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  1. I noticed this early on in Heart of Deimos release, but in the Cambion Drift Wisp’s idle does not work. The usual split animation has never worked in the Cambion drift. At first I thought it might be intentional, but I’ve been trolling through the forums and haven’t found anyone else reporting it.
  2. I was working in Onslaught Sanctuary, I was in a squad, which was visually missing on the right, and my vision suddenly went black and white, sometimes back to normal, with colors still visible, but overall weird. This lasted until the end of the mission. Apologies for the pictures blocking parts of the recording--I was rushing to get it recorded, not thinking of visuals. As seen here:
  3. Lotus ephemera!!! Finally! Nothing will stop me from getting that this time! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
  4. Gosh darn it with several expletives included. I specifically purchased the tennocon pack to get the ticket but I NEVER saw it in his wares otherwise I would’ve purchased it in a heartbeat! I’ve been looking to get that FOREVER
  5. Wait seriously? Since when? I had the Baro special relay and didn’t see it available!
  6. Does this mean there’s a chance I could get the lotus ephemera again? Because I realllllllly want to get it and am still willing to buy it if necessary.
  7. TYPE: FISHING- Again.... DESCRIPTION: Game locks up, forces me to stay in zoom until I hit escape, then I am unable to move or interact normally with fishing, causing me to lose all progress. I usually am using Wisp, so I'm not sure if that's causing the issue. She doesn't do her normal idle animations in Cambion, but I need to look more into that before I add a bug report to it. I usually am working solo in the Drift. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: usually when I start concentrating on fishing for my tour of the Drift. EXPECTED RESULT: to stab the fishies
  8. It’s nezha according to some folks who love to spoil games.
  9. Post Update 29.2.2 TYPE: Free roam on Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: I was mining on Cambion Drift. Haven't noticed this area blocking movement before, but I also can't say I've for sure went to this particular spot. I could not go on or through this one spot. I only used Wisp's Reservoir after the fact--when I was trying to get a video and remain in the area and kept getting attacked. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Yes EXPECTED RESULT: To move through the area, be able to jump through area, anything. OBSERVED RESULT: I was hitting an invisible wall,
  10. Hopefully this means a fix to the glaring white blinding light whenever I now enter a mission or open world because that has been giving me a headache.
  11. TYPE: In-Game, Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: Fishing, mining, conservation--After running around for awhile conserving critters and mining, I finally decided to switch to fishing. While fishing, time changes from Vome to Fass, and I got stuck. Couldn't jump into archwing, couldn't pull up my gear wheel, couldn't move except in a circle, could not click to throw spear or press buttons to change tools. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Not always, but occasionally when I switch to fishing EXPECTED RESULT: I expected to be able to move, throw the spear, jump into my k
  12. Thanks for being so on top of this and posting in advance! I like knowing what’s coming!
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