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  1. If / when that's fixed, do you think it could be a potential Exilus mod for Archguns? Well, hypothetically speaking at least. Resolute Focus also sounds Exilus-y, but it's reduced spread could be thought of as a DSP increase, perhaps. The thought just crossed my mind since they've added RE & SR as Exilus, and they are a type of gun after all; Of course this wouldn't be akin to putting an Exilus slot on Melee, I don't think. Not to get off-topic too much. That said I am still hoping Archmelee & Sentinel weapons can get a look-over at some point as well. At least the latter :) Changing Firestorm & Fulmination in that static way would also make them more fair compared to various Range mods for Melee, I agree. I've been thinking that perhaps installing an Arcane of a varying level could function as a stance mod, to further increase the gun's mod capacity :) Hypothetically, if that were implemented then a Rank 40 Kuva gun might be able to reach the same amount as a Rank 40 Paracesis / Kuva melee weapon. That said, as Arcanes don't have polarities, I'm not sure if it would then be an increase based off of a non-polarized stance slot, or a green-polarity stance slot. It would be some food for thought, if nothing else.
  2. Yes. And another place this happens when we click on Navigation and our warframe is facing the camera. (However at the time of writing I can only confirm this with the Static Reactor Prime sigil.) Hm, that's good to know. It does make some sense actually, because I've been using the Champion Sigil from SM for a long time now (Mainly to make sure I can always get some standing while working on various goals). I haven't put a non-Syndicate Sigil on a Frame's back in a long time, but I have been using the Empyrean Sigil on the front of most Frames, which doesn't appear to light up in the dark. I'll need to test it when I can, but I think I recall the Empyrean Sigil changing in some way (Not to a different color); Becoming either brighter, or lighting up differently (Like how it looks with default customization?) when accessing Navigation. Not sure what the word is off the top of my head.
  3. That's a fair point, I've even noticed that if you lower the transparency when you walk into a dark corridor (Like one of the hallways of the Orbiter), the Sigil suddenly brightens back up regardless of how transparent it was supposed to be. I don't know if all Sigils do that, or if it's just the Syndicate / some event Sigils however; But I'm curious if that's a long-standing bug with them.
  4. I've recently checked Baruuk, and finally crafted Octavia Prime! Baruuk is free of TennoCon Armor issues, but sadly Octavia Prime was not. Screenshots of the Armor with each of her skins have been added. For the other thread with various kinds of bugs, I haven't yet gathered all the screenshots I need to properly document an Archwing texture bug (Triggered by Mirage's Eclipse), but I'll post my findings there when I can. In the meantime, if anyone would like to help the bug report here by posting their own TennoCon Armor issue screenshots for Frames & their skins I don't have listed (Going by the list of frames I can't test yet), by all means.
  5. True, I still have a few of those left to find as well (Especially all those missing rare / reinforced scans!), but even then I think I'd still consider using the ability when there's something else to look for. I am curious if Helminth ability augments could be a thing though, as far as "expanding" the Helminth goes. But going even further; If the Helminth could swap passives, that opens the door for original Helminth-based passives that can be infused to replace a frame's existing passive. Some possibilities could be; As your Warframe takes health damage, a portion of that is transferred to ally Necramechs (Including yours) to heal them? To balance it, maybe just 5-10% of the damage you take could heal them, so it'll still be a risk in some places. I also thought giving some connection between the Helminth & Mechs might be an intriguing idea. When you knockdown an enemy (Doesn't matter how, maybe even the jump kick could do it?) or give them a lifted status, they forget what happened after they're back on their feet? Basically giving you a possible fallback option in case you want to stealth kill an enemy, but they saw you first. I'm a little surprised Jump kicks haven't been considered to be further integrated into a Warframe's kit, unless I'm mistaken on that. Perhaps giving you innate loot radar, similar to Ivara's passive! That actually could be an alternative if someone wanted to try that with her, come to think of it. The Energy / Shields / cooldowns (Depending on if you're using Hildryn or Lavos) from infused Helminth abilities are cut in half! This could be an interesting idea for some builds! Although to balance it, I don't think efficiency / duration mods should stack with it, perhaps. & of course, there's the Echoes of Umbra idea. I think that would still be interesting to see someday :) Those first few may not be too special, but that's in order to leave room open for new Warframes with their own passives. Similar to how some of the Helminth's original abilities are their own thing. Although I still think Hideous Resistance would be better if it flipped status procs around to benefit you for a brief time, instead of mere immunity. I'd even take it as an augment (Hideous Acceptance?) sold by Son :) I'd love to see some things like ^ these in the future.
  6. Going back through that video, I thought Reb mentioned that it was an upgrade to the existing Helminth segment? Sort of like the one for the Incubator, which lets you breed Kavats ( In that it enhances what that thing does). If so, that means in order to get the upgrade, you'll likely need to have purchased or installed the base Helminth segment first from an earlier Entrati rank. As far as Golden Instinct goes, I think it'll still be of use here & there; If there's multiple targets for it to search for, maybe it'll just fly off after the nearest one? Not sure if it'll go through walls / floors or ceilings in the process though. The thought of it reminds me of the small light of energy in those Isolation Vaults, when Loid is unlocking them. That being said, I do think it would be nice if the ability could indicate if a rare / reinforced container spawned on the map, even if it doesn't give you a direction to it; For those needing Codex scans of them, that would be good as a hold-to-cast function, or augment for the ability if Helminth augments were a thing. Just some food for thought.
  7. I've been reading through the thread, and off & on I saw a couple of things that sounded similar to what I've been thinking about all of this. I'll go into detail here & there. That being said, I also have a few questions of my own regarding some of it. First things first, I'd like to suggest a couple of things for these new abilities! If they are open to feedback & changes. After all, the Helminth deals with abilities and resources, no reason why it can't become better than it was before. I think that can help out some Warframes who have more shields, but would benefit from more Armor such as Frost or Frost Prime. I'm looking forward to seeing the stats on the ability and how long it lasts in practice when the time comes. It actually reminds me of Chroma's Vex Armor a little bit :) As someone else before me suggested, can there be an additional hold-to-cast function to perform the reverse? Sacrificing Armor to give you more shields / Overshields? It could be an interesting alternative. I am curious about this one as well; Is there more to the ability behind-the-scenes than what's in the description here? Not that I'm complaining of course, but Titania's Spellbind is quite similar-sounding at the moment. One thought I had was if this has a very long duration to make up for the lack of other functionality, since it only gives the user Status immunity; Compared to Spellbind which affects other things when tapping. An interesting twist (Or Helminth ability augment if the Entrati sold them!) could be to flip status effects around! Rather than giving you immunity, what if you benefited from a status proc? If you're on fire, you can spread the fire proc to other enemies on contact (While the flames increase your own armor briefly), or heal from Toxin damage, or magnetic causing you to regenerate shields at a faster speed or reduced delay! This would really set it apart from all other status immunity-esque abilities. Although this ^ change became the new functionality of the ability, I suppose you could call it Hideous Acceptance :) That sounds pretty useful, depending on the situation. Will that energy increase also work while those allies are using a channeled ability, or at least slow down the rate of their energy drain? I think that would help. That said, how would this affect Necramechs and Operators, since they use energy as well? It'll be an interesting idea depending on what status procs you're using; Come to think of it, with the changes to Impact in the other thread, will this lead to Parazon finishers reaching the threshold sooner with less Impact procs? I think it'll be interesting to see a list of how each type of status proc is interacted with using this ability :) This one really stood out to me; It'll definitely help anyone having trouble finding those things. However, the first thought I had was: Can this be used to find Rare and Reinforced containers? If so, I would like to propose a good way to separate what it looks for: Additional functionality; Hold-to-Cast to check the entire map, if no such crate exists, then the ability menu ideally shouldn't say something like "Invalid Target", etc.; But rather "Target not Spawned". That will give more clarity by telling you upfront if the crate you're looking for actually exists or not, so you won't spend the entire mission just searching for nothing. If the crate does exist somewhere, then it'll send out the Void spark as normal and use up some energy. That being said, there is one other thing I wanted to bring up; I actually suggested something a little similar to this almost a year ago: Alternatively I thought about having it be a gear item, where you could designate a personal target for it to search for ( Including unknown object Codex entries, which would be a "?" ), but to balance it you couldn't change targets mid-mission. Food for thought I suppose. Now this is something I saw mentioned by many Tenno here. I can understand some of the frustration towards it, but I think it is good to try new things with the Helminth system. However, there's a small reason why I mentioned about functionality earlier. As the system is currently, it technically is a "way" for people to engage with other Warframes. However, there is something else to consider regarding numbers; Increasing the %stats on a Warframe will not change how it's abilities function. It may still feel quite similar to engage with, and therefore someone might choose to Invigorate the Frame to add another 10% towards your chosen Invigoration in 3-4 weeks (Considering it wasn't clarified if you can use all 3 presented choices per week, or if you can only choose 1), and not actually use the Frame that week. As I said, I do think it's good to try new things, but when it comes to new functionality vs additional buffs, Quality vs Quantity, I think a more engaging system may lean towards the former. I did want to expand on what I originally thought of in the Revised Dev Workshop thread from a few days ago. As a reference, here's what I initially thought the Helminth Expansion could entail: Out of all those, the main point that makes the most sense to me is #2. As for why that is, it goes back to when the Helminth first came out; It deals with abilities in return for resources, basically. Expanding that with Warframe augmentation will certainly deepen the customization of a player's Frame! If this can be explored, I want to venture out with this: As stated in my original point, in order for the Helminth to augment an ability without using a mod slot on that Warframe, you'll first have to sacrifice that augment. Probably a fully-ranked mod, to be safe. Then, the Helminth permanently stores the knowledge of that mod's functions / additions within itself. How would this work in practice? Let's say you have Chroma subsumed and access to his Elemental Ward, and Everlasting Ward was already sacrificed. If you have another Frame besides him or Chroma Prime walk up to receive that ability, they sit in the chair and upon selection you're now greeted with a choice: Would you like to have Elemental Ward augmented before infusing? If not, you just proceed with the regular process. If you opt-in for the augmented version, then the Helminth's secretion requirements ( To balance this out some ) increase to 100% of all three relevant categories (Whichever secretions the ability normally requires). You can still apply this augmented-version to all Configs in one go, and have it be removed as needed. In order to do this again, you'll still need 100% of all relevant secretions. If you then try to use another copy of the Everlasting Ward mod on a Config where the augmented Ward already exists, then an on-screen message will tell you that it's already augmented, or alternatively the mod just can't be placed there (That's probably simpler). Same thing goes for all the other abilities in the Helminth's repertoire, if you have an augment sacrificed, you'll be asked if you want that put in beforehand. For those subsumed abilities with multiple augments (Like Ivara's Quiver), perhaps you can simply choose which augment you'd like to use during the Infusion? Unless I'm mistaken, I don't know if you can use two different augments on the same ability, so this should be taken into account as well. The amount of time to subsume an entire Frame takes a day, so considering that, to further balance out this Augmentation system perhaps an augment mod can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to be fully digested? That'll give people time to do other things for a bit, similar to crafting items in the Foundry. What about other augments not in the Helminth's list of abilities, like Frost's Snow Globe augment? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure if abilities outside of the list should be included for this. But if they were, since those are abilities the Helminth did not learn, their augments could take double the time compared to an ability in the list. Hypothetically at that point, there could be an option for Frost (As an example) to sit in the chair an select "Other augments". This may open up a choice of the sacrificed augments, and letting you choose which one you want to use. To balance this out, perhaps you can only pick one off-the-books (For lack of a better term) augment at a time, per config. So you'd still have to use up a mod slot if you wanted to run an infused Chilling Globe and another off-the-books ability augment like his Icy Avalanche. If someone has all the augments sacrificed, and Helminth is max rank, what then? Probably the most important question for something like this. I suppose they'd have to just set their own goals and think of what they want from the huge list of augments themselves, until a future Warframe is introduced like Yareli. However, that does bring me to one last point: Helminth ability augment mods. There are two ways to think about it, both of them being great avenues to explore; New augments for the existing Helminth abilities (Like the one I proposed above for Hideous Resistance), & new ability augments made by / from the Helminth for your existing abilities! Of course these would take much longer to work on, I imagine. I've had some ideas of augments for the current Helminth abilities, so I'll just list those here; Empower augment: Embolden Increases the ability range of your next cast. This will no longer affect ability strength. Infested Mobility augment: Infested Vigor Adds a hold-to-cast option to temporarily increase your fire rate for all projectile-based weapons. This covers Primaries (Including shotguns and Arm cannons), Secondaries, and Archguns that shoot bullets, etc.; Beam-based weapons may create more ticks of damage at a time, perhaps. Master's Summons augment: Master's Protection Adds a hold-to-cast option to give your companion(s) a brief period of damage immunity (This is a WIP, off the top of my head to be honest). To balance it, perhaps it could cost 150% as much energy as the normal cast would? It would apply to your Sentinel and / or other companions no matter where they are, so you won't need to summon them to you beforehand. Companion survivability is an important topic, although it may not be as relevant on this thread to be fair. I think Son would be the best place for all these hypothetical Helminth augments! Plus, it can give people another reason to try these abilities on their builds :) I'm not sure what new Helminth augments could be made for Warframe-specific abilities, but that's a bridge to be crossed at a later time. All that being said, I do have some final questions here; Firstly, how exactly is the entire roster being addressed with Invigorations? Are Prime Warframes and Excalibur Umbra going to be rolled separately (Like if you got Excalibur, Excalibur Prime, and then Umbra at the same time rolled), or can you use alternate-versions of a Warframe as well? If you had Mirage rolled, could you invigorate both her & Mirage Prime, or just whoever you choose first? And can a Warframe be re-invigorated, if you decide to opt-out after trying it the first time? If so, I think it would make sense for only the first invigoration of said Frame to count, so you can't just use a Prime and non-Prime to get two different Invigorations per rolled slot. Otherwise that could be 6 Invigorations per week. If I had to choose between Invigorations or the idea of Helminth augmenting our abilities (Especially some Helminth-original augments!), I think I'd choose the augment option. But tweaking the Invigorations idea should be considered, if it's implemented after all. I've also seen a lot of the discussion revolving around this as well. In the hypothetical event people won't receive back-logged affinity (Not sure how to word it) for the Helminth, would it be a fair idea to have Ordis give you an inbox message containing all the estimated resources you've used in Subsuming your Frames? In theory, that would be a way to compensate people who Subsumed 1 Frame or more than one Frame, and even all of them before Yareli. I think each Subsume needs different types of resources / amounts though, so it'll take some figuring-out to do it. Unless the grand total of all those resources was based off the number of subsumed Warframes, similar to the Railjack early adopters bundles. It's just some food for thought though. That's all I can think of for now regarding the Helminth Expansion; I do have some thoughts on the other threads, but that isn't relevant here. Thanks for hearing me out :)
  8. Out of curiosity @[DE]Rebecca, are Sentinel weapons, Archmelee & Archguns (At least the first two) going to be considered for this as well, or will they be looked at in a future update? I can understand Archguns not being touched for now (I'm a bit surprised they don't have Exilus slots, considering there are a few Archgun mods that're Exilus-worthy), but I do think that Sentinels and Archmelee will need to be looked at sooner or later. I have some more in-depth thoughts on this here; I never had this answered from Devstream 154, but it's a bit of a read. Not to mention that Sentinels (& nearly (?) all pet companions) in and of themselves have trouble surviving for a while at a time, in high-enough level missions. Of course that's not exactly the same compared to looking at Sentinel weaponry, as far as that goes. I am glad to hear that the Helminth system will be expanded upon in some way though, on a brighter note! That did give me a couple of ideas; Perhaps would it allow you to infuse two different abilities into your Warframe, instead of just one? That would be a good idea hypothetically, as not only would it save people from having to farm a third copy of all their Frames, but it increases your combat-customization as well. If there are two different abilities you'd like to use, you can have both of them. This may also reduce any need to think of a second Subsume ability for the entire list of Frames; Thus eliminating any need for balancing more of those nonexistent additional subsume abilities. That being said, more Helminth-original abilities would always be welcome I think! I recall Super Jump being mentioned before, so maybe that could be infused alongside another Frame's subsume ability? Of course ideally, having two different Warframe abilities (Such as Oberon's Smite alongside Protea's Dispensary) infused at the same time would be amazing. The next-best idea I can think of would be to allow the Helminth (Probably at a new Max-rank) to infuse the power of a Warframe's ability augment into their abilities. A compromise to this would be to sacrifice a copy of that augment mod for every frame you have that ability on. Although perhaps that could then be saved per Warframe, so you don't need to sacrifice two of the same augment if you were to take off the ability and put it back on. Such as regenerative Molt; If you infuse Molt onto a frame, and sacrifice the augment mod, but later take off Molt for something else, the Helminth could remember that your specific Warframe previously had Regenerative Molt, and give you the option to take an augmented-version, or just the regular Molt when you re-infuse that ability to said Frame. One last thought I had involved Warframe passives being subsumed, but that would likely be a bit much. It may be easier and better to look into one of the above routes instead, since the Helminth is already made for abilities rather than passives. Although Titania's passive is one of my favorites, as far as that goes :) Thank you for hearing me out on it at least. One of the reasons why I brought up Archmelee is because they are still a type of Melee weapon, but not really as strong as standard Melee weapons have become; Partly due to a smaller pool of Archmelee mods compared to general melee mods. I hope the suggestions I have above may help with that. That being said, Archmelee also don't have riven mods at the moment, but more importantly I do hope Sentinel weapons / companion survivability will be looked at in the future as well; Not to go off-topic too much. You have a great point there; Having past abilities that no longer exist return as Helminth abilities would be a great way to fill out the selection of potential it has! I'm actually wondering what other abilities that used-to-exist could be re-implemented to the Helminth now :) I think Rift Walk used to be an ability for Limbo before he got a rework, reading back on some things. Perhaps that could be used as a way to perform a self-banish? So that you can temporarily enter the rift; At the cost of not being able to use banish (A single ability) for that dual-purpose, and Rift Walk would have a duration of some sort. That being said, I suppose (If you could infuse two different abilities to the same frame / Config) you could have Banish and Rift Walk at the same time. Perhaps some previous abilities Vauban had could be thrown in as well, as food for thought: All in all, I'm looking forward to the 18th as well :)
  9. Couldn't agree more; I made a similar thread for overall Operator Customization as well: Having some more hair options would be nice too, come to think of it! I'm curious what else there could be from that.
  10. Dang. That is interesting to learn about though! I did recently get Octavia Prime started in the foundry, so perhaps there's still no harm in trying to make something similar when she's finished. It'd be a decent way to start practicing with the Mandachord I think. Thank you for getting back to me on it at least, I appreciate it :)
  11. Hm, I'll have to test that when I can. I dunno if that's a bug or not; If so I hope it can be fixed in the near future. I'm working towards getting Gara Prime, so it's been awhile since I last used her.
  12. The Codex could be a good place to add Plague Star to, as far as mission types go. I remember suggesting about adding parts of the Railjack to the Codex as well (Prior to Update 30 & Corpus Railjack stuff). I thought that could be a way for people to get the gist of where to find things in your Railjack, how to use the Omni tool, etc.; I think the various steps of Plague Star displayed that way would help a lot of people understand it rather quickly, provided that enough of the important details are there. The tool tips could be included for more information as well. (That reminds me, for Companion and K-Drive look links, the only thing Tool tips mention is that Look links do not apply Sigils, but it's not even relevant for them, as your pets can't use Sigils, and K-Drives can't even equip Emblems to display, let alone Sigils) It's some food for thought.
  13. It may depend on if you have the Steel Path or not and a decent Archgun build, but for Necramechs I went with Steel Path Orb Vallis (Getting some Steel Essence while earning affinity is a good way to multitask); Voidrig can do well there, but it'll have a harder time surviving without a way to heal as often. Bonewidow could certainly survive longer thanks to Meathook though. Alternatively, with x2 or x4 affinity you could still level up Necramechs reasonably fast by doing non-Steel Path bounties in the Plains, Vallis or Deimos. Going from R0 to R40 will take the longest; I think if you get up to R27 and ⅔ that'll provide enough bonus affinity to shoot up to 40 in the same run. As mentioned above, that mission on Neptune is a great place to go for Archwing leveling. I hope it helps :)
  14. I think you have some good points with that, regarding implementation and concept :) I'm not sure if you've seen it or not, but I did think of a well-thought out way for DE to run SS again. It is quite a read though. I did try to use a few spoiler-drop-down things, but copying the text from the thread also copied the post's background; Otherwise re-formatting the entire thing to get rid of the grayness will take a good chunk of time. Here's my original post / thread including this, as a reference. This isn't quite set in stone, but if Scarlet Spear were to return with the QoL changes listed below, I think it would improve things at least somewhat for people. Such as more information compared to when it first ran, and hopefully giving people more reason to run the missions (Including equalizing the total Scarlet Creds earned in Space or Ground!). That thread also discusses a number of things aside from SS, but I just wanted to stay on-topic as much as I could here. As noted below, since Rebecca did show a Scarlet Flotilla in that Devstream, I'm pretty sure it'll come back eventually. Console players may not have had all the fixes as quickly as PC, but if (When it returns) it's a simultaneous-platform release like Tempestarii and Sisters of Parvos, everyone would have a new SS with the fixes for a longer period of time, if nothing else :) Back during Devstream 153, Rebecca mentioned some things with Scarlet Spear, and Scott said he'd like to bring it back. I was glad to hear about that, since it was an innovative way to use the Railjack in tandem with others, for one reason. Plus, it seems like a lot of people enjoyed it (At least going by the Flotillas I helped out in, etc.)! Bringing it back and ironing out any bugs from it would be pretty neat in my opinion. That being said, I think it's too good to let it be a one-off event. Orphix Venom was added as an actual mission type now, so it's not unrealistic for a similar place for SS; In this case, Empyrean Invasions. As we're building up to the next major point in The New War, Sentients are usually trying to invade the Origin System. Scarlet Spear can ground that in reality by introducing newer Tenno to it, and people wouldn't miss out on the rewards in the form of an invasion. People need some things to spend those Scarlet creds on! How it could work: During the last week of every month (Or the last 10-14 days of every two months; February, April, June, etc.), one of the relays may be chosen by the Sentients as a new invasion target, mainly focusing on the planet it's orbiting rather than the relay itself (So we don't need to think about Sentients destroying a relay!). During this time, Little Duck could be working with Father (In a hologram form!) in order to coordinate new squads of Tenno to various ground missions across the planet's tileset (Not just Earth, but Corpus planets could be chose as well!), just like in the original event. Space missions can be conducted within the respective Proxima region of the relay's planet, so therefore Murex would be found in Proxima regions other than the Veil, as they've technically had so much time to prepare since the first SS campaign. Very significant UI addition: For every instance of a relay, there should be a counter showing how many players are at the relay vs how many the relay can handle, not just how many squads there are. When this limit is reached, Tenno will likely need to go to a new instance of the relay if they don't have a full squad and need one. I recall during the Operation back then, that I tried to invite another player to join my squad for a ground or space run, and I was met with the message: Cannot invite player. The player limit for this Flotilla has been reached. I remember checking the relay's UI in the center, and there was no indication anywhere about an individual player-limit. As in the below image, it could display that as well: Without that specific info, it didn't help with finding groups, and I wouldn't be surprised if other squads ran into that issue too. But I hope the example helps! Just like in the original event, players would coordinate to gather codes to upload into a satellite that Space squads bring to the Murex, only now it would happen in places other than Veil proxima (To liven things up, and show that the past event had an impact on the Sentients' strategy in a way). Enemy levels may / may not scale based on the proxima, but this could use the levels from the first Scarlet Spear. New / worthwhile rewards! Theoretically speaking, considering that this returning Scarlet Spear event would not be an "event" (Operation) per say, it likely wouldn't have all the Arcanes again (Though having Arcanes / currently unvaulted relics in the drop tables would be a temporary alternative to OV / Eidolons!). However, that doesn't mean it couldn't still offer something special; Found in space from The Old War, MK4 Railjack wreckage! Since Father actually used to be on a Railjack himself back in the day, I imagine he could be the perfect guy to offer Tenno busted up ship parts in return for Scarlet creds (Or Phasic Cells if they have any from OV?). The reason why these would be the wreckage as opposed to rebuilt parts is so that you can Valence-Fuse them into your existing ship parts! Father will need the same amount of Scarlet Creds for any given MK4 wreckage, regardless of the house or category (Engines, Plating, etc.). The exact price for any MK4 wreckage isn't important at this time, but you would be able to quickly identify the wreckage and see what stats and trait it has, or (If you already have a maxed-out MK4 part) scrap the MK4 part for 300 Endo (As an example?). I figure each MK4 part can come with roughly an extra +25% - 45% max total stats (Either additive or multiplicative) compared to the MK3 version of any given part (Reference: Railjack/Components | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom), so that it won't totally outclass the parts you've worked hard to get before the invasion, but still seem worthwhile to buy. But, Father's parts can also come with unique traits unlike the MK3 components you've found! Considering how many different traits there are per house, I'll just list these three ideas!) House Lavan MK4: Tenno gain +50% armor for 5 - 10s after being launched from the slingshot. This is another version of the other slingshot traits, so it may help you survive when you first enter the enemy's area! 10 seconds instead of 5 would be to help that further, since enemies may not see you or shoot immediately. House Vidar MK4: -10% intruders' shields. A different effect than the armor-reducing version, for dealing with Corpus boarding parties! House Zetki MK4: Convert 40% of damage dealt to Railjack's Hull to Warframe energy for all Tenno onboard. This acts separately from any mods your Warframe has equipped, such as Rage or Hunter Adrenaline. All Tenno gain the same amount of energy simultaneously. I'm not sure if it'd matter where the damage comes from. The MK4 wreckage could either come with the minimal base stats, or maybe a random range of stats? Either way, it will allow you to increase it up to a certain max amount via Valence Fusion. As for what type of ship components come with these traits, I'll leave that up to DE. But this way you can take your MK3 parts, and upgrade them into MK4 versions. But you can either choose to keep your MK3's traits, or opt-in for the MK4 part's new aspect! MK4 weapons would be an interesting avenue to be explored in the future, if MK4 components were implemented! At the moment I'd only assume the total base damage of every weapon to be +25% - 35% stronger than the MK3 version of a given weapon; Multiplicatively speaking, and the same goes for munitions, etc. That said, I'm not sure if the MK4 weapons would have new unique traits as well, or if any traits would go above 60% for inherited MK3 weapon traits, but this is some food for thought. In addition to those, Scarlet Spear would be a great time for Father to bring back the newer Necramech mods! In a way, this would be similar to how the Exodia Arcanes are from Plaque Star, or how some mods are only in Ghoul Purge bounties (Temporary-mission rewards). (New hypothetical rewards are listed in green!) On the other side, Little Duck could bring back the Ballroom Simulacrum, and some other rewards players can choose from could be: Oplink This is needed for the event, of course! Ceti Lacera Blueprint Basmu Blueprint 15,000 Kuva More Kuva than a regular weekly vendor (Like Syndicates / Teshin), considering Scarlet Spear wouldn't run all the time, but might be cheaper than Nightwave's price? Depends on NW series cred vs Scarlet cred acquisition rates? Stance Forma Phased / Glyphed / Gilded Clan Sigils Phased / Glyphed / Gilded Clan Emblems If there could be different versions of a clan's design as Sigils, why not complete the look with Emblem variations? Exilus Weapon Adapter (Or Warframe Adapter!) Either one would be useful, I think. But it's not every day you get a Warframe Adapter. Earth Console Decoration Murex Console decoration (Most recently released frame here) In Action Glyph Voidrig / Bonewidow In Action Glyph (Whichever one wasn't released yet, unless both have been!) If both have been released by the time SS returns, why not have her offer both Mech glyphs? Bruntspar In Action Glyph I know it's merely a Necramech skin right now, but I'd love to see that become an actual mech at some point. if it did, Father could introduce parts for it via Scarlet Spear as an alternative Mech for some Tenno! Loid could offer it's blueprints afterwards on Deimos. Cryptonaut In Action Glyph? We only have it's helmet right now, but I feel the same way about this as I do the Bruntspar; It's an open idea for a Necramech to be explored! Scarlet Spear Flotilla captura scene? I don't see any reason why this couldn't be a thing :) Unique Amp / Kitgun / Zaw parts meant for dealing with Sentients This is an idea I thought of recently in case Scarlet Spear is a recurring event; An invasion-version of it like this would be a perfect place to have weapon components made for fighting Sentients, if any were made! One interesting modular weapon passive would be something that changes it's base damage type whenever it's target has a strong resistance to it! triggered after testing the foe once, and adapting on the next strike. that would be a very Anti-Sentient weapon! One possible way to balance this against enemies in general, would be for the weapon to not always chance to the enemy's weakness immediately. It could hypothetically just adapt around their resistances, and may coincidentally change to what they're weak against (Just a thought I had as I finished writing this post). In this case, the weapon would always default to whatever mod elements it has, and change to something else upon adapting to a target. However, attacking different types of enemies (Grineer armor + Corpus shields) in the same attack would be the main problem I see with it. Arcanes? (Existing ones or new ones; Just an option) If you want to put some Arcanes in with Little Duck (Or entirely new ones), this would be a great sink for excess Scarlet creds. but keeping Arcanes tied to events only is another route to take. Some options for new Arcanes could be for modular Archguns / Archwings (When those comes around), or even K-Drives (If those ever get updated with their own abilities / passives). A thought I had after the original thread was made: Considering how much better the Phasic Cell : Reward ratio was in Orphix Venom, I think that sort of ratio should be brought back for this. I'm not sure how to price some of the things from father & Little Duck, but giving them both a solid purpose and reasons to come back will help the scarlet Spear invasions be worth people's time quite a lot. Not that pricing is the most important part to me; I just enjoyed the event itself! But speaking of Scarlet creds... I'm sure numerous people who were in the original event remembered how Murex Missions didn't earn as many creds as Ground missions, not to mention the amount of enemies & average time spent for each run. There's some posts on reddit with screenshots of this like that, as one place to look back on. In any case, for the missions themselves; It will be very important to make sure the same amount of creds are offered on a full run for both Ground and Space. This way, it will not influence what missions squads will be inclined to do, and they have more reason to just help out whichever side needs more Tenno and codes. Case in point: Maybe it would also help to have a display in the Flotilla UI showing how many scanned codes are ready to be transmitted vs how many are needed at a moment's notice? This might help players gauge how much progress the Flotilla needs to get all the Murex. I also recall how there's the Flotilla chat, so that players from the same relay instance can communicate with each other; I think that definitely needs to stay as part of Scarlet Spear, since it's a very useful feature! The bonus creds that everyone earns based on how many points they had is useful as well! Although I'm not sure if that was a factor in how high the Arcane cred costs were back then, come to think of it. Possible bug: At some point during the original event, I ended up with a duplicate emblem. But there's a reason why I'm mentioning it! Rather than remove the idea of that, I think the amount of points you earn that become different ranks of the Ground / Space insignia can instead be converted into even more Scarlet creds! Well, after you own said cosmetic that is. This is actually very similar to NW's duplicate protection, but for Scarlet Spear currency. It would be rather pointless to just keep getting extra inbox emblems you can't do anything with.Possible insignia ratios:Rank 1 becomes 100 Scarlet credsRank 2 becomes 200 Scarlet credsRank 3 becomes 300 Scarlet creds As far as longevity / ease-of-access goes, with there already being a Railjack console there, players who get MK4 wreckage from Father will be able to quickly upgrade their ships and prepare for the next Space run for their Flotilla. The fact that both Space and Ground runs would have an equal amount of points in the end also helps toward evening out the ratio of Ground : Space squads, and with Father / Little Duck having worthwhile rewards I imagine a lot of people would work towards getting what they need, and if they know ahead-of-time that they can’t participate in the rest of a Scarlet Spear invasion, that’s ok! They can then save their Scarlet Creds for the next time it returns in another Proxima region. Hopefully that’ll coincidentally ease any concerns about “fighting for points”. That said, by “fighting for points” I just mean with a set limit on Murex per Flotilla within the same timeframe, if one person takes out a Murex, that’s one less Murex for others. Perhaps the Murex could be unlimited? However many Murex are defeated, everyone that participated in a Flotilla’s run could be eligible for bonus points (Scarlet Creds). As an example; Every 25 Murex that are defeated earns everyone another 2,500 Scarlet creds. If 100 are defeated before the next wave, they all get 10,000 Scarlet Creds in addition to the emblems, etc.; I think that would simplify how bonus points are earned, and wouldn’t force an entire 100+ Murex wave to be defeated in order to earn bonus points. People can fight at their own pace instead of completely racing against the clock. To be eligible for bonus points, you’d have to take out either 3 Murex or 3 Condrix (Or however many you think is best). Basically, help out in a Ground or Space run! Doing this across multiple Flotillas probably wouldn’t be too ideal, since you’d be wasting some time checking to see which ones are nearing 50 or 75 Murex, etc., as well as Murex waves only ending based on how much time goes by, not by the number defeated; So you could just as easily keep fighting in your own Flotilla. That’s all I can think of for now regarding Scarlet Spear returning. Hopefully you don't mind the long post, but I just wanted to offer an idea to help improve things for a lot of people regarding SS. I also thought of a couple of things to help Orphix Venom as well, but that wouldn't be too relevant on this thread. That being said, thanks for hearing me out on it :)
  15. Seconded. I think it would be very handy if it got that functionality akin to Titania's Spellbind; Tap to cast on the reticle, and hold to cast on yourself. It would still be quick to use either way. I think that would be much easier / smooth-flowing (Wouldn't interrupt what you're doing) than having to look at the ground or above you to purposely avoid casting it elsewhere. In fact I think that was one of the reasons why Titania received that QoL change.
  16. In addition to changing the color to an allied one, perhaps it should have a music note icon instead of a mere dot in a hexagon; It would distinguish it much more compared to other things you might find in a mission. I think that would really help the roller out :)
  17. Juno, oh is it on Jupiter? I can see if it's happening on the Switch as well when I can. Out of curiosity, do they seem to stop spawning after a certain amount of time goes by in a mission, or where you haven't found a single one anywhere even throughout entire runs? I just wanted to double-check, since I haven't been there in quite awhile. Testing a couple of those Archwing bugs still, etc. :)
  18. Looking over the Ephemera (I haven't gotten it yet, since I'm saving my money for other things), I don't see why the glassed-over effect couldn't stay while you're moving as well; Since it seems to apply to your entire look, attachments & all. Regarding how the Glassed effect changes the way your frame looks beneath it (For lack of better phrasing), I think if it the glass was more transparent to help maintain your color scheme while retaining the sheen, that would be great. Apart from that I'm not sure how it could be more visually glass-like, unless anyone has some specific ideas on that? As for the moving crystals, I think they could just trail behind your Warframe a good distance similar to a small meteor shower if you're going fast enough, and be hidden from your view while you're aiming a weapon. Similar to other hiding-effects while aiming. To be specific; While moving fast enough (Sprinting / Bullet jumping, etc.), the crystals could just not be clumped together, and perhaps following your movement path? Like if you use a water hose on a wall and wave it around. The separated crystals probably shouldn't be stretched too far apart behind you though. I'm not sure whether the idle orbiting pattern they have should / could be changed or not off the top of my head (There may be a lot of potential for different crystal patterns, if it was open to get changed). If it did, perhaps a more wavy ( ~ ) pattern could be utilized, so there aren't only two areas where it rises / falls. Just some food for thought :)
  19. Hi there! Hopefully things are going alright on your end. I recently thought of something that I didn't see in your list, if this is doable: Prince of Persia - Warrior Within OST #3 Conflict at the Entrance I made sure to link it a few seconds in, where (What might be for some) the more recognizable part of the song begins. It's a rather old game now, but I had good memories with it (On the GameCube)! It repeats there ^ in a good rhythm that may work well for the Mandachord. I might go with the start of it, but honestly several standalone sections of "Conflict at the Entrance" would sound good on their own; Although that'd probably count as multiple requests in theory, as far as that goes. Small edit: I went back through it, and 0:19 - 0:27 is a better- sounding version compared to 0:05 (Where I originally linked it). Would that still work? Of course if you find a better way to work with / represent the song, by all means. Let me know if you need any other info :)
  20. That would be great. I'd almost wonder if it could be similar to the Emotion modules for MOAs, except in this case you'd have more unique personalities like what you've suggested! Of course along with any animations, I think that they should be able to "crouch down" with you as well when you want to avoid getting spotted in a mission somewhere. All the sounds they could make could still be silent enough to not alert enemies though. There's a lot of variety they could have with Sentinel customization if it were implemented. I can't think of much better than those personalities; I'd love to see it happen, perhaps as part of Pets 2.0 :)
  21. I can confirm this as a bug on the Switch as well; I don't remember it happening in the last time Dog Days happened though. It is a bit awkward to suddenly need to pump the gun right after firing it the first time in a run. As far as getting downed in 2 shots, I believe Armor mods and Rejuvenation would help :) I usually go with that aura, along with any sprint speed and Armor mods you have to use. It would allow you to get around faster while recovering from damage, and you may be able to withstand at least 1-3 more shots in theory (Depends on how much Armor you have of course, I think).
  22. Sorry to interrupt, but are there any other weapon compatibility issues with the other Oscira skins that you know of? I did mention it on the Dog days thread, but I don't currently know why the Oscira Pistol skin wouldn't work on something like the Kuva Nukor, as an example. Unless I'm mistaken, I somewhat recall that the Oscira collection was said to be be universal. Quote from [DE]Megan: *Edit: Corrected the Oscira weapon skin names. Originally they were dedicated to the new player starter weapons, but we then changed them to be universal Staff, Pistol, Thrown Blade, Rifle, Bow, and Longsword Skins. Not that I'm complaining of course! I've just been wondering about things like this for quite awhile.
  23. I just came across some new information regarding this Archwing texture bug; I will try to re-confirm it later on today. Original info: "Additionally, casting Eclipse and then activating your archwing applies the texture of your warframe to the archwing." I never thought to narrow it down to a Warframe ability in particular; It's a good thing Eclipse is subsumable, because that would be a great way to test it across multiple frames. Not to mention it may indeed be possible with other Archwings. I'll post my findings and update the main post as soon as I can get some screenshots with ^ this. Quick Edit: I did some more checking around, and I found out about another texture bug that can occur: There's a possible bug where if you use Hall of Mirrors while the Mirage Oneiro skin is equipped, your Archwing will turn green. I saw this on the recent 30.3.4 update thread, and have seen a similar image elsewhere; When I do get that skin at some point, I'll be sure to test that as well.
  24. Regarding the Universal part, when there's time it would be good to go look at that Oscira collection and make sure those universal skins truly are universal. I haven't yet bought that collection, but I'd certainly consider doing so if I knew it worked with all weapons :)
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