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  1. Im just taken aback from the eros wings being in this NW. Star days being the Valentines event would mean we are almost halfway to having the thing be rerun. Unless this is a red herring that Star days is canned for the future. Its just wild that the S6 armor has been unobtainable now for a year and a half yet something that seemingly was just a few months away from being obtained again is there. With the extra time NW 3 was out too it just rubs me the wrong way seeing that stuff brought back as well before S6 armor.
  2. really hope this blows up some way to get the s6 armor should happen
  3. todays hotfix didnt fix any of it on ps4, his fluids are missing on his alt head, syandana, shoulders AND his waist vials are still missing entirely.
  4. Been waiting for months for this fix, on ps4 the vials have not appeared at all for my waist and the contents on his alt helm, shoulders, syandana and waist are all still missing since launch. After downloading the new hotfix it seems none of this has been fixed on ps4.
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