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  1. That's an interesting idea! If not the small section across from NW, there are those four circles on the floor in the Transference room. Perhaps a small interact prompt could show up if you stand next to one of them, and then something rises up out of the floor like a weapon / item rack (Visually representing all of your stuff). I am curious what that little section may be used for though (Duviri Paradox?), if not for something in the Menu. A place to access changing the interior colors would be good too with either of those options, although the automatic direction it puts the camera in could use some updating I think. As soon as I'd access that from the menu, usually the camera just moves to one direction facing the left of the Arsenal (As a point of reference) no matter where I attempt it. if the camera could be turned around while you're changing to the colors, I think that would be quite useful.
  2. It happens :) Considering how significant each thing is, I imagine it'll be one and then the other at some point; Possibly New War first (At least that's my guess), since they've mentioned that's what their focus is most often lately. That being said, there's probably no way to know if other new things will come between TNW and Cross-platform stuff, but we'll find out in due time. At least knowing it's in development is pretty nice.
  3. For my builds I tend to make use of Saryn's Regenerative Molt augment (Along with Healing Return / Magus Repair), which heals you a certain amount per tick for up to 10 seconds. With enough Armor & HP (Maybe around 850-1000+ Armor, via the Umbral mod set) to make use of it, I find it pretty reliable :) One of the things I like about Molt is that while it provides a small distraction for enemies, if they destroy it you'll still be healing yourself too. Valkyr should have no problem thanks to her level of Armor. At 201% strength, it's roughly 100HP recovered per second, and as a bonus you can run pretty fast for a brief time if you just need to get somewhere quick. The hard part would be getting a full Saryn set from Kela De Thaym, RNG-wise. But as mentioned above there are other ways to heal too, and there's no harm in using multiple methods at the same time just to be safe! Regarding Profit Taker, I've managed pretty well with RM and something that can recover energy upon taking Health damage (Which is where the increased Armor helps), such as Hunter Adrenaline. As far as the various healing subsumable abilities go, I'm not sure if one can say there's a "best" one to be fair. I just look at it as whatever might seem to work for one's playstyle, with or without an Augment. Best of luck Tenno!
  4. There are actually a few more things I remembered after seeing more replies in the thread! My previous post was a tad long, but I'll link this post onto there; A bit easier to find that way. That's actually a good question, even the tooltip for K-Drive look links mentions that Sigils can't be applied, etc. despite the fact that K-Drives don't use Sigils or Emblems (As much as I'd like to see more added to K-Drives). I'd be surprised if the reason for Sigils not being applicable had to do with Syndicate Standing gain for certain ones, but I honestly can't think of any other differences between a Sigil and an Emblem, apart from the sizes. Although briefly speaking, I think it would be nice to increase the threshold for the minimum size of a Sigil (Especially considering how small an Operator's Sigil can be!), so that you can have an Emblem-sized Sigil on your chest, rather than a big one that still covers a little more than half of the front or back at the current minimum size. If Operators can have a small Sigil, why can't Warframes and Crewmates, etc.? That sounds very cool actually! I haven't thought of faction-based clothing for operators (Such as enemy factions, though we have some Infested options). I'd love to see it happen someday. Another thought crossed my mind just now, hypothetically if Operator clothing was added to Tennogen, maybe Hairstyles could be added too? At least to expand on what there is already; Although I'm not sure if that's more for Duviri Paradox or not. I didn't mention it earlier since I wasn't sure if this qualified as a QoL, but this might be the most significant idea I can think of that I'd want to see in the future; This pertains to the Armor and Syandanas used by Warframes. As noted further on the thread, Crewmates already show how this can work quite well! They can use all of the options that Warframes have other than Ephemera and Emblems, and right now operators are just missing Emblems and the many Armor / Syandana options available to Warframes. I'm not sure if the latter would require a new library of sorts to hold all the combinations (There was an image like that for Modular Archwing), but perhaps it can be somewhat accelerated thanks to the Crewmates' physical sizes and shapes wearing them. Of course, by "accelerated" I mean that maybe them being able to wear those things can be used as a reference for how it can apply to operators, apart from some clipping and size adjustments hypothetically. So I would hope that can help with the development of an Expansion like that. That reminded me of one other QoL idea that slipped my mind yesterday too; That was a post I made on that Tenno's thread awhile back; I thought of a way to borrow from how the new Wreckage system works and apply it to veiled rivens of various categories! Some of what I suggested is shown above, but the reason why I thought of this is because if having more and more total riven slots will be a strain on the servers (Which will need them to be fixed or upgraded, etc.), then by having a slot be taken up only when you take a riven from a stack of (As an example) Archgun rivens to see what the challenge is, that could help reduce the space on the servers in theory. In this case, the game would only create & assign a challenge to a riven when you choose to take it out of a stack of veiled [Weapon Type here] rivens from your inventory. The Wreckage system may allow all of those rivens to build up without having to keep track of each challenge, as it would only need to know what the weapon type is. Therefore, while the cap can still be raised over time, people like that Tenno who started the thread won't be locked out of Sorties and other things that require you to be under the riven cap. But I probably explained it better in the thread, heh! Come to think of it, that's actually the same reason why that system got updated, in the case of Empyrean missions; Since people were locked out of those too for a time due to how Wreckage used to work. As far as Riven slots go, that sounds like a pretty good QoL feature to me in the meantime :) Just some more food for thought.
  5. Actually that reminds me of a possible issue with the in-game Tau resistance, unless I did my math wrong; That being said, I can't seem to figure out how this ^ math lines up with what happened to the Umbral Tau resistance. That was the last bug of a long bug report I made for Update 30.5 in the Switch megathread; I read through the patch notes to see what new things there were, but when it comes to the last line of math there, I wasn't quite sure how that worked in the case of Tau Resistance considering that each Umbral mod still shows 19.3% each. Perhaps it isn't explained too well in the Arsenal screen (An update to the tooltip's text would solve that part), but it almost makes me wonder if the Umbral mods themselves should be visually changed to add roughly 15.76% Tau Resistance each (Up to the Arsenal's 47.3%), as an idea. I would like to see how it can line up, in case it's not a bug with the Tau math itself, but just a visual one on the Umbral mods.
  6. I appreciate the thought :) For some stuff like that huge thread I made to organize my Devstream feedback I normally make a google doc for it as a rough draft, but I didn't think to do that this time around. Apparently what happened earlier was that as I went to do a shift+enter, I pressed another key unknowingly and opened up the Chrome Dev Tools, and then pressed the delete button like a small reflex, causing the whole page to turn white. I tried going back, but nothing seemed to work so I just reloaded the page, and to my horror it was a blank canvas, no more text. Maybe a ctrl+z in the Dev Tools would've brought the original page back, but I'm not sure if that'd work. On a brighter note, I think the post still has everything I planned to include, just worded a bit differently.
  7. I tried to do a shift+enter, but I accidentally wiped everything I originally wrote, and it wasn't recoverable (It's a bit to explain, but couldn't be helped I suppose). I'll try to re-write what I can. Earlier as I read through this thread, I saw some people mentioning about Necramechs in regular missions, so I wanted to throw this in the ring while I'm at it; Essentially, back around Orphix Venom I wanted to do what I could to improve Voidrig & Bonewidow by not only giving them passives, but also new QoL for their abilities and an Augment for Voidrig's Necraweb (Father's Recipe, improves survivability of Voidrig and all allies) and Bonewidow's Meathook (Mother's Remorse, provides Faction based buffs for Bonewidow & her allies). There are much greater details on the thread :) Someone also mentioned about some improvements to Bonewidow's Ironbride on a different thread back during Operation Orphix Venom. I'm not sure if these things were considered since then. Aside from that, I wanted to go back through all of my past posts to find various good QoL ideas and opportunities that, while small by themselves, would still serve to improve several parts of the game for many Tenno! I'll try to keep things reasonably organized. The text in green would be various key points. Way back around October 9th for a different Devstream last year, someone suggested adding Legacy abilities such as Super Jump to the Helminth. I thought that perhaps some other no-longer-existing abilities like the original cycling abilities that Vauban's kit had pre-rework would be another cool addition! Although I'm not entirely sure what other legacy abilities could be added off the top of my head (I haven't read up on them lately). Speaking of the Helminth room, a long time back I thought of adding the ability to interact with the wall of Lotus Flowers to see which ones belong to what Frames; It'll take some camerawork, but I thought it could be done by having a list of Subsumed Frame names on one side of the screen you can scroll through. When one is selected, the camera brings you to a good view of that frame's flower, and may show you where that frame's colors are applied across the flower (That bit's optional). But this way you'll be able to identify the flowers and the sacrificed frames, which becomes quite difficult after so many Subsumes. In case there's a lot of flowers in the shot, perhaps the brightness of the energy colors can be toned down a bit, while having the stem highlighted to help the correct flower stand out from those around it! There are also a number of things that're missing Secondary Energy / Emissive colors, including but not limited to: The Landing Craft (Only one engine color), Orbiter interior, and the Railjack interior. I also thought it could be a decent idea to add a drop-shadow effect to the name of your Railjack on the exterior; The main text / shadow could use the primary / secondary energy colors perhaps :) Another QoL addition that probably should've been implemented long ago is a way to zoom in / out in the Arsenal screen. Right now the only way to do so is via the Sigils section for your Warframe (Unnecessary in my opinion), or hovering over that area via the Operator. It might be feasible to try it outside of the Arsenal, but it won't have a decent flat camera angle. I feel that it would be much simpler to just use the mouse's scroll wheel (Or joystick on a controller) when in the Arsenal screen to control how far the camera is zoomed in or out. This would not only remove the need to access the Sigils section just to get a closer look at your Emblems, Sigils or shoulder attachments, but it would also allow you to get a closer look at other things like Vehicles, Companions, and the weapon you're holding; Not to mention your Operator. I think this would help with Fashion Frame in the process. Regarding Nightwave, I thought of this in case there's another cap on Prestige Ranks. Of course that was back in September just over a year ago today; In short, tying a small amount of creds to each act in a week of Nightwave (5 per daily, 10 per weekly, 15 per Elite Weekly). it would resolve any issues that players have in case they want to earn more Creds, and removes the need for various updates with a cap increase! Hypothetically speaking, in case someone doesn't need the excess creds for Kuva, alt helmets or things like that, they can just save it all up to sell at the end of a given NW season. I see this as an absolute win. Regarding Conservation, I thought of some QoL ideas to improve the Tranq Rifle on this thread; Although getting right to the point, there are a couple of ways to go about it. Either Biz from Fortuna and / or Son in the Necralisk (Considering the upgradable Sunpoint plasma Drill exists!). Tranq Rifle Prime, anyone? Another small QoL change that comes to mind is Jump height. Even with a small tap, your Warframe or Necramech will suddenly perform a full jump, which isn't always favorable in some situations. Someone mentioned it pretty well on this thread, regarding the Necramechs. I think it would be useful to let the jump button control the height of a particular jump, including double jumps in the case of Warframes and the Poppin' Vert mod for K-Drives. It isn't too helpful when one overshoots the platform they were aiming for due to an automatic full jump (Mostly an issue for Mechs). There is one brief question I had regarding Mod configuration names though; I think it was roughly around the Deadlock Protocol update when mod config names were shortened to 16 spaces, whereas before it used to be 32 characters long. Was this because it helped reduce the game's file size at some point? I still have some config names that go beyond that limit, but I accidentally undid one for Chroma Prime after checking on it; Apparently it cutoff the other config names when I checked on them back then, up to the 16-character limit. Depending on the reason, is there a way to increase the total amount of spaces per config name? I just find it strange because I still have some other longer config names such as "Config B: Saryn Umbra", which is how I like to name them usually. I never saw this addressed in any patch notes since then, and the Wiki doesn't specify anything regarding this change. A big QoL improvement regarding Kuva Liches; Some sort of way to narrow down the weapon RNG! Considering that there are a large number of Kuva weapons now, I wanted to just quote something I said on this thread; It's concerns the likelihood of getting any specific weapon you're going for, rather than the thralls. I read recently that those were improved, but the weapon chances were not. That thread has a lot of good suggestions to help improve the situation with it, including adding a shop to Iron Wake that has 4 random Kuva Weapons similar to Ergo Glast's shop. As for what I thought of; A small thing to help with Sentinel survivability, what if they could crouch down as you do? There have been a lot of times where I crouch down to avoid being seen or shot at, but the Sentinel jus stays up in the line of fire and is either spotted or shot at. They already move down when you go into a vent, so I don't see why they can't do the same anywhere else. There's also an entire thread full of various QoL suggestions here! Too many for me to list, alongside what I have already. Of course some are easier said than done. But one of mine that comes to mind is the ability to hold & drag colors to other sections in the appearance section, which Crewmates can already do. Copying your front & back Sigil colors to and from your Warframe's energy or emissives to color-coordinate would be great as well. On the other hand Crew customization still feels incomplete (A lot more details here), since they cannot use Ephemera or wear Emblems on their shoulders, while Frames can. For all Tenno who are MR30 and above, how about adding Blessing stations to HUB areas such as Cetus, Fortuna and the Necralisk? I'm a bit surprised this wasn't already implemented. Regarding the Mobile app, I still think it would be great to add Steel Path Incursions / Honors (Including Steel essence, just like Baro's wares), and Void Storms to the Activities section. Unless there's some unknown reason why it couldn't be done (Like for players who haven't unlocked those things), I really think it would benefit nearly everyone who uses the app. Last but not least, I also wanted to share a thread I made a little more than a year ago covering more potential QoL aspects. A quick rundown of some I had in mind include but aren't limited to; An improvement to Apothics and Antitoxins, where a small box on the lower corner of the screen can be opened to select ones in your inventory, similar to how you can select different types of bait when Fishing at the appropriate places. Letting Helios scan things through glass, including the Railjack windows (This may help with scanning Empyrean enemies!). A Simaris Battle mod that shoots a silent scanning tagger would be good too, which can be used on the Plexus for those who need it. A "Vaulted" category when searching through prime items, and when Relics are cracked open; This would really help when visiting Baro Ki'teer! It'll also help when it's hard to choose a certain part over another, wondering whether or not something is vaulted at the time. UI indicators for Defense objectives; These range from Ability buffs to status procs (Both good and bad ones)! Also, Companions and Sentinels lack any such buff indicators too; Things like this would help for player-information. Smol edit: There were just a couple of other suggestions I thought of in my later post further along this thread. One that may apply to many players would be updating how veiled rivens work by using the Wreckage system, so that veiled rivens don't need to take up a slot and bar players from participating in Sorties (Including for the NW Sortie stuff). There are more details to be found there! I think a lot of these things would be great ways to improve parts of the game in the future. Although I'm curious what types of QoL you're planning on discussing in the Devstream too; there are a few other topics to consider such as a 2nd "Touch all Warframes" group, since there was only the "first" group way back around Deimos Arcana, and eventually Pets 2.0, etc., but it'll happen in due time I'm sure. All in all, thanks for hearing me out on all of that. It took some time to find all of those other threads, but I hope they'll give you more ideas on how to improve the game. Looking forward to the Devstream!
  8. I'd like to see this happen too; It could even be used in leu of the Exilus forma idea, since this would help with that slot. That does bring one question to mind though; Since you can't usually swap polarities between an Exilus slot and the regular ones, if someone doesn't put it in the Exilus slot first, would attempting to place a 2nd Multi-polarity forma just replace wherever the current one is at, as a way to "swap" that around? If so, I'd imagine the previous slot would just become blank, to leave room for a different forma. Just some food for thought, hypothetically speaking.
  9. That makes sense :) I almost forgot about the holiday things for a moment; DE could definitely expand on that with stuff like this. It'd be even more than a Lepus headgear / Pumpkin head though, so I could see that being Peculiar right off the bat. Certainly candidates for it. As far as Stealth options go in general, it sounds like that reddit post was aiming for all frames to be applicable with it (Octavia could provide the invisibility off the top of my head), so I imagine this would come across the minds of a lot of Tenno someday.
  10. I gotcha :) I still remember about that Gara thread. Perhaps the ability VFX customization could be achieved after The New War if DE decided to put enough time into it to make sure it doesn't break other things severely. Although some sort of Masking FX would be nice too at least.
  11. Anytime! Sorry if the link didn't work too well; I noticed the "share" option on that page & copied the link via that, and pasted it above. Hm, if Stealth was added to the Peculiar line, then maybe it would just make the other players' Frame be transparent with the appropriate settings set in the options? I'm not 100% sure which one I would go for, but I'd love to see more ideas come from this too. It might be possible to create Stealth Tennogen FX as well, if DE expanded that. Although I'm not sure if that would consist of transparent 3D models or just textures & screen option combinations to equip in the Arsenal (Like in the Deceptive Masking image), but I feel that it has a good amount of potential in & of itself as well.
  12. It probably doesn't count as "Peculiar" by itself, but I thought this would be interesting to share :) I just noticed the customizing similarity between this and the Peculiar option. One of the first comments on that post even suggested a fake nose / mustache & glasses, which would be a peculiar stealth method, heh!
  13. I don't have the screenshots at the moment, but I've seen this as well with Mirage Prime's Emissive colors too, as well as the dark sections of Octavia Prime; I've had a hard time getting those colors just right. In Mirage Prime's case, if you have certain emissive colors selected (The order of the colors also seems to make a difference), they appear different in & outside of the Arsenal; It'll need a bit of testing on my part to double check. I don't have Nidus Prime yet myself, but I can see what you mean about the difficulty of getting the colors well enough.
  14. I think that would be a decent idea if it were implemented! Almost makes me picture doing part of a K-Drive race with it (Perhaps Saw races in the PoE?). In any case, it reminded me of this too; That being said, pertaining to the melee aspects specifically I also think it should have multiple hits in succession while the blades are contacting an enemy. No matter how fast / slow you swing the weapon, since the engine is revved up I don't see why it wouldn't be able to deal multiple (Slightly smaller) amounts of damage per tick that add up to either the same total damage it does now (As noted earlier in this thread), or slightly more if all the hits occur during a combo. Unless I'm mistaken, during the most recent Devstream with Rhino showcasing the Ghoulsaw in action, I don't believe it was ever mentioned that you'd have to repeatedly tap the melee button to continue revving up the engine when moving forward. I'm not sure why it isn't simply a hold action while moving forward instead, one reason being that it would likely help reduce wear & tear on the controller / mouse / keyboard's buttons, which is always a good thing. Hopefully things are going well with The New War in the meantime :)
  15. Since the Karnolyth Necramech has arrived, I can add that to the list of Mech models to create / refresh ability kits for someday (Hypothetically speaking). Since that Mech was made with Infested in the design, perhaps its abilities may be a combination of infested aspects and Mech-like attacks? It could take a few ideas from both Voidrig & Bonewidow, perhaps. Off the top of my head at the moment, I'm not sure what those abilities or passive would be for it; But making sure those abilities can also help Warframes & other allies when the situation calls for it is important too. At some point in the future I can try to think of something as a baseline for an ability set for these three Mechs (Not that it'll be set in stone), though it'll be a fair while.
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