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  1. (NSW)Gamer-Steve's post in Have Limbo and Gara's abilities to infinitely extend proc duration been removed? was marked as the answer   
    Good question, I wasn't aware of that myself as it's been awhile since I used either of them (Finally have Gara Prime in the Foundry though, so I'm looking forward to that).
    There is another other way to do some proc-stacking in place of that though, with Sickening Pulse. It's the Rank 14 Helminth ability, so it'll take some time to get up to that point from Rank 1-10 hypothetically. Of course that's just for general-use, at least.

    Regarding Limbo / Gara, I would think that Limbo can use it through the Rift on already-procced enemies, but I haven't tested that yet myself. Not yet informed on how it works on Frozen / Glassed enemies at the moment since you mentioned they're not immune, but hopefully the pulse can still work on them.  
    That being said, using whichever weapons you have to apply status procs could work just as well, but maybe not as directly :)
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