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  1. "We'll have to walk, obviously," the Arctic Eximus said. Her voice carried a sharp edge of annoyance. "And we should get moving. It'll take a while on foot, and if we stay in one place too long, we might get some firsthand knowledge of the creature's gut."
  2. The Grineer maintained her friendly expression, but it became just a bit more strained as the Wisp drifted closer, and she slowly clenched her prosthetic furax-fist. The She raised eyebrow. "What's odd about it? Isn't retirement supposed to be a time where you go to do things and visit places you didn't have time to before?"
  3. The Arson Eximus looked at him with an unimpressed expression. "I could make a big, bright fire. I could make my armor glow. When it comes close, I could see it, or throw fire at it." She addressed the group. "Didn't we have a mission out here?"
  4. The Arson Eximus put a heavy hand on Dante's shoulder, towering over his warframe. "That's a question for high officers. We have more immediate issues," she said. She had not even a hint of a grineer accent, but she spoke with the deliberate and measured rhythm of a second-language speaker. She looked at the Corpus man with a pale-green eye. "Is there anything in particular that attracts the thing's attention, or which scares it away? And, has anyone actually seen it and lived to tell the tale?"
  5. The arctic eximus stepped forward. "Cover me," she said, calmly but firmly, in no hurry. Taking a wide, rooted stance just in front of the laser barrier, she held her hands together in front of her, and inhaled deeply. As she exhaled, she thrust her palms out to the sides. A ridge of ice extended from each foot like a molehill, and as it approached the barrier, it swooped upward into a thick pillar on each side, blocking the barrier. Steam hissed where the lasers struck the ice, but the Eximus held her stance, pushing more ice into the two pillars. "Through," she said.
  6. What an absolute legend, posting on new year's eve. Happy New Year, everybody!
  7. Anak barely heard Seven's reply. She was already through the door and wasn't paying attention to him, and anyway, anyone able to lift the Golden Maw and carry it away would probably be able to beat her in a fight. So, she reasoned, there wasn't much need to guard it. She gingerly reached past the Excalibur and placed her findings on the counter, trying not to interfere with the conversation (the findings: 1 day of rations, 1 small hand-carved wooden container of spices, 2 dispel grenades, 1 Harpak with a grapple modification and 2 full mags, 1 bandolier of 7 Sheev daggers with one miss
  8. operators? idk, the game doesn't say. It probably varies from person to person. Up to you how strong Kacilius is, I guess.
  9. The arson eximus ate quickly and efficiently, eager to fill her stomach. Not one crumb escaped. With a grateful smile and a quick "Thanks," she turned to follow her sister to the door, covering the distance in only a couple strides. As she was about to duck through the door again, Suno's attention was drawn to the two tenno sparring, and both eximus drew back from the flying glass until Suno calmed down. "I'd offer you a hug," said the taller one matter-of-factly, "but I really don't think that would be safe." The arctic eximus answered him. "Not quite. We're just leaving n
  10. Anak turned to look at Seven. "I'm going to leave this here," she said. "I don't fell like dragging it around." She left the room, and went to Morrison's shop with long, bouncing strides, now unencumbered by the dead monster.
  11. I put in two with the intent of bouncing their personalities against each other, but this wasn't really necessary.
  12. The arson eximus held up a hand, still holding the coffee in the other. "Do we get any food before we go? I burn calories in a very literal sense." The arctic eximus elbowed Kacilius as he passed her. "You realize, right, that saying not to get on that guy's bad side is an invitation to do exactly that, right?"
  13. Anak grinned. "Heheh, yeah, those things hurt. I can cauterize myself though." She stood up. "Thanks." "Do you know where I should go to sell..." -she gestured toward the dead Golden Maw- "...this thing?"
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