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  1. Will the inbox message reveal which relics they are on-click (Taking you to the relic pack screen like you are via Syndicate purchases), or will the individual relics themselves be shown next to each other in the message itself? Both of those options would be a great way to see exactly what relics you now have claimed, instead of remaining ambiguous; I just think it'll help to have more information provided regarding the items within the claim, since that's usually how relic packs work, for one reason. I'd hope that it doesn't simply show the relic pack itself in the Inbox without more clarification. Either way, I'm looking forward to next week's streams too :)
  2. Out of curiosity, where does it say that? I haven't heard about them getting unvaulted in over a year since the last time. Although maybe it could relate to their prime accessories not being available, despite the Frames / Weapons being unvaulted, perhaps. Not to get off-topic, but I might think permanently adding Nyx / Valkyr's prime accessories pack to the Warframe store's website / Eshop / other places could be a way to have the accessories available, but that's just an idea.
  3. Hm, I also have two different Mech summon gear items, but the second one came from crafting Bonewidow, after I had crafted Voidrig (I had the duplicate gear item since before Orphix Venom, could be a bug in itself). Do you have both Mechs crafted as well? That being said, I didn't notice a limited number of times to use the item in RJ missions, just the standard cooldown time; So I'm not sure what may have caused it. But I'll be sure to test that out the next time I go on a mission in Empyrean.
  4. I haven't yet downloaded the update today, but I did claim the Grab bag from the stream this morning (On Twitch's end). Since Twitch drops 2.0, I haven't had any issues with claiming or receiving the drops from various grab bags / TennoCon, etc., so this is surprising. I won't be able to get in-game yet until later today, but out of curiosity should I still unlink & relink the Twitch account to my Warframe account, even though I haven't attempted to receive today's Inbox message yet? Or is that claimed grab bag safe as long as I don't log into Warframe before the fix is live? For now I'll play it safe, and not log into either until after the fix of course. But I wasn't sure if relinking would be needed if you haven't gotten the inbox message from Teshin upon logging into Warframe, basically.
  5. Actually that brings up another (Somewhat relatable) question; I remember reading somewhere that Wukong's Clones / Equinox's other simultaneous form cannot trigger the Galvanized mods or benefit from them, but what about Mirage's Hall of Mirrors? In a sense they're just copying her exact movements, but it might be a bit detrimental to use her Hall of Mirrors in case her duplicates "steal kills" (For lack of a better term) from her accidentally. Same thing for the Arcanes; I tested her Hall of Mirrors yesterday with a R5 Secondary merciless, but kills made by one of her duplicates didn't trigger the Arcane. Even considering the close proximity of her duplicates' guns relative to her actual weapon, is it also intended that Hall of Mirrors cannot benefit from the Galvanized mods / Arcanes, nor trigger them? Could / would it be a fair idea to suggest giving the clones / other abilities only 50% of the total accumulated damage, perhaps? Based off of their own stacks or the Frame itself :) In the interest of fairness toward the clones / simultaneous-form abilities of other frames, I do think it's fair that HoM doesn't work either for it, but it just seems like it could be harder for Mirage to maintain / begin the buffs if she uses Hall of Mirrors in the process (Largely due to how her duplicate's gunfire is right next to hers, although careful aim may help I suppose). I was just wondering about this for a little while, so I would like to learn a bit more about that.
  6. That would be pretty useful! It actually reminds me of this; Although, I do wonder how this feature would work for Requiem relics, in case people are trying to get a specific mod rather than the Exilus weapon adapter, and they all reveal the same mod (Which then becomes the adapter hypothetically). Perhaps it could just default to whichever mod a person has less of? I suppose that would be a bit of a tricky situation though per person, especially if they have an equal amount of mods beforehand. Just some food for thought.
  7. That sounds pretty interesting! Are there any new Nightwave challenges, or is that a surprise for when it returns later today? I thought of these back before Season 3 ended: Aside from Nightwave challenges, I'd imagine a lot more fixes are coming for various things in the next major update (Be it Crossplay or The New War), if not hotfixes. Hopefully things are going alright for you & everyone else at DE!
  8. I was about to link that as well; This is a very well thought-out way to handle all of the listed Ephemera / items going forward, including the Dog Days Ephemera. I would really like to see this ^ come to fruition! It allows for all those who like the listed items, etc. to see them, while allowing others the option of hiding them as they see fit. If at some point in the future we have a much larger list of such items, we'll need a way to keep track of them too; More details can be found in that thread.
  9. Yeah, it would be nice if the limit were raised to 8 or 10 hypothetically. But one other reason why I say that is because it's possible to get two drops per stream if you can catch it early enough, and since the drop % carries over from stream to stream it should be possible to get all 5 before the end of the final stream next week. If the limit were raised (Assuming that's not a rule from Twitch?), then for weeks with more streams you'd be able to get more drops for watching each stream. Hope it helps :)
  10. Good question, I wasn't aware of that myself as it's been awhile since I used either of them (Finally have Gara Prime in the Foundry though, so I'm looking forward to that). There is another other way to do some proc-stacking in place of that though, with Sickening Pulse. It's the Rank 14 Helminth ability, so it'll take some time to get up to that point from Rank 1-10 hypothetically. Of course that's just for general-use, at least. Regarding Limbo / Gara, I would think that Limbo can use it through the Rift on already-procced enemies, but I haven't tested that yet myself. Not yet informed on how it works on Frozen / Glassed enemies at the moment since you mentioned they're not immune, but hopefully the pulse can still work on them. That being said, using whichever weapons you have to apply status procs could work just as well, but maybe not as directly :)
  11. Same here, sometimes. I'm usually not comfortable spending more than 150pl in a single trade, maybe up to 250pl depending on what the situation calls for. I just prefer to save my plat for when I really need it, and not overspend on stuff in a short time. So it kinda astounds me whenever I see much larger amounts of platinum being offered or asked for certain things such as; Mag Prime sets (I think I saw 2.4k plat being offered for that). Individual Loki part blueprints (I saw 1.6k platinum was offered recently for just his Systems), granted he & Mag are still vaulted, so that's probably the main reason I suppose. Still feels like some huge amounts to me though. A Kuva Shildeg riven being sold for 1k or more platinum, yet didn't seem quite as great stat-wise compared to one of my own rivens (Which I don't plan on selling, since it really helps), but I think that'd depend on the build & be a matter of preference. Or maybe they put a lot of work into the riven, and need the plat? Not intending to get off-topic too much, but this was my own riven; It didn't occur to me about screenshotting their Shildeg riven though. If all the different platform chats became one simultaneous group per area or region, etc. (Maybe with some platform-specific symbols next to their name in the profile?), then there'd be a lot more offers happening in Trade chat every day and night for sure. It kinda makes me wonder how any ways there are to receive tradeable platinum after crossplay comes. I recall at one point that gifted platinum (Like from Twitch streams) cannot be traded, but I dunno if that includes a gifted Prime Access' plat or not. For those with merged plat reserves, I imagine they'd have to resort to buying more platinum or offer some of their things to re-build their tradeable reserves again, which would probably take a fair while. To be honest whenever I go on trade chat lately on the Switch, I just see hardly anything besides the same exact offers being repeated for hours at a time, both buyers and sellers (Mostly sellers). Possibly due to the high asking price of sellers and whatever a buyer is offering in return, or what if by some chance the odds that no one in trade chat has a particular thing, so they physically couldn't trade that thing; That thought crossed my mind last night, in any case. But those are just some of my thoughts on all that, & how it might be after crossplay. But for now there's still no way to know for certain.
  12. At first I thought every Gunblade has that with the first shot of the Stances (It has been awhile since I last Forma'd the Redeemer Prime, so I'm not sure if it's one or both stances). Although due to that ragdolling, I find it hard to actually land a melee hit with the Gunblade (Aside from the forward-combo). Understandably they are still part-gun, but I think it would be nice if they could either move the ragdolling effect to the last hit / shot of a particular combo, or maybe in the Arsenal screen have a "Safety" toggle to switch off the ragdolling (Like the safety pin on a gun). Another idea could be if a new Gunblade stance was introduced with the ragdolling being last, alternating melee hits with Gunshot blasts. Such as; Melee -> Melee -> Gunblast -> quick spin around as you crouch -> A stronger Gunblast (Which also explains the ragdoll effect, coincidentally) Melee -> Gunblast -> Melee -> Gunblast Heavy Attack: A two-part move where you spin around (Or uppercut them?) to lift enemies in front, and send them flying with the Gunblast. Spin attack: This could be an automatic-fire all around you as opposed to shotgun-style blasts, so it deals a bit of damage to everything in a different way to most spin attacks. Probably not too strong, but variety is nice. Just some food for thought; More stances couldn't hurt in the future.
  13. Helminth ability augments sound pretty neat :) Having it as a choice rather than always on would be better for sure, hypothetically. Not to get off-topic, but I thought of some ideas for augments on that Helminth megathread too, if Son ever sold them. Speaking of things being sold, perhaps this checkbox system could be added via some sort of Codex upgrade segment :)
  14. Heh, fair point, & agreed on the munnies. I can also add the hypothetical Nightwave Mithra skin to that list (Just something I've been picturing off and on for quite awhile). I hadn't thought of TennoGen for Exalted weapons before though, that would be interesting as well. Same thing for Operator Amps, but that misaligned Scaffold, etc. bug I heard about might have to be fixed before skins could be made for Amps. But that would open even more doors for ideas.
  15. I do think something such as infusing ability augments or things related to passives would more closely relate to what the Helminth originally was made for, and I also have some favorites such as Titania's HP regen passive (Her enhanced Bullet jumps may or may not stay if swapped, hypothetically), but in the interest of balance I think it would be better to introduce original passives that the Helminth can infuse to your Warframes, and replace their existing passives until you choose to undo them. I thought of some good examples for these not too long back, in the Helminth's expansion megathread. But a quick reference; I made a couple of other posts earlier in that megathread regarding other options to expand the Helminth, but they aren't quite relevant here.
  16. It would be nice to see more kinds of things for K-Drives (Dedicated mission types?), including TennoGen someday. Perhaps Merulina would be compatible sometime after that is figured out, hypothetically? Just a thought that crossed my mind.
  17. Mods like Coolant leak could actually be turned into an Aura mod for Sentinels, but in this case I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Plexus. Having your main mods such as survivability and utility there, and then on another tab some mods affecting the things you suggested for each Sentinel could be there. A third tab could handle your Sentinel's movement / traversal speed and options. But Sentinel survivability would still be an issue as things currently are. This actually reminds me of the companions 2.0 thread started by DrivaMain now that I think of it. But in any case, it's food for thought :)
  18. If it's relevant, every time I load into a dojo or relay, etc. lately, shortly after arrival and walking a few steps forward, everything freezes for a few seconds, and then proceeds mostly as normal. I think this occurred only when being in the same place with other players, as far as that goes. I'm not sure if this also happens when first loading into the Orbiter upon starting the game, but I vaguely remember experiencing a similar freeze happen then too. Might that be a related issue? If not, maybe it's just a ping thing. Either way, I hope that ghost town issue will be fixed soon :)
  19. Those are some fair points. I'd imagine that based on what [DE]Steve said, merged platinum (All platinum your different accounts have prior to Crossplay) will be untradeable. But all platinum purchased or received going forward post-Crossplay will be tradable. For those players (Myself included) who only have a single account might not be affected by this since there's no other platinum to merge into or from, but that's just my guess. An important question I'd have for the Devs, when that time comes: Will there be a way for the UI to show both "wallets" of platinum that you have on-hover? So that you can see your gifted / merged, or otherwise untradeable amount of platinum, and below that will show your separate, tradeable platinum? This ^ would clarify your platinum reserves, so that it doesn't just lump them all into one total group. As an example; You have 3,000 total platinum. When you mouse over that amount on-screen; - 500 platinum (Untradeable, market-only) - 2,500 platinum (Tradeable) I just feel that it'll help provide some information to the player so that they know how much platinum they have left to spend in the market vs trading with others. An in-game tool-tip explaining this change would really help as well! I'm hoping that there'll be an opportunity to answer plenty of questions like this in the near future.
  20. I'm still hoping that this will be added at some point as well :) Sooner or later, I think it would be pretty interesting to have a "Dex Ephemera", or perhaps a Muzzle Flash ephemera for guns (Including Archguns) in the style of the Dex weapons. Maybe for the 9th anniversary? I have thought of plenty of Ephemera ideas before for different things, though they may not be entirely relevant under the Peculiar banner. Nonetheless I feel that it would really help to organize all of these things (Certain cosmetics, seasonal things, etc.), and giving some control to what the player wants or doesn't want to see is pretty useful! With The New War coming up at some point, as well as the yet-to-be-seen Waveform Ephemera from Nora's choice, if more potentially-Peculiar cosmetics come into the game, such things could be added to the list in the thread too. That said if there were any New War cosmetics, I suppose those would be heavily based in the story, so they may not be all that peculiar after all. I suppose we'll see what happens in the near future regarding those new things.
  21. I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring on this too, regarding accounts merging. Someone else's (Currently) brief thread asking about this; & my post on that thread, as a quicker reference: Food for thought I suppose.
  22. I'll need to think on all the kinds of resources you can pick up in a mission in terms of importance and get back to you on it, but there's some good suggestions up top in this thread already :) But (Not meaning to get off-topic much) speaking of the end of mission screen, there is one thing I'd really like to ask. Intrinsics are not clarified too much in Railjack missions, in that however many total Intrinsics you've accrued are added up but it doesn't seem to calculate properly in the UI. If I recall correctly, they're gained for every 10,000 affinity earned on any of your things, but I'm not sure if that counts bonus affinity or not. Even if it did, looking at the other screenshot a couple posts above this shows what I mean; Counting the number of points gained with their bonus affinity in mind, that adds up to +12 Intrinsics, give or take. But the difference between that 174 & 244 is rather misleading (& I doubt Syndicate standing counts towards Intrinsics to fill in the remaining 58 points) based on what's shown. That being said, if the Plexus still earns affinity even after it's maxed out for the remaining 58 Intrinsics, then that would make sense. But since it can't be given a Focus lens (Might be a decent idea considering the nice affinity from Fighter-craft), I'm not sure if it can earn affinity or not, technically (Or perhaps that affinity just doesn't apply to anything other than Intrinsics?). When it comes to little things like that, I'm more curious than anything really. A tool tip or an update to how that is shown would be nice if need be. Ideally, perhaps hovering over your Intrinsics can show the precise number of points you've earned, and show what contributed those points! Sort of like hovering over your gained Focus points from different schools, but for Intrinsics. I've just noticed issues like that before with the screen's UI and Intrinsics shown. Aside from how many points were earned, I'm not sure what the 1000 is for there either, since you can potentially earn more than 1000 Intrinsics in a series of missions (With enough time and affinity), & that a full intrinsic tree needs 1,024 points to max out rather than 1000. Not that I'm complaining of course, but I just thought that wasn't very clarified for a long time.
  23. Oh gotcha, it's all good :) I actually realized after-the-fact that I didn't even have a Galvanized mod on there, so that probably would've pushed the Shedu even further! But that'll be something more to work towards when I have the chance. At first it did kinda throw me off, because the wiki doesn't specify how / when mods are taken into account for those weapon / frame buffs. I'm kinda curious how it calculates all of that, now that I think about it.
  24. Is your equinox currently at the max rank? If you put a Forma into her and she's not Rank 30 at the moment, she'll need to be at Rank 30 again for you to install a lens. As far as Madurai / Zenurik lenses go, in the future if you ever do want to use the Madurai lenses, at least you'll have them on-hand. Might help to have some spare lenses for other schools just in case, if they happen to show up in bounties.
  25. Later on today I'll double check what my invigorations were for this week, but during my first week with them (The week after they were introduced), I rolled Ivara, Trinity & Mirage. I also learned that they can be used on Prime Warframes, which was great to hear! I only mention that last bit because I think this thread could also double as a source of mechanical information for the Wiki, since it's still a relatively new system :) I ran into a bug where Ivara & Ivara Prime couldn't receive an invigoration that week (I made sure to report it :) ), so I'm currently at 7/10 on the Override. But it's good to know what that looks like when it's available. I can't recall off the top of my head what Trinity received, but I did keep track of what the other two were for that week; Ivara would have gotten; +100% Ability Range +75% Ability Efficiency & Mirage received: +200% Primary Crit chance 5 jump resets (This was quite useful actually!) Mirage is one of my favorite Frames, so I was glad she was the first to try out the system! Plus, I already had the perfect primary build in mind for that buff; Looking forward to what those next buffs will be already.
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