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  1. Anak was still for several seconds, until she was sure the Tenno had stopped struggling. She reached across and stuck a finger into the hole in her armor, and winced as she cauterized the wound. It would need proper medical attention soon, but that was good enough for now. Carefully, she eased herself into a sitting position against the wall of the tunnel, keeping an arm around Kacilius's warframe in case it woke up. She looked at the two other Grineer, and addressed them in their native language, with a monumental understatement. "Interesting day, eh, brothers."
  2. It was not often that a Tenno, without Transferring from their Warframe, could feel small. Held down against the lunar dust by Anak's bulk, Kacilius heard her voice, half-whispering: "Brother. Calm down. You are safe. Breathe." He could feel her heart beating through her armor, afraid.
  3. Anak woke up from the Dispelled Rest. Everything hurt. Her vision was foggy, but she could make out the other two Grineer stepping over her. Her chest felt wet. She felt around, and found a hole in her armor, on the front of her shoulder. She remembered that Kacilius had shot her. The armor might have stopped it, but at such close range, the bullet had gone right through. They had to make the Tenno stop, they had to make him calm down. If they fled, the Tenno could run faster than them, jump farther than them, and they would be caught. If they tried to fight the Tenno, he could dr
  4. As she heard the gunshots, Anak tried to jump at the Tenno to stop him shooting or point his hand somewhere harmless, but she staggered as the Maim hit her. Through her ocular implant, she saw Floater's view of Kacilius swinging his Lacera, and herself doubled over in pain. As the initial shock passed, she threw her fist forward in a punching motion, creating a fireball, and raised her head just in time to see it with her own eyes striking Kacilius as he turned around, throwing off his aim. The second volley of bullets struck the walls and ceiling. As lunar dust showered the passageway
  5. Also, how should we have the bleed status from Kacilius's Maim work in RP? And, can Anak jump in and stop the sequence of actions just posted?
  6. Was Kacilius in day or night form before noticing the two grineer?
  7. How about, Kacilius tries to attack them and Anak holds him back? Maybe he's already on edge because Anak speaking Grineer triggered his Post-Tennohood Stress Disorder.
  8. "I *do* believe you, that's why I won't touch it," Anak muttered, and followed Kacilius through the crawlspace. As she stood up un the main tunnel, she said, "Farther out, this tunnel splits. To the right, there's a huge cavern, like the edge of this piece of rock. I didn't go left."
  9. A Void-artifact. And she was supposed to... wear it? Was that safe? She knew that Tenno and Quills could deal with the void without too much issue, but she'd once seen a clone who had been struck by a Void fissure, and that definitely wasn't safe. And, although the Grineer tried to keep it under wraps, Anak had heard from the Quills what had happened to Vor. She stayed where she was standing, out of Kacilius's reach, and held her hands up with the palms facing forward in a gesture of refusal. "If there is Void power in that thing, then I'm not touching it."
  10. Kacilius felt a huge, hot hand press down on his upper back, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to be clear that it could. He heard Anak's voice behind him, speaking slowly and deliberately, working hard to keep her accent under control. "I know speaking Grineer was scary for you, and that's my bad. But what are you playing at? Nobody goes through a tunnel that small accidentally."
  11. So he'd found something. Golden platforms floating over a chasm? Definitely Orokin. Anak relaxed. He could've said something, but at least there was nothing obviously dangerous in here. ...or he did tell me when he found the tunnel, and I didn't hear? no, probably not... "How do you 'accidentally' crawl through a tunnel that small? What are you--" Anak realized she was speaking Grineer. "--Oop!" She quickly, almost reflexively, put her hand to her mouth.
  12. I assume Anak is seeing what Kacilius sees, i.e. only the safe platforms, and they appear as platforms rather than rocks?
  13. So... In there was either Kacilius waiting, or Kacilius eaten. Maybe this was the lair of the "Golden Maw" that the Solaris with the checklists had mentioned. Either way, best not crawl in, and risk getting attacked in a tight space. Anak sat down cross-legged against the wall of the tunnel and closed her organic eye. Through her implant, she plotted a path for Floater through the crawlspace, using the same protocols that would usually be used to set up patrol routes for Sensor Regulator drones. This done, the Regulator produced a satisfied-sounding BWOO-oong, and slowly advanced
  14. Also, @Rakawan, how big is the crawlspace? Was it a tight fit for Kacilius's Equinox?
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