below it
  6. I've been trying to place this thing for the better part of the day and no mater how many hallways I place I cant seem to get it far enough out. these are the maps of the first, second and third floor of my dojo (descending) and im trying to place it on the second floor even after i deleted the last hall (because i rushed it and realized i could get 2 similar length halls for the same plat) and made 2 more halls and I still cant build it . i have reached out to my largely inactive clan to see if they wouldn't mind me moving the 2 large rooms out of the way... i really hope this doesn't turn into the final straw with my clan... Edit: decided i couldn't wait 12 hours for the hallway so i dropped 7 more plat to rush it, and the room fits! now we have a second (more boring) hallway of doom! i think i spent like 25 of my own plat on this monstrosity
  7. Day 15: Legend (inked in the forge foundry of Blender- the legend of Excalibur)
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