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  1. "Heh. No. My hands aren't steady enough for that. I bought it in Cetus." Esk pushed the wisp figurine back down in her armor, and moved to stand. "It's been nice to meet you, Tenno."
  2. Kelekh called down over the edge. "Has anyone thought to call back to Fortuna and tell them what we found? That seems important, y'know, it's not like that's the purpose of the mission or anything...!"
  3. "It was common with everybody, and still is." She pulled from inside her armor a string that hung around her neck, and hanging from it, a tiny likeness of a Cetus Wisp, carved from veridos.
  4. Kelekh crouched on the edge, aiming her gun down into the abyss. "I'm not going down there. I was just strengthening the edge." She took a shot, and glanced at Anak as she reloaded. "You'll have to be careful though." "Yeah..." Anak regarded the icy edge with a concerned look. "I'll watch the back."
  5. "Really?" Anak held up her hand, and a flame rose from her palm. Kelekh crouched at the edge, concentrating. Ice grew under the ledge.
  6. Dante found himself next to Anak. "Ey, do you think we could find a way to push it off the edge?" Meanwhile, Kelekh took a step back, and took another shot, this time at the base of one of the creature's legs.
  7. Her voice hardened bitterly. "It's wierd to see a Tenno talking normally with a grineer." She stared at the Wisp, holding her ground as it floated uncomfortably close again. Once again she began to clench her prosthetic furax-fist, but she put her other hand over it... was she concealing it, or holding it back?
  8. I imagine you do, if what I've heard is true, Esk thought, but didn't say. Mentioning the Presence that supposedly haunted all Tenno would probably not be good form. Interesting, perhaps, but not good form, not for polite conversation with a new acquaintance. "Yeah." Never grow sick of... Mur. Murbir was still flying Steel Meridian business across the system. She'd be old enough to retire soon, but probably wouldn't do it -- Mur would probably never grow sick of piloting. Esk smiled at the thought.
  9. "Ah. So I suppose you're on Lua for more than just the views." The old defector's expression remained friendly, and her tone of voice was light, but the way her eye focused on the Wisp suggested that she was genuinely interested in the answer to her prodding.
  10. Kelekh knelt, pulling the vulkar from her back. One of the creature's eyes filled her view for but a moment, as she focused through rifle-scope that had replaced her eye. Anak stepped back, winded after summoning the fire blast, and halfway turned, ready to run, but hesitated, looking back at her sister and the three Tenno staring down the beast. Kelekh pulled the trigger.
  11. I find it kind of ironic that railjack crew is hired from Ticker, yet you cannot hire Solaris for your crew. You would think that Ticker would know some people who are in need of a job, or need to get out of Fortuna.
  12. You can still join the server and observe! I can also link you to another server that's less formal
  13. "Mhh. What do you research?" Esk did, indeed, have a pragmatic mind - and one unable to accept the vague category of "just a researcher" without probing further. Nobody was "just a researcher". That could cover anything from small birds to chemical weapons, from harmless to helpful to dangerous to outright immoral.
  14. Esk relaxed slightly, just barely visibly. "I guess I could make a joke about Steel Meridian and say 'My hobby is fighting injustice!'," she said, with a mischievous smile that quickly passed. "I like growing things. Not so much plants, 'cause you can't carry those around. I have a jar of fermented vegetables in my room." She considered mentioning the technocyte Pox that she grew in a different jar, and decided against it. "You?"
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