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  1. But it was hilarious and scared the S#&$ out of me
  2. The mission voting alone was good for me on this. That was a nightmare trying to explain to folks they they need to force the mission.
  3. Is this limited one per account or five per week or as many as you can manage for always being present?
  4. I thought that helmet was retired...glad to know I wasn’t crazy seeing it.
  5. So I noticed the drop thing showed up when I was logged in, but I was on mobile. I then clicked on my Twitch drops section, and it said "claim now!" so I clicked it, and I got an error saying I couldn't get the drop. So, is the new system bugged, or did I have to claim it in the midst of the stream?
  6. This will likely need to be repeated frequently during the next several streams so people aren’t freaking out.
  7. I already have a stahlta but I’ll still hang around for the streams.
  8. I love these Friday updates. Gives me something to look forward to the following week.
  9. I was working in Onslaught Sanctuary, I was in a squad, which was visually missing on the right, and my vision suddenly went black and white, sometimes back to normal, with colors still visible, but overall weird. This lasted until the end of the mission. Apologies for the pictures blocking parts of the recording--I was rushing to get it recorded, not thinking of visuals. As seen here:
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