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Thanks to the help of [DE]Danielle earlier today, my forum accounts have been successfully merged, preserving the history of the original account! My phone can access it properly to boot. Things in-game have not been adversely affected by the duplicate account.

  • As of this writing, I'm nearly at MR19, and I'm looking forward to Tennocon 2020! I've completed balanced Umbral builds for Saryn / Mirage Prime, and am working on several others. 

I started right around the time of the first Buried Debts event on the Switch, towards the end of 2018 / going into 2019. There are a few other ideas I'm looking forward to sharing, and I hope that they could become a reality if DE staff think it'll be possible.

  • If anyone is wondering about the builds I'm working towards, feel free to ask; For now I'm doing what I can to help my fiancee & her family while I'm at home from Job Corps (Covid-19 has affected many things in the world, JC students included).
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