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Hey! Gamer-Steve here. I hope things are going alright for you & other Tenno.


I reached MR23 on the day of TennoCon 2021, and am preparing for when the Sentients arrive in The New War. I do have several Umbral builds finished (Balanced so that no stats go below 100%), but there’s more to work to do in and out of the Origin System.


Most of the time, I prefer to rank up Frames / Weapons that I haven’t yet, and finishing various builds that I had planned on. But from time to time I come across various bugs that need reporting, so that’s important too.

  • For other Tenno on the Switch who might be wondering about getting screenshots onto the forums, this might help. I’ve gotten pretty used to taking screenshots for the long bug reports I’ve made in the past, but we all start somewhere.


In any case, I first started somewhere around the Sacrifice Update on the Switch, and have been thinking of ideas for the game ever since :)

  • If anyone’s curious, these are probably the most significant ones I have;


    Expanding Operator Customization

    • This and the thread linked below are tied together, so-to-speak. A long time back I asked about Expanding their customization to include Armor & Syandanas that’re used by Warframes, but I wanted to make a thread for it for more explanation / examples.


    A (rather big) varied, organized collection of ideas for DE

    • As per the title, this thread covers various ideas I’ve had such as enabling Body & Step Ephemera simultaneously, Operator Voice blending (To go with face blending), a new gear item / organization for others, and more.


    Necramech Passives, & potential Mech-ability synergies with allies (Including Warframes & Operators)! (Both Mechs are done, any thoughts from Tenno & DE?)

    • Not sure if it’s a rework or revisit (Honestly they’re similar terms), but seeing as the Voidrig and Bonewidow Mechs don’t have passives, I took it upon myself to expand on their abilities and provide fitting passives for each of them!

      There’s a couple of minor details I’d leave up to DE, but you can find the full details of their hypothetical expanded kits on the thread :)

      Their passives’ descriptions, in short:
    • Voidrig:
      • Backup Power: By holding the gear wheel toggle (Because Mechs don't use a gear wheel), pull up a small interface above the Engine gauge. Select one or more options to divert your engine reserves into, to increase: Ability Strength, Duration, Range, or Efficiency.

        Do you want to boost your firepower (Strength), the kick of your abilities (Range), Efficiency (Merging Engine power with energy to reduce energy cost), or how long they last (Fusing Engine power into your next cast so that it lasts longer)?
    • Bonewidow:
      • The Entrati Endure: Whenever Bonewidow kills an enemy, she gains one “Life Charge''. Once the Life gauge is full, Bonewidow can survive the next fatal source of damage that hits her, quickly restoring her HP fully & granting a brief invulnerability period, among other things.


    Post-Devstream (Railjack, etc.) feedback post (The original thread closed before I could post this)

    • Possibly my longest thread to date, so I included a TL;DR as well at the top of the main post. Some key points include;

      • A hypothetical - but well detailed way to bring back Scarlet Spear, and I thought about the “fighting for points” aspect as well.

        • Likewise, I had some similar thoughts for improving Orphix Venom too.

    • New Railjack mission types (Outlast & Escort)

    • A way to streamline the Command intrinsic line (Before Rank 10 was revealed), and provides new useful bonuses to fill in the gaps early on.

    • A few misc. ideas regarding the Tactical / Pause menu in non-Solo missions!

    • & numerous bugs I had found but hadn’t officially reported until a later day.


    I might add some more threads to this list at some point in the future, so feel free to look around! Plenty of ideas where these came from.



Outside of all that, recently I'm just working on writing and personal ideas for Game Development (Learning C++), and staying in touch with Family.


Be safe Tenno :)







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