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  1. I was grinding XP for my Cyngas at Syrtis on Mars, and when I went to extract, I flew right through the extraction point and didn't end the mission. https://youtu.be/wZ1ffxQTXv0 I think the YouTube link will speak for itself.
  2. I don't believe it is by design, but I was using Staticor and while blasting an Infested to kingdom come I was almost blinded by this: I'll add that it's not limited to the Staticor; it's caused by anything that emits an explosion. I hope this isn't too much of a problem to fix without having to resubmit to Cert. Thanks!
  3. Please let's keep some humor in the game lol The motion controls Kind of work when you hold the ability button while aiming in the wing turrets. Also, it's my personal opinion, but I've sort of taken a liking the tilt controls while flying the ship. It feels like you're... flying a ship.
  4. Is there any chance of Arch-Melee homing making a return? I refuse to play any Archwing missions until this is fixed.
  5. It should be soon! They've already got Vauban's new mine names as placeholders for the update 😄
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