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  1. Five months later, the more i experience this stupid rolling back to where you came animation the more i think that who ever designed this animation deserve a high five ... in the face with a chair, just saying 😉.
  2. So, basically since 29.2 your launcher sucks donkey balls and need hours to download a single bit because of corrupted files .... must be the counter part of having your game files shrinked to gain space in our HD, YAY !! well you managed to waste 0% of my disk now. Guess i'm too old for this S#&$, good bye DE, you are making it quite hard to defend your game even for people who love it, no wonder why so many content creators rejoice from being rejected from your new partner thingie.
  3. Woaw 45 minutes to download a 250ish mb update with launcher downloading the same thing over an over because corrupted stuff ... i'm impressed DE, unfortunately not enough to hit the play button after this mess Off to path of exile it is, even if game stability is relative at least it's fun to play.
  4. That awkward moment when you end up with more amber ayatan stars than cyan ...
  5. The Glass room bug seems to have been fixed ( for PC at least ) BUT now it's bugged again this time it's the terminal you have to hack who is immune to interaction and not just inside enrichment lab, central maintenance was also disabled too although the location icon was there.
  6. So technically, you pick them from the floor for us so we don't have to bend down and you call it a reward ?
  7. Will it fix knockdown from K drive by whatever else ( usually vomvalyst in PoE ) resulting in same issue too ? think it also happen when forced out of archwing
  8. Hey [DE] ! do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Amber Ayatan Star ? Seriously keep it a container drop it's not even close from a valid rewarding reward. Beside that, hotfix sounds good. Be well.
  9. I barely ever play Rhino so yeah right, forgot that's how work his shield, and why you have to damage the Necramech for this long when there is a swarm of infested beating the crap out of him when he turn on his storm shroud, luckily it doesn't happen each time, the major issue here is the fact to not being able to control our pet behavior during missions 🙄
  10. Looks like half of the time it's this one ( second necramech of T2 vault ) who take for ever to get his shield down so i assume it's the RNG fairy who decide to give us a taste of a maxed out shield+armor and whatever else but possibly could also be a bug. Just took me 20 min to kill it, no matter what dashing / amp nukage nothing, while all other need only a couple shot to have their stormshroud removed, not to mention that in the 20 min i might have spend half of the time reviving my stoopid kubrow because i can't order him to not attack or stay put.
  11. I do hope that they will come to senses and finally start to develop on what they already have created instead of adding more bug riddled new content.
  12. So, i guess you won't remove this S#&$ty container drop aka amber ayatan star who is polluting the already extremely thin bounty/relic reward list. At least have the decency to write in his description box " thanks for wasting your time and #*!% off ". Each content island have very few to offer so i guess it's why you pollute reward list with container drop, don't tell me you are too lazy and greedy to offer us interesting drops, naah we know it's not the case right?. Instead of constantly adding content to hotfix and hotfix that break already existing content, how
  13. I am not only uninterested in getting amber ayatan stars as rewards i am also uninterested in getting amber ayatan stars as rewards Seriously DE keep this bloody trash item as a container drop, it's not a fuggling reward !!!!
  14. Happened to me during Kuva siphon mission with Nezha ( actually as operator while i was shooting kuva clouds ), couldn't get a screen shot because the black square was blinking/moving on screen depending on how i was orienting the camera and from the 3 screen i tried to get no black square were captured. GPU GeForce 840M
  15. Just had this bug, except grineer didn't followed ( or took way to long to travel from their loc ) when arriving at designed location for phase 2, i heard latrox but he was nowhere around, stayed around trying to find him for like 3 min but nothing alive was around not even infested, aborted quest and picked it again same result at stage 2 Latrox is missing.
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