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  1. Juno, oh is it on Jupiter? I can see if it's happening on the Switch as well when I can. Out of curiosity, do they seem to stop spawning after a certain amount of time goes by in a mission, or where you haven't found a single one anywhere even throughout entire runs? I just wanted to double-check, since I haven't been there in quite awhile. Testing a couple of those Archwing bugs still, etc. :)
  2. Looking over the Ephemera (I haven't gotten it yet, since I'm saving my money for other things), I don't see why the glassed-over effect couldn't stay while you're moving as well; Since it seems to apply to your entire look, attachments & all. Regarding how the Glassed effect changes the way your frame looks beneath it (For lack of better phrasing), I think if it the glass was more transparent to help maintain your color scheme while retaining the sheen, that would be great. Apart from that I'm not sure how it could be more visually glass-like, unless anyone has some specific ideas o
  3. Hi there! Hopefully things are going alright on your end. I recently thought of something that I didn't see in your list, if this is doable: Prince of Persia - Warrior Within OST #3 Conflict at the Entrance I made sure to link it a few seconds in, where (What might be for some) the more recognizable part of the song begins. It's a rather old game now, but I had good memories with it (On the GameCube)! It repeats there ^ in a good rhythm that may work well for the Mandachord. I might go with the start of it, but honestly several standalone sections of "Conflict at the Ent
  4. That would be great. I'd almost wonder if it could be similar to the Emotion modules for MOAs, except in this case you'd have more unique personalities like what you've suggested! Of course along with any animations, I think that they should be able to "crouch down" with you as well when you want to avoid getting spotted in a mission somewhere. All the sounds they could make could still be silent enough to not alert enemies though. There's a lot of variety they could have with Sentinel customization if it were implemented. I can't think of much better than those personali
  5. I can confirm this as a bug on the Switch as well; I don't remember it happening in the last time Dog Days happened though. It is a bit awkward to suddenly need to pump the gun right after firing it the first time in a run. As far as getting downed in 2 shots, I believe Armor mods and Rejuvenation would help :) I usually go with that aura, along with any sprint speed and Armor mods you have to use. It would allow you to get around faster while recovering from damage, and you may be able to withstand at least 1-3 more shots in theory (Depends on how much Armor you have of
  6. Sorry to interrupt, but are there any other weapon compatibility issues with the other Oscira skins that you know of? I did mention it on the Dog days thread, but I don't currently know why the Oscira Pistol skin wouldn't work on something like the Kuva Nukor, as an example. Unless I'm mistaken, I somewhat recall that the Oscira collection was said to be be universal. Quote from [DE]Megan: *Edit: Corrected the Oscira weapon skin names. Originally they were dedicated to the new player starter weapons, but we then changed them to be universal Staff, Pistol, Thrown Blade, Rifle, Bow, and L
  7. I just came across some new information regarding this Archwing texture bug; I will try to re-confirm it later on today. Original info: "Additionally, casting Eclipse and then activating your archwing applies the texture of your warframe to the archwing." I never thought to narrow it down to a Warframe ability in particular; It's a good thing Eclipse is subsumable, because that would be a great way to test it across multiple frames. Not to mention it may indeed be possible with other Archwings. I'll post my findings and update the main post as soon as I can ge
  8. Regarding the Universal part, when there's time it would be good to go look at that Oscira collection and make sure those universal skins truly are universal. I haven't yet bought that collection, but I'd certainly consider doing so if I knew it worked with all weapons :)
  9. I may not be a founder myself, but hypothetically, if Excalibur Prime and the other older Prime frames were to get a visual update would it be a reasonable idea to make their current default skins into "Legacy" skins? I think there's also the Legacy Mastery Sigil as well, for another example. Having their current skins as Legacy versions would allow everyone who owns those frames to choose if they want the old or newer look, in theory. Although that might clash with platform-specific skins and certain other skins, now that I think about it (Such as the Frost Opal skin on Frost Prime, alth
  10. Ah, good to know :) That's the next-best thing I suppose. I hope the secondary color will be fixed soon though.
  11. Just came across this post a little while ago, so I thought I'd share it here: I found it surprising that the secondary color doesn't affect it at all, as shown in that Tenno's thread. I'll still try getting the skin before the event ends, but I think the Soaktron has a lot of potential based on which type of weapon you'd equip it on; Basically, changing the projectile fired to a burst-fire stream (Like a yard sprinkler) if it's a Semi-auto rifle, or a high-speed jet of water if it's on a weapon such as the Glaxion or Ignis. I did some checking around, and I'm not sure if th
  12. That's surprising! I'd imagine the second color could add a deeper color to part of the water in the glass canister (Like if you looked at / close to the surface of the ocean vs near the bottom of it). A quick example that came to mind: I'm hoping Yareli's water also has this sort of effect with the secondary energy color :) That being said, does the Soaktron change the projectile fired by the weapon; Like high-speed jets of water for some rifles (Beam-style such as the Ignis), or a burst-fire sprinkler for semi-automatic ones?
  13. I agree, it would be pretty nice. I think I still have the Candy Cane skin for Scythes, and Jingle Bells for Fist weapons as well, so with the Soaktron being a permanent skin now I think Pool Noodles would be great, & there could be possibilities for more weapons as well (What could be for thrown secondaries? Maybe a portable hose, etc. skin for certain Archguns?). Maybe the floaty could've been an Armor / Auxiliary piece, but since we have the Eros Wings Ephemera perhaps that's why it's an Ephemera as well. Although speaking of the water, regarding Sharkwing I'm a bit s
  14. Looking forward to the event :) Hm, thought of a small question; If Articula could someday be added to the decorations in your Dojo (Such as your personal Warframe's articula, or the Profit-Taker Articula), do Ephemera (I'm guessing only Body Ephemera would) apply to the Warframe's Articula as well? I was wondering if that could be a way to preserve the Dog Days Ephemera, hypothetically. Just food for thought. I really like seasonal things too, but I've not seen that Ephemera before so I thought it might be a nice addition to the Dojo, if you had an indoor beach area / scene
  15. It took some time to write them up, but both threads are now posted! I have around 15 different bugs described on there, some of which are newer information on bugs I've previously reported. There are still some bugs I haven't seen fixes for (Acolytes & Necramech being an example), but I hope they'll be included in Sisters of Parvos. I've got at least 22 different cases mentioned on there, all with screenshots. Some skins seem to share the same armor issues for certain Frames, and as I mentioned before there can be differences between regular / Prime Wa
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