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  1. Watched the full stream for the 15th was my first devstream was all excited for twitch drop and didn't get anything is there actually a twitch drop for this or is it just click bait false advertising
  2. The name was adolf1933 1933 is was Hitler's rise to power lol
  3. Ok so I'm not the only one im on PS4 gamer tag Fenris_WOR watched the full stream start to finish they said check inbox but nothing did I do something wrong or what? My account is linked
  4. Thank you I linked my account if you haven't had a chance pls check out the Nine Realms Alliance ghost clan built it myself I think you will love my frost and wisp room just built an orokin motorcycle that wasn't in my entry to contest which I hope I did right
  5. So this is where myn is till we can play it https://photos.app.goo.gl/58Dwu4eXiAEMZcai8L
  6. So how do I do this never done a twitch drop but I entered my dojo I'm doubt it will win but I'd like to see winners do I need twitch prime or whatever how do we get drop?
  7. Yes! This is exactly it about 10-15 min into a survival or wave 10-15 in defense and since arbitration is first prize at ten I can do it and I have been spamming for that ephemera finally see it in rewards got so happy then blue screen
  8. The fact that he/she came on just to post a sarcastic comment about the title and nothing about the actual post or the question asked yes troll but guess you would know all about it
  9. Tried reinstalling lost two Adaptation mods and the arbitration ephemera bp and multiple ayatans a Zaw riven in sorti my team got I didn't even after I log right back in and join the mission I don't get the pay out and sometimes I get collected resources but usually not even that
  10. Is anyone else constantly getting kicked with a blue screen on PS4 since the latest updates it's happening way to often I have lost so many valuable things in arbitration and long survivals costing me alot of platinum can't lvl stuff up or farm materials because I constantly get kicked and loose it all about to delete game
  11. Will the one I have become playable or will we need to buy a new separate one
  12. Clan Name: Nine Realms Alliance Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PS4 Clan Role: Founder The Nine Realms Alliance is a small ghost clan now recruiting I have been working on this beautiful dojo for a while now to bring to my fellow tenno come trade in the upsidedown Nekros room or beat the summer heat in our frost and hydroid rooms (beach balls coming soon) have a hard mission come meditate floating next to a waterfall in the Oberon room or find your inner balance in the Wuhkong room Like climbing Rock Golems for some reason we have that as well in the Inaros room as well as all labs with most research a dueling room and both obstacle course rooms you want it we got it I wish I could take a DE Dev on a real tour
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