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  1. Hopefully sooner rather than later. It could even be an alternative to void-based movement for them if they're running low on energy for it or just prefer not to use their Frame for whatever reason. To be fair, it usually wouldn't take long for it to recover I suppose. They could even shoot their amp while on the board similar to a secondary! Hypothetically speaking, some void abilities could even be used alongside the K-Drive to perform new things, such as going invisible (But faster than the void crouching) while coasting over some water or through an enemy camp, a longer or curvable Void Dash, or new tricks involving Void movement. Food for thought :) Though one thing does come to mind; If something happens either in The New War or Duviri that prevents the Operator from using their Void-based movement (& Frame), then a K-Drive could be given another purpose that way. Maybe even a small cutscene for it, to go an extra mile.
  2. Not to go off-topic too much, but one small workaround I have for stationary ability casts like Empower (Or all of Mirage's abilities, etc.) is to bullet jump in the direction I'm going and immediately cast the abilities I need, since I'm still moving at least somewhat in that direction. Or if I'm using the AW to fly somewhere quickly for a bounty, etc., then I may quick melee to exit AW mode and cast my abilities as I free-fall to the location. I recently discovered you can start an aim glide during those ability cast animations! Well, the staying-aloft part that is; It's good for covering distance fast in this case. It's not that much faster, but it still helps if I need to get on top of another floor (In some tilesets) while preparing for whatever's next. Just a small way to multitask when getting around, heh! Although I think Empower could be changed to cross both arms & quickly pull them back, as an upper-body Kaioken animation.
  3. I believe we can :) There's still the merchandise stuff to include at the very end, as well. I got two of the t-shirts for me and my Fiancee, so every little bit helps.
  4. I don't have a decent screenshot I can add at the moment, but I can confirm I've been seeing that happen with my Arcanes (Grace & Guardian) lately in-game. I don't imagine the ranks of the Arcane really make a difference, especially seeing the image you provided showing them at different ranks. I wouldn't be surprised if numerous other Tenno with Arcanes have seen wide icons as well, considering how easily they can overlap one another. I am a bit curious if it affects all Arcanes, or just Warframe-specific ones. Such as: Magus (Operator) Virtuos (Amps) Exodia (Zaws) Pax (Kitguns) Residual Arcanes from Deimos Arcana bounties & the Primary / Secondary Arcanes (Dexterity, Deadhead & Merciless) that drop from Acolytes. Just wanted to get an idea of the types of Arcanes to test; Although if they're stretched in the Mobile App, it might be the same in-game to be fair. I'll try to get a screenshot or two on here when I can, later today :)
  5. It's not that long of a quest actually, in the grand scheme of things. Considering that it's what introduces Void Storms & Preludes to the Sisters, there aren't any one-time things within the quest that I'm aware of. On the bright side (At least one thing I'm happy for) it is replayable. Smol edit: I nearly forgot to mention, there are 2 Somachord Fragments for Sleeping in the Cold Below that can be scanned throughout the quest's missions (One aboard a Railjack), so don't forget to bring some loot radar! I think they need to be scanned in order, so that's probably why it's replayable.
  6. You can get past the shields with a Mote Amp, but it would take a good amount of time longer than any other Prism, due to how much damage others can do. As for the Eidolon fights, that'll take some getting used to for sure. But we all gotta start somewhere :) Once you have the ability to Gild Amps (Rank 3 with Quills or Vox Solaris), the Prism will start providing Mastery points as well; Spy missions are a decent way to Rank up Amps if you don't want to use them in combat (Switching to Operator once you're about to hack the console, so the Amp gets the affinity), but that's up to you of course. That's what I did with the Mote Amp as far as that goes. When it comes to building a new Amp in & of itself (For when you have the Materials and blueprints for the parts you want), I came across this thread quite some time ago: They had a pretty nice explanation, which helped me with building my first modular Amp (A "127", based on the chart they provided). But there's plenty of combinations you can try of course. The Prism would be the primary fire, Scaffold is an Alt fire (I don't believe the Mote amp has an Alt fire unless it's built from a blueprint, not sure), and the Brace affects the Amp's stats in various ways. Gilding an Amp will improve it's overall stats (Just increases range for Mote Amps), while allowing you to change it's colors & install a Virtuos Arcane, etc. :) I hope this helps!
  7. I'm still researching the Hema as well in my currently Solo clan, I think there's at least a thousand or so Mutagen Samples put in so far. I think it would be nice if the total amount needed could be lessened somewhat, someday. Reading through the post though, it made me think of a possible way to make up for the grind if the Hema research costs were refunded (Regarding the Mutagen Samples specifically), hypothetically speaking. Although it's just a bit of brainstorming :) In short, looking at the current costs before that is changed: Check the clan's tier and total amount of members (if it's not possible to directly check who donated how many), See how far along those mutagen samples are vs the total amount needed, and divide the total amount contributed amongst all clan members, if not only those who did specifically. These refunded Mutagen Samples could either go back into the clan vault, or better yet sent back to each member via an inbox message. Essentially, I was thinking of something similar to the massive amount of resources given to players when the Railjack / Dry Dock, etc. research costs were reduced! The Dax Return, as I liked to think of it. Although I don't think that was directly based off of the amount of resources contributed, but rather what things were fully researched relating to the initial Railjack stuff (Can't recall the exact details). All those resources were then sent to players via an Inbox message for them to use as they saw fit. Perhaps something similar could be done with the Hema's Mutagen Samples? It's just food for thought at least. I dunno if another Dax Return would happen in the near-ish future, but that was very useful when it did.
  8. My word, that's the largest placeholder texture (At least I think that's what that is) I've ever seen in the game! It makes me wonder if the bugged texture is reproducible or not, actually. Was that the only time you've seen it?
  9. At first I thought that was Tau, but then I recognized those hills... This really goes to show the significance of the Sentients' invasion. I would hope that after The New War, remnants of what occurs during the War will remain on the Plains / area around Cetus for those who have been through it (Maybe Creator mode in the options could be used to disable that stuff for spoilers?). It would drive in the fact that these events truly affected the System in more ways than one. But more importantly I'm glad that at least $60k was raised so far! It's a huge amount, so I think it'll really make a difference in the long run :) Seeing this gave me even more motivation to prep for the invasion; Looking forward to the third concept art!
  10. I agree, I miss that being an option. If nothing else, I'd say CD working with Necramechs was a feature, certainly a beneficial one for anyone's Necramech. You're welcome :) I think this might suffice, for the most part: I noticed that the Deimos Jugulus Rex wasn't there, so I think this video was from before Operation Orphix Venom ended; It was after that point (Update 30.5) when the newer Mech mods were put elsewhere if I recall correctly. When I looked over YouTube, I noticed a few that mentioned about the Jugulus Rex itself, but not a lot seemed to go over the puzzle in detail at first glance, so I thought this might be a bit more useful. From what I understand you'll find the Rex down inside the Pit. Getting the mods to drop however may take some tries; Nekros' Desecrate may or may not work, but there's Ivara's Prowl & Atlas' Ore Gaze too. Heh! Fair enough :) That's good to hear though. It's a very good question, at least they're worth 50-100 in the Orb Vallis (& Cambion Drift I think?). Protea's Dispensary is useful for what it does (100 per orb), but I don't think that should be the only decently reliable method for overall Mech restoration. It's one reason why I suggested a way for Voidrig's Necraweb to heal itself and allies (It's quite a read, broken up into spoiler sections for other Mech ability things). There's a lot of awesome ideas on the feedback threads for various things (Yareli, Ghoulsaw, Holokeys and the Command Intrinsic's Elite Crew to name a few), but despite that lately I've noticed very few if any notable suggestions being implemented. It is what it is I suppose, as much as I'd love to see a number of useful things be worked into the game (Such as my Necramech thread above). Maybe after TNW, perhaps. The Orbs being just 25 is another fair point, especially for Necramechs. 25 HP isn't going to get you far by itself, but 25 energy is enough for Bonewidow's Meathook at least, as far as recovering HP goes. On the other hand Necramech Repair can't sustain a Voidrig forever, but it's the best he's got these days when 100-HP orbs are scarce. It almost makes me wonder about a Necramech Equilibrium mod, hypothetically. Food for thought :)
  11. Unfortunately Combat Discipline was changed to no longer affect Necramechs, if I recall correctly. It was changed earlier than that for PC, but I can't quote or type anything on that thread, so this ^ was all I could do. Before I got that mod I used Rejuvenation, which I normally use for all my Frames as well. It's nice to have a steady way to recover oneself & others :) Sadly Rejuvenation and other Auras no longer apply to Mechs either, as far as I know. It's a shame though, I thought that CD was a very good way to keep the Necramechs alive without needing to let them get destroyed just to recover their full HP (Counterintuitive I'd say), even more so if all members of a squad had the Aura equipped. Even after the Necramech Intrinsic bonuses were implemented, and the cooldown was shortened since Orphix Venom I still would like to see some survivability changes to the Mechs, but nothing major; Just some way to be able to fully recover the Mech's HP by itself, in case there's no other way for it to heal fully. HP orbs work (Mechs couldn't pick up certain things at first), but it does take some time. To be fair, Protea's Dispensary is a Subsume ability, so technically all Warframes can heal their Mechs over time now; Not to mention providing them with energy. I looked into this, and found some things that might help; It may take some tries to get the Sarlacc Pit room, but when you do you may notice some things dangling above the hole; Shooting those will basically drop the loosened pieces into the Pit, but it's been a long time since I've run that bounty so I can't fully recall the process. As the other Tenno mentioned above it is roughly 4% to get one of the Mech mods; Necramech Rage & Repair are like the bread & butter for staying alive longer as well as fueling their abilities. Voidrig is much better off with these mods than without, and while Bonewidow can heal herself via Meathook, I think it's better to slot in Mech repair on top of that, but that's up to you of course :) Aside from all that, as I noted above there are some Intrinsics that help not only your Archwings, but also the Necramechs. Might be a bit of a read, but I hope this helps!
  12. As far as I know, in the most recent Devstream it was mentioned that Scarlet Spear will return, but no date on that yet considering that The New War is in progress. I wish I knew when it was mentioned by the Devs, but I do recall it being said that Scarlet Creds will carry over when the event returns. That was most likely around the time SS originally ended, off the top of my head. As for a Decoration of it, I don't see why that couldn't happen, since we already have decorations of the Entrati tokens. Not a bad way to spend some excess Scarlet Creds either :)
  13. I think the Vallis is a decent option as well; As long as you have some defensive mods in the Voidrig, and the Arquebex is modded to deal with the Corpus enemies there, it should very quickly Rank up both the Exalted Archgun and the Mech. Back before Orphix Venom, I actually did it on the Steel Path in order to get some Steel Essence while building up both Mechs for that Operation (Well, and scanning enemies on the Steel Path is more Simaris standing), and the Voidrig was able to quickly take out each of the Acolytes that spawned, provided enough stray shots from the Corpus didn't blow it up first. Although that's due to what I'm pretty sure is a bug (I've reported it before, but still in-game as of update 30.5); Unless it is intended for some reason. If anything kills your Mech while an Acolyte is spawned in, the Acolytes treat that as a win & leave even though you weren't technically downed. It wasn't too fun testing that, since I had to forego any Steel Essence they'd have. That being said, Corpus Railjack sounds like an interesting way to level up Necramechs as well! I hadn't thought about that until now, since both of mine were finished a long while back. Best of luck on your Mech missions :)
  14. True :) I'm considering trying that too, at least to record them in the Codex. Increases the number of Tenno going after Special (Holiday?) Liches & Sisters, they get a cool Crewmate if converted, or can trade them to another Tenno all the while DE sees more stuff happening during those times of the year! And naturally it'll only show up for those who want it via the Peculiar Content option. (Wait, they could probably be mentioned in chat tabs I guess. But that can be filtered already, I think)
  15. Ooh, that's surprising! On the flipside, for those who choose to see it maybe it'll be like a "Legacy Lich", assuming it doesn't get changed for existing Liches when that's fixed (Them being able to have a Pumpkin at all). Not to get off topic much, but; Hm, if Liches get to retain bug-free pumpkins and are affected by the option, perhaps they'd be known as Peculiar Liches / Sisters :)
  16. As far as I can tell, it's not that Publik or anyone else who likes that thread wants to deliberately hide frames or other things, it's just intended to figure out a solution for everyone on the matter, considering that whenever Cosmetics such as the new wings (Or previous wings from Ticker, etc.) seem to always have people divided, unfortunately. I think that it's pretty neat myself, whether or not I'll use it. But more importantly I know & understand that not everybody feels that way about a given thing, which is the main reason why I support that suggestion detailed in their thread. It honestly is very well thought out, the hardest part would likely be the coding / implementation. Coincidentally, Octavia can already be muted by other players on their screens, which is kinda the premise of this regarding cosmetics. This doesn't hide your own stuff, it just allows others to control what they see on their end of things, be it always, not at all or during relevant times of the year per Cosmetic(s). But it's much better explained on the thread.
  17. Hm, speaking of ghostly Kavats; I haven't met a Kavat like that ^ before, but maybe it'll happen someday. In the meantime, I've taken to using the Vengeful Toxin Ephemera for my Smeeta (Raymond): I'd love to see more options for Companion Ephemera someday. Now that I think of it, the Hound seen in the loading screen with Yareli seems to have a Sister Ephemera already! Things could start with that, perhaps.
  18. As a matter of fact, someone has given a lot of thought towards how to approach an idea like this not just for the wings, but for certain other types of things unified under one banner: I'm certainly not against any of the cosmetics myself (I like a fair number of them!), but I think it would be up to the player whether or not they'd like to see certain kinds of things that might be immersion-breaking, etc.; Publik does a much better job of explaining it though, if you'd like to give it a read. It's forward-thinking, in case future cosmetics might fall into a similar situation as the Wings too (Using the different variations of the setting can accommodate everyone), and creates an avenue for DE to create new Ephemera / Weapon Ephemera down the line. There's a lot DE can do with this. This doesn't outright remove anything permanently on others' screens unless those other Tenno set the setting to "Never", while "When Appropriate" makes the relevant things be visible for others during their respective times of the year :)
  19. Cerebrum Magna is an alright place to find them last I checked, but getting a specific one may not happen right away, to be fair. There may be a slight chance the Avichaea will be caught inside the terrain, unless that was definitively fixed. But should that occur then I would like to think there are other Avichaea trail points to try; If not, entering & exiting the Cambion Drift should solve the lack of them! If it also helps, the beeping's range is 50 meters in all directions from where you are. So if you're flying around in AW and a beep comes up, a bit of slow backtracking and looking for the glowing red silhouette through terrain is another way to go about it. I remember coming across Avichaea that way once or twice (Seeing them flying naturally), but I'm not sure how likely that is to happen for them compared to just using a Lure & call point.
  20. Hm... I think I can see how this connects to one of the areas shown in The New War stuff during TennoCon, it looks pretty intriguing. I'm curious if one or both of the upcoming concept art pieces will give an idea as to how the factions may come together in the storyline. Maybe even all of them simultaneously in the same mission (Perhaps aside from the Corrupted of the Void). Although I guess that leaves the question of how / if the Infested will be part of this, hypothetically speaking. Just some food for thought :)
  21. Hm, perhaps a Tempestarii-crew Parazon that has some small amounts of Void, etc. energy coming off of it? Not quite sure about what shape it would have though, but hopefully it'll also align more properly with the hand than that Sigma Parazon does (Which might be a bug). Something to match the VFX of the Tempestarii Railjack, but of course scaled down to your forearm. The streaks of energy could flow behind the Parazon as it gets swung around too, hypothetically :)
  22. There's something I'm a bit curious about, seeing as we're closer to $40,000. Will the New War concept art reveals be available as images for Displays at some point? Of course, since TNW is still being worked on I wouldn't imagine it'll be soon but it would be interesting to see in the future in-game :)
  23. Anytime! I don't think the wiki specifically mentioned about this anywhere (Last I checked), so this bit of info could probably be added to that if not already. I would like to think that the Melee weapons and other weekly rotation things will sync up somehow when Crossplay gets here, but we'll have to wait & see I suppose.
  24. I think that makes sense actually :) In due time, it could perhaps be thought of as "The Modular Lab", once Modular Archwing stuff is added to it. Especially if Modular Archmelee / Guns are thrown in. If K-drives themselves are expanded upon with more parts (Abilities too?), Bash lab might be a decent place to put them in. Not to get off-topic too much, but missions that rely on K-Drives would be an interesting avenue to explore after The New War with all that in mind. Especially if the Ghoulsaw were usable as a skin, heh! At least that's one way you could ride it longer, so to speak.
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