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  1. Yep seems to be solved by itself, equipped another kubrow did a mission then picked again the sahasa and he was foraging normally again <shrug>
  2. Any plan on Fixing the Kubrow Sahasa no longer foraging any goods during missions ?
  3. TYPE: in game / Jackal fight DESCRIPTION: Died in second room in operator mode, reappeared trapped in first room with a bunch of angry moa EXPECTED RESULT: reappearing in the same room i died.
  4. Yes you can die in this state because you are focusing on enemies surrounding you and don't pay attention if you will stand up by yourself or will have to actually manually stand up from the knock down but wait for it : random Tenno: " there is a mod for that ! " ( either to lower the K.D. chance or to reduce damage taken while down ) yeah right but there isn't an unlimited number of slot aviable. on console you can eventually add vibrations so you know how hard you have been knocked down and be warned that you need to manually recover from this, but on pc you loose couple seconds every time waiting to see if the frame will stand back up or if you will have to do it. But as i said it's minor annoyance and my major problem is the fact that the animation make you stand back where you get knocked down and not where you landed AND the camera attached to the animation exaggerate even more this weird seasicknessing effect.
  5. Carmelitha

    Arcane count

    Could it be possible to have the vendor screen displaying the total amount of arcane you have ? because right now a arcane rank 2 or 5 count as a single one not as 6 or 21, which wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't to do a click fest to go back to your equipement and count yourself how much arcane you actually have and how many left you need to buy to max it out. (i bet someone else submited this topic but was too lazy to do another click fest 😜) Be well.
  6. No problem, i don't use Excalibur anyway Well, they make money with more than just forma, if not they wouldn't be craftable but i guess having double everything is an option good or bad i don't know but it's not like we have end game to distract us from grinding mindlessly dozen of the same frame anyway. As for experimenting, it's either a waste of time or a pleasant surprise but most likely a niche designed for your own playstyle not for a meta build although the limited offer of viable/interesting mods ( plus as you said the limited information about them) make it useless if you are a veteran and already done/tested everything.
  7. No problem, Or maybe the problem come from the camera attached to the animation that give this weird feeling of being knocked out super far and coming back to impact point when standing back up and not the animation itself.
  8. You say that you wish to see or encourage more diversity in builds but as i see it formating a weapon or a frame tend to do the opposite. it allow us to put more powerful mods but it still restrict us into what polarity we choose but it will be the same for the 3 loadout so not much of variety, we will need to reformat from a to z if we want to try another build with different polarity; what if we want to keep 2 builds that need different polarity will we need to reformat again and again endlessly to switch from one to another .... " OK squad, let me go reforma real quick and i'm ready to go for this 5 minutes mission " Would you consider adding a craftable consumable allowing us to change the polarity if an already formated slot ? like a forma for forma but who won't wipe your frame and force you to rank it up to lvl 30 again, even if it work only on B and C setup so you still need to forma the whole A if you want/need to. I guess it mean ABC won't be interchangeable anymore, but we could have much more variety and make weird experiments this way. Be well.
  9. Sure, i even use them on some frame ( power drift at least or whatever the name is ) and probably why now that i don't play with them i am extremely annoyed by this 😄 ... but it won't fix the fact that the ending of the animation is wrong, if you get knocked down 15 metres away will you stand up back at the impact point ? space ninja or not it's wrong.
  10. Could you please tune up a little more this non sense you added with the new knock back animation ? was thinking that i will get used to it but no, it even piss me off more and more everydays. once you stand back on our own other you stay down for ever, ok it can make some sense after all to stay down for a while depending on the force of the impact but make it so we stand on our own after 3 sec when it's a huge KO or not at all for both case ( but this option is a bad idea <hint> ). But the major issue i have with this animation is Make us stand back where we landed not where we get knocked down unless the plan was to give us sea sickness to be more "immersive" in that case change nothing. Be well.
  11. Yeah Right !!!! he really act like he have a deathwish 😄 I usually do that sortie mission type with Nyx or Octavia .... so he can have his fun shooting at them while they murder each other or chase the boombox but with Saryn oh boy ....
  12. Any chance we could have a less retarded operator to defend ( in sorties missions ) because frankly when you have to spend 80% of the time healing him back up i wonder if he deserve to be saved at this point, instead of killing corpus/Grineer it's pretty annoying, specialy when you fail the mission on the last wave because for some reason even if you stand up and jump on the X button heal don't work like it does the 99 first times. I guess i should have chosen wisely my frame first too and pick Nyx instead of Saryn, but now we are scared to play one who perform too well you know so it will get nerfed <giggles, i'm kidding> Be well.
  13. Also on a side note why don't you stop pulling out half-assed content and blame us for doing only one thing, using the most suited frame for the job ( aka Ivara and railjack's POI, now Limbo and Khora .... what's next ? suppress invisibility because omg mobs can't see you, it's an exploit, or maybe point blank sniper rifle because shooting a mob from 100+ meters is cheating ? ). If one frame make the content trivial then it's your fault for creating content who can be trivialized by one frame not ours, do you even try, test or play your own game? clearly no, instead we have nerf over nerf for only one reason " it perform too good " and to make sure frame are almost useless to not skip half of the grinding fest while the question should be " where the #*!% is the end game ? ". Make sure any of this won't happen before releasing something, it will save you from badblood and other upset/angry/quiting players and some others who might be already making voodoo dolls for the [DE] staff 😄 .
  14. " Limbo’s Stasis usage makes the gameplay of the Scarlet Spear far too trivial." Boring is the right word not trivial, BORING, but since i can only play the game solo because of connection issues i have pretty much no other option than playing with him or frost if i want to stay more than 8 waves but of course since rewards are stupid lith relics and no scaling rewarding rewards for staying longer there is no points to go over 4 waves each time and then use what ever frame i want to overkill anything. Well at this point you should consider removing all weapons and frames ability because they kill mobs too you know ... Venari healing objectives ... swapping bandaids is not actually healing but if you do so make the heal rate for what it can heal actually not laughable, make it 75% faster or just a permanent 10/s healing aura.. Also just cut down the price of arcanes by 50% ( since it's a limited in time event, not like an easy new feature to replace Eidolon hunt ), just imagine if you needed 20 of them to max one ... yeah i know, crazy right ? it's no longer grinding at this point it's " insert painful punch through in the rear part reference here "
  15. Euuh, the Grineer grenades passing through frost snow globe that's normal or it's a "bug" ??? So you keep reducing the range (or fall off) of our weapons i see, what's next ? point blank sniper gun ? while Grineer and Corpus keep shooting at you from next planet as long they have one pixel of visibility on you with an Olympic sharpness 😄 As for the code problem (while there is one obviously, they seems to be distributed erratically) i think people need also to keep in mind that you need 9 codes to kill 1 murex so at some point you wont receive them as frequently as you would like, especially on less crowded flotilla, it's not like they are growing from (regular) trees you know 😄 , and the longer you stay in mission the longer they are to get.
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