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  1. Also DE i do have a few questions 1. What made you release railjack in such an early state it's a good gamemode and all but why. 2. Is there any way that you could like cut the titanium cost of the mkIII parts for railjack because im constantly finding myself farming titanium and 15k is a lot when you get like 3k at most when you explore every little space of the whole map maybe like cut it by 25% 3. What purpose is there for the tether battle avionic in it's current state when void hole is a thing i just see it as a much weaker version that's only used in the beginning and the main problem i see with tether is that it goes in the same slot as particle ram which is way more useful as well so is there anyway you could make tether to atleast compare it's self to void hole. 4. What purpose was there in lowering the armor value and then buffing the fighters health value because the health value change almost nulifies the armor value changes it made some raijack guns better and nerfed the cyngas a bit but the time to kill is almost the same .
  2. For me it changes it's color with the energy color
  3. A nice hotfix thank you for that but could you please do something about the bow only lephantis mission it takes average 22 minutes to complete even if you are a good player
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