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Hey there! I've gotten up to MR12 as of this writing, and personally, I've been working on getting every prime warframe in the game after the time Banshee was vaulted most recently, give or take. Saryn Prime was my first one too. Just looking for Nekros, Wukong, and Ivara as far as that goes.

(Edit on 04-10-2020: As of recently, I've crafted everything for Nekros, Wukong, Ivara & Titania Prime. Volt Prime is the only frame I don't have everything for, out of all the unvaulted relics in the game as of today.)

I started right around the time of the first Buried Debts event on the Switch, towards the end of 2018 / going into 2019. I'm looking forward to seeing what'll happen next in the game as time goes on.
- Update (04-10-2020)

Nearing MR16 as of this writing; I'm doing what I can over time to help people with Scarlet Spear, though there is a UI bug in the Murex raids when I joined someone's hosted Railjack. After the first Murex and in some cases at the start, the UI indicates no Murex have been driven away, despite receiving Kill codes and actually getting rid of Murex. I suppose it doesn't update that currently. When I can, I'll try to take a personal note of the details when I get back to those, and hopefully it'll help the forums in case Operation SS does occur again in the future.
- Update (05-04-2020)

Knowing that Scarlet Spear will rerun eventually is a good thing! I'm a fair ways into MR16 - 17 as of this writing; And for now I'm working on some online class things in-between Warframe. I've been occasionally receiving an invite to various missions from other people (Which is welcome), though I think it helps more to have a message sent before an invite. That way I'd know what someone would need or want help with, hypothetically.

As for me, I'm preparing to tackle requiem fissures in the near future (I'd prefer to have all 8 mods before tackling a kuva larving), and I'm looking forward to helping others with Glassmaker when it comes to PC and consoles in a week or two! Especially if the Nightwave itself will be a new Landing craft. And I can say the same for Railjack missions / the next Scarlet Spear.

- Update (05-19-2020)

I've logged out of the accidental new forum account on the computer, and for now I'm using the mobile app to access my actual account here. I'm wondering if the Tennocon 2020 glyph hasn't been added to the forums yet or not.

- Update (05-22-2020)

After briefly managing to log into the Warframe forum website through my Nintendo switch system, I discovered that my switch itself uses the newer account instead of this one, unlike what I thought before.


The odd thing is, my phone app is still connected to my in-game switch progress and profile glyph, only, it connects to this original forum account. I'm currently looking into a way to reset my phone app's data & / or login credentials (Safely, because I'd hate to delete my in-game account progress via the app or something) so it can link to the new forum account, and therefore preserve the in-game progress (Maybe that would coincidentally update my forum glyph to the app's Tennocon 2020 one from in-game?) while keeping my app and Switch connected. When I hear from Support I'll bring that up to see if it's possible, and if it is, this account may or may not be mergeable into the newer account. Ideally I'd like to save this account and fix the app / forum account situation, but I'm not sure what the possible options would be yet.

-  Update (05-22-2020 @ 1:35pm)

(Copied & pasted from the other account as a reference)

I've updated the ticket for Support, and I'll wait on doing things for now until I hear back from them on the next steps to take. My Nintendo Switch console and computer are connected to this account (The newer one; The original account on the forums was made in July 2019) turns out, while my phone (Via google) and my Warframe Nexus account use the original account. On the nexus app, it has updated the glyph to match the in-game Tennocon 2020 glyph, but on the forums it hasn't yet updated (Not the most important thing though, for now I'd rather sort out the account situation first).

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