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  1. im going to go to bed early. my caffeine and booze addled biological clock will think 1AM is an acceptable time to wake up if i go to bed now which will be a great time to fire up warframe /s
  2. its not chronic, but it did turn into a cold last weak because i was out a lot instead of getting some rest. it was worth it though
  3. the sun is scary though also i am still getting over a sinus infection and a cold
  4. they didn't promise though they saw that it was basically finished and where like "hay, we may be able to ship this tomorrow after some polish"
  5. they still have plenty of time to get the update out just give it some time
  6. i can wait all day... got nothing better to do because im still getting over a nasty sinus infection.
  7. i would join the Cult of Red Text but i was chat banned for spicy memes
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