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  1. Out of curiosity, would Loid have the newer Necramech mods (The ones introduced with OV) for standing, or will they be found in the Orphix Venom missions within Empyrean eventually?
  2. True, that's a fair point. I was hoping the Prime Shawzin could match a color-changed Octavia Prime at least (If not other frames), but it's good to know for sure.
  3. Speaking of that Shawzin, can it be recolored to match Octavia Prime's chosen color scheme? I think it would be nice to coordinate it with the frame playing it, if it's possible. Aside from that, I saw a staff reply on a different thread mentioning you can obtain the new music pack by building her as well, it sounds like.
  4. Small bump, because I'm looking over some things Railjack / Empyrean-related for a post I'm working on, for the feedback thread for [DE]Scott. Thankfully K-Drives / Necramechs do now have secondary Energy colors (Although in the center of the board, K-Drives seem to have an orange trail matching the original Bondi-K-Drive for some reason, but that's more suited for a K-Dirve bug report), so that's some progress there. As a matter of fact, I'd like to add in secondary colors for the Orbiter as well, since there's only so many color options between that and the Landing craft. Th
  5. For further visibility, I wanted to link a post I made on the new Switch update thread, regarding the "Feed the Beast" Nightwave act! TL ; DR: The day after I initially completed the Feed the Beast challenge, I noticed my standing increase by the 1,500 amount from that challenge after that next daily login reset. I'm guessing it still keeps track of the fact you did do the challenge, even if you log out & back in before your next daily reset. I still think it needs to be 4,500 if it's intended to be a weekly challenge (This reminds me of a challenge that involved Railjack Cre
  6. If it helps to know, upon the next login day (This was a day or two ago), I did see an increase to my standing from completing the Feed The Beast Nightwave challenge! I think the main issue right now is that while it does award the standing it says (1,500, even though it's a weekly one, which usually come with 4,500), that standing is not awarded immediately when the challenge is completed. All in all; I'm not sure of the cause, but based on what I saw, it seems to keep track of the fact you did do the challenge at some point. Visually on the Nightwave interface, t
  7. No problem @[DE]Tyrone! I appreciate your help with getting the app updated with it, thank you :) Same goes to everyone involved with updating the app; Hope everybody's doing alright. It was worth the wait, I'd say. If it's alright to ask, do you know if there are any plans to add more weekly things to the Activities section? I saw a thread mentioning about Steel Path Incursions (Which would make sense considering there's Void Fissures already showing), for one example. Teshin's Steel Path Honors would be a good thing to add along with that hypothetically, perhaps!
  8. There is one small thought I had regarding Snow Globe here; Why not add a tap to cast that mobile version of Snow Globe, and hold to cast the original version of the ability? (Animation-wise Frost could visually gather dry ice, etc. around himself, so you see the globe forming when you hold the ability) One reason I thought of that is because that Tap / hold implementation is very handy on other frames like Vauban, Titania and Xaku (Still learning the latter though, as far as that goes :) ). Plus, it would save a mod slot. Of course the globe likely would innately gain th
  9. Dang. Thanks for sharing that :) Hopefully we'll get it fixed sooner rather than later. I've been checking day by day so far, but nothing yet on the Switch state.
  10. Can confirm that's how much the Helminth challenge says to be worth on Switch as well (It should be 4,500 if it's intended to be a weekly challenge vs a daily challenge, in which case 1,500 makes a little more sense). There's also some issues with it bug-wise: I noticed my standing does not change after feeding the Helminth a resource of some kind, be it one type of thing or multiple kinds of resources. I closed the game and logged back in a small while afterwards, only to see that the Helminth challenge was back apparently, as if it never completed. The Helminth itself was still f
  11. I mentioned this in the Intermission 3 update thread for the Switch, but it was recommended that I should make a post about it on the feedback section :) I’ve heard that it’s not just on my end, but other Switch players and some PC players (If not more; Are PSN / XBOX Tenno not seeing it either?) are also experiencing this. When checking the Nightwave section of the Nexus app, no information for the week (Act list / progress, and the list of items across the top) displays. It might be because it was delayed partially (Not all platforms getting it Live at the same time), but I’m not
  12. That's a good idea, will do. It does help to know it's not an isolated incident as well :) Hopefully Intermission 3 will show up by next week or so on the app, for everyone's reference.
  13. Glad to have Nightwave back! But not to get entirely off-topic, when checking for Nightwave things on the mobile app (At least on my end), apparently shows a blank slate there still. No acts are listed at all, and no list of intermission rewards along the top. I'm not sure if this affects other console users of the app, but it definitely would help to update that. While on the subject of the mobile app though, would it be possible to list Teshin's Steel Path Honors' item of the week (Along with how much Steel Essence you have; Just like Baro's section with Ducat amounts)? I think t
  14. Still working on gathering my own feedback for the new thread, but I thought I should share it here for further reference: One thing right off the bat that I've been thinking of is how to rebalance intrinsic point requirements. With Command coming, we currently have 1024 points needed to R10 each thing, so 1,024 * 5 = 5,120. With 10 (Currently) ranks per Intrinsic class, 5,120 ÷ 10 = 512 (Now that I think about it this is likely where that number came from for R10 intrinsics). I don't know if there is any way to compensate players for having more intrinsic points beyon
  15. That's a fair point actually. Especially considering that there's the Bruntspar Necramech skin, I thInk that could definitely become a new Necramech in it's own right, not limited to being a cosmetic difference. Do you think it could become a new Mech, @[DE]Rebecca? Edit: There's also the Cryptanaut Necramech Helmet actually! I remembered it doesn't come with a full Mech body, so that leaves some room to imagine how that would play as it's own Necramech. I imagine the Brunstpar would be a hand-to-hand combat Mech, not totally different from the Hulkbuster; Relying on rapid, po
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