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  1. Sometimes those buggers are very well hidden or seems like autofollowing a tree miles away from action and no new one will spawn till they get killed it really depend on where the event happen :/ it's more a pathing issue than them not spawning despite the effort of DE to make the entire corpus fleet pop at same time on the spot swarming you with pew pew wannabes as the crewships nuke the crap out of the objective down to 30% in 3sec.
  2. No problem, happens to the best of us :D
  3. Melee class like scorpion, butcher, etc who attack the wall have their animation all messed up, they all spin around the collision point which is excessively annoying. they used to attack the wall in front of them until it break not doing pole dancing ... Please fix. Be well.
  4. Probably been reported dozen times but sheath from all swords are out of place, floating behind got wrong angle etc etc, it's all fine and dandy when you equip it but do couple swings or other parkour ballsy moves with ground slam, equip archwing after a double jump and sheath will start to act funky, bugged for tennogen and deluxe skins as well.
  5. Oui c'est vrai qu'avec les competences/augment de Gara et Protea ou un Trinity pour faire pleuvoir l'énergie y'a plus qu'a appuyer sur 4 et partir faire une sieste manque plus que l'autofollow.
  6. Permanent comment ? genre du debut de la mission à la fin ? Son pouvoir 4 est un rayon qui tire droit devant ( enfin la ou tu vise ) mais faut être rank10 pour le débloquer est pour le maintenir en continue faut un max d'energie + un moyen de regen en même temps, possible aussi qu'il ai juste rajouté un forma pour relevel sa frame et donc déjà bourré de gros mods pour aider à le caster longtemps, autre possibilités un bug graphique ou c'est un coup des Russes 😉.
  7. You are totally right they are testing our frustration. Sorry for the necro i was looking if test was bugged or just a massive pain in the prime. Because of the auto parry animation half of the time you end up making a heavy attack instead of throwing the canister and there is a chance that you loose the canister even if you have time left by doing this heavy attack, managed to do it twice in training out of 10 try, next step no melee weapon just aoe guns see if it is less *bugged*
  8. Still not fixed the bunch of vombalyst magicaly appearing right under the Terralyst & co after they are done whining instead of having them rushing to them, you see a couple of them if they are nearby but the lot of others appear out of thin air, just half a dozen if you are lucky.. Be well.
  9. So after a week of testing and stuff what to say about this void storms: Well i do like it the multiples objective are fine it's just that at the end of mission you feel .... meh all this for just this,, i think invasions should be reworked the same way, 1 mission 3 objectives and 3 mini bosses ( liches ranked from 3 to 5 eventually ). I also think that being able to open multiple relics should be a thing ( 1 per objective ) OR reward 1 relic per objective, the increased overall rewards at the end is fine but still is a bit short for the time invested in this mission type, this game isn't a job for your entire playerbase you know, so if you stay grindy AF at least be less greedy, afterall they won't open themselves so more relics more time played to open them. Also Storms are clearly designed for a squad and would be nice if it was scaling from solo to full squad for those who aren't able to play in public/group, it's doable solo but the hairiness is quite high and those fissure that explode in/through walls are quite problematic since even if you close as much as possible there is more likely two who will pop in your back and double one shot you, so i don't ask to turn it as a walk in the park for solo players just tune it down a tiny bit. Same for orphix spawning rate who seems to be extremely fast now, somewhere between original event and now should be better, but yet again it's only a single player problem 😅in a squad it's a walk in the park once you have one player at each spawn area. Overall it's fun and engaging once you are used to it ( although railjack defense mission are quite pointless ) even challenging in solo but won't be extremely popular, High risk missions poor rewards pool, a few will play it casually but the majority will disregard it once they got farmed Frame and weapons which is sad, because you did something nice with this update, i guess working from home isn't helping it but i'm sure you will find out a way to make this more interesting for the majority, even tuning things down for solo mode isn't really needed at least you won't fall asleep during those missions and rage quit after being killed by sneaky fissure blowing though walls behind you for the 4rth time in 2 minutes ^_^, just my 2 cents.
  10. Still having issue with UI being completely desynchronized and displaying wrong ranks for anything, not really game breaking but kinda boring to see your sentinel reaching rank 8 4 times in 2 min despite being rank 15 when you entered the mission.
  11. HusH!! stop asking better rewards or they will add Amber Ayatan Stars in the rewards table 😱. Anyway, possibility to open multiple relics don't seems a bad idea at all and will make this mission type more attractive because right now only farming sevagoth is a reason to do so and once you are done it will be history.
  12. Great ... does it mean i won't have to revive my MOA each time i enter a POI or Side Objective ... and every 5 sec after ? yeah i know ranking up a MOA while doing those missions isn't my brightest idea but it's a pain in the Prime in any mission type anyway, consider giving them moare hp² or auto repair by default ( for any mechanical sentinel or companion/MOA )?. be well.
  13. someone might already asked but i'm too lazy to read all post so ... Question is : is there a scannable database during the quest too add the song instrumental theme, to our somachord ? ( or i missed it ? ) the song with vocal is awesome but since somachord is for ambient music an instrumental version would be a nice addition.
  14. Since this mission type is longer than a regular fissure mission you should allow us to open a relic in each instance we visit during this mission ( POI + side objective + capital ship = 30 void samples = 3 relics opened ) because i don't see much interest once you get all the part you need to come again do this mission type, although i suppose drop rate might be ridiculously low as always so if the RNG fairy hates you it could take a while :D.
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