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  1. Wasn't channeling removed in a past update? Unless there's a different kind of channeling you meant.
  2. Hypothetically, would the augments added into frames per season remain that way after that given season is over? Aside from that, I think it could help to have a single dedicated ability augment slot next to a Warframe's Exilus slot (Could be unlocked with an ability slot adapter like the Exilus slot is), to help with organizing your frame's build and allowing another free slot for a different mod or augment. (On the top row, it would have the aura mod on the left, followed by Exilus / augment slot in either order to the right) Of course, to allow enough mod capacity for it, all auras may need to have their capacity raised up to Steel Charge's level to balance out aura capacity for the better.
  3. Yeh, that makes sense 🙂It wouldn't be fair towards other prime frames / sets for ducats and platinum.
  4. Out of curiosity @[DE]Helen, considering the connection between Inaros and Baro Ki'teer (And Baro's high standard on prime things), will Inaros Prime's parts be worth more ducats than other prime things of similar rarity? The main other question I'd have regarding those two is, will Baro have any unique voice lines for Tenno who come to him as Inaros Prime? He does have different opinions on regular frames vs Prime frames, but considering he also has (Last I checked) unique lines for regular Inaros, would his Prime have a new set of lines altogether? No rush on those questions, but I've been wondering about that for quite some time. Hopefully things are safe for everyone at DE in the meantime 🙂
  5. That's good to hear @[DE]Helen 🙂 I've tested it earlier some more, and narrowed down the issue that was going on with my own matchmaking if it helps; It seems that when you (At least in my case) set it to public from the orbiter, and access the Railjack's star chart specifically from the orbiter's navigation console (I have not tested this from any relays however), that's where it will assume you want to join a squad and instantly checks for open squads on every node clicked on (I specifically chose nodes that didn't have any to make sure it occurs for the test), and stopping itself. (It does provide a notification on-screen telling you to select a mission from your Railjack, which helps, but it doesn't make a lot of sense considering how the RJ starchart is still accessible via Public matchmaking from the orbiter nav console (Due to the issue I mentioned mainly; Still not a complaint by any means) It's a handy place to potentially start RJ missions from though!) But here's another thing, apparently while on the orbiter console's Railjack star chart, if you set it back to solo matchmaking after getting to that screen, it still tries to look for open squads as if it were still in public mode on a node-click, weirdly enough. Of course, I then tried that public-to-solo trick after going to my Railjack's nav console via the orbiter (The circle in front of the transference room), and the Railjack's star chart worked just fine with a public node-click test, followed by a solo node-click & mission. There is one funny thing I noticed on a slightly unrelated note (I'll update this later tonight with an image!), apparently when you zoom (Clicking it or pressing forward) in on the Kuva Fortress from the Railjack's nav console (At least via the dry dock), that then zooms in on a skeletal map of it's node routes in the real location of the fortress, while the Fortress itself appears to be always in one spot. (Image will go here as soon as I can take it) Accompanying the nodes of the empty fortress map (No background, just the node routes), are Bezier curves stretched way out in an opposite direction from that one place where the fortress appears to be, while your Warframe is still looking down at or off in the direction of the standstill fortress. To be honest, when I first discovered the fortress thing I thought it was kinda funny how my frame would be looking down so far on the starchart 🙂 But ultimately I know it shouldn't be a thing that can happen. That being said, it's not as important as the RJ matchmaking issue, as far as that goes. I'm not sure if other people have experienced that particular situation with the Public-to-solo test I mentioned via a relay's / their orbiter's nav console, but it would be a good way to possibly root out that small problem. (In the meantime, at least missions can begin from RJ nav consoles) I hope it helps, take care :]
  6. I'm glad to see that Trinity & Nova are back 🙂 As far as Railjack matchmaking goes, the main issue I've encountered lately is that if I'm by myself, and set it to public, it says that there are no open squads available hardly a second after clicking on an Earth Proxima node (I'm taking my time with the Railjack's star chart, so I'm not in Saturn yet; This may be the case for any Proxima), and then stops the mission from starting. I sometimes leave my matchmaking open in case others join in, but it assumes that I'm the one looking for other squads, rather than realizing I'm trying to host one as an option for people. It may be relevant that I most often access the RJ starchart from the orbiter or from the RJ itself, rather than the dry dock. On the normal starchart, it usually starts a mission whether or not other open squads are on a given node, so I'm not sure what the defining difference is that cancels a Railjack node from being started. Due to that (It's not a complaint though; I like solo skirmishes as much as Public actually), I sometimes also have to go solo when starting a Railjack node. Hopefully there's a way to fix that mission-startup-canceling issue. In the meantime be safe out there everybody (And everybody at DE!) :]
  7. Dang. That's understandable though (My switch was low on power, so I'm back on via the phone app). I'd be alright with waiting on things as long as DE employees are doing what they can safely. Aside from that, I'm admittedly a wee bit worried that the wrong forum account could be affected, but in the meantime to mitigate that, I'm looking into a way to reset the app on my phone, so I can relink it to my switch account (Maybe delete and redownload it?) Hypothetically if it actually worked in the future, this original account might no longer be accessible through anything, I'm thinking. But if that means everything would work out, I'd be ok with starting fresh on the forum stuff.
  8. That plus my idea for the customization additions would make Operators far more used than before, I think!
  9. Hi @[DE]Rebecca, I'm looking forward to seeing the stream later on! Most of all I hope that things are safe enough for everyone at DE these days. There's something I wanted to ask about given all the recent revisiting to various things in Warframe, and I asked about it once before, but I'm not sure if anything was mentioned about it since then. I was wondering what your thoughts were on if the Operator would be able to wear the armor that goes onto Warframes as a cosmetic at some point? I was able to take various images in the orbiter using my own Operator with the Dex Raksaka armor as a reference. Left Shoulder comparison Left Shoulder no armor Dex Raksaka Left Shoulder Right Shoulder comparison Right Shoulder no armor Dex Raksaka Right Shoulder Knee Armor vs no armor comparison (Before) Knee Armor vs no armor comparison (After) Side by side comparison without chest armor Side by side comparison with chest armor Side by side comparison of Dex Raksaka shoulder armor vs no armor This time I was able to size down the images (Placed the last three with my phone, so hope it worked nicely) so that they shouldn't eat up length on the post too bad. Considering all the recent revisions across the game, at some point I think Operators should be looked at too, in terms of their variability. One big part of that does involve their customization. There is a huge amount of great-looking things that Warframes are able to wear; Individual pieces of armor from different things, Syndanas, you name it. And displaying additional emblems on each shoulder to boot. However, Operators aren't currently able to wear armor or Syndanas on themselves (Besides having four voices for now, but maybe a voice-blending thing can mix that up later in the future, considering there's already face blending). If Operators were able to wear Warframe armor & Syndanas, I believe it will seriously open up customization options for all of the Operators throughout the game! I hope this is a worthwhile idea to consider 🙂 (As for me, I based my Operator off of my fiancee, though the face shape isn't 100% accurate) These are the colors I used for the styled Dex armor, in case anyone was wondering: Thank you guys for everything you do to help out people! I'm definetely grateful for that. Have a safe day out there :]
  10. (Back on my phone for now) Couldn't hurt to try. The worst-case scenario I can think of is if the two accounts somehow were digitally linked, where deleting the newer one affects the other things. Although only staff might be able to find out if that happened or not. (Edit 05-20-2020) I sent a message to one of the moderators for now, so I'll wait until I hear back before doing much more. I briefly saw on some other past threads about merging accounts, etc. Though I'm not sure if that's a good course of action here, since my actual account is definitely in use, whereas that other one isn't connected to my Nintendo switch.
  11. That explains why I haven't been able to see it yet on my account. I bought the pack yesterday afternoon, and accidentally made a new forum account: I sent a ticket to support via that accidental new account, and my other post on that thread further explains the situation. @[DE]Marcus, have you heard anything regarding the Tennocon 2020 glyph? I'm using my phone to access and use my actual account, so for now I've logged out of the forum on the computer.
  12. I can confirm my actual account is still accessible via the mobile app at least. I'll check on my switch next to see if that was affected by the forum account situation. (Edit 05-18-2020 @ 10:06pm my time) I've checked on the Switch, and my account in-game is safe and unaffected. Hopefully there'll be a way to remedy the duplicate forum account (As long as it won't affect things in-game it may be alright), but since everything in-game is accounted for, I'm not as worried as I was a bit ago. When I hear back from support, I'll see if deleting the duplicate account will restore access to this one via the computer.
  13. Is it possible to login directly to the warframe website via a console login and activate the code from there, after purchasing the digital pack or the dual pack? Other than that (I've yet to purchase the dual pack, but I'm planning on it), how will a player be notified that they can access Baro's relay? Will the code automatically activate their account for access to it, or will an in-game inbox message show up on the day his relay opens, etc.?
  14. That's an important question. I was under the impression that the digital pack's half of the digital / merchandise combo would be ready on the login after buying it. Unless it's only the plat itself that isn't appearing yet.
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