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  1. Does anyone else having troubles with it? Pressing MMB usually results in a shot but sometimes it randomly allows me to change 2.5x/5.0x.
  2. From what I know, check that you're are on Public and not Solo/Friends Only/Invitation Only. I saw that when was in Friends Only mode.
  3. My friends told me it can but I can't approve it myself
  4. I don't know if there are Rivens strictly for Kuva weapons (like Rivens for, for example, Destreza Prime which can't be equipped on normal Destreza). So if it has just weapon name it will fit every weapon, no matter if it's Kuva/Prime/Vandal/Wraith and so on.
  5. @Siberius02 Also, you might find this useful: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=666483447 It's a great (not perfect) guide of where you can find needed targets in future
  6. Got plenty of them on Alad V assassination (Themisto) yesterday, try to search every corner
  7. Reactants on Fissures which are not gathered by teammates works too!
  8. Two hours ago on Grineer Crewship. Every crew member was killed with this sword. Not sure if it's easily reproducible but still.
  9. It happened to me 2 or 3 times when I played as Client, with being Host everything is perfect. Also, one of solution is simply to die in a mission. By the way, you can grab keys, loot and Focus bonuses by Operator, tho can't kill Lich/Thrall.
  10. Prefer Saryn because of her abilities which can help running E/SO and Defense (and kinda Exterminate) missions.
  11. Have these two options, not sure what will be better
  12. If you will use W. Market, don't forget to set your status as Online/Online in game.
  13. If you have a tanky frame then you can scan in moments when target attacks you or stops to change direction of run. Most common case of scanning is with using a trap. After some practice you might do it with one trap for all 4 scans per target.
  14. From not long time ago I started to keep all weapons I get and among them my favourite are Amprex, Quellor, Zenith / Euphona Prime, Akarius / Guandao and Orthos Prime. I polarized all of them (probably not Zenith) and all of them are nice at dealing with mid-top levels. Previously I also used a lot Opticor Vandal, it was my first end-game weapon.
  15. Ember was Unvaulted recently so next time might be in a year or so, who knows.
  16. Also getting 2 Forma BPs for Daily Login is good too.
  17. I'd rather buy it for 20 plat
  18. Довольно долгое время остаётся непереведённым
  19. I have polarized few times Euphona and really enjoy it. Also have Riven for it, using it frequently in past time, but, of course, wouldn't use it against Eidolon or Profit Taker. Lich, different bosses, Sortie - yes, but sometimes also can take Akarius instead.
  20. Ok, just adding my screenshots with Lich and Sortie reward list without a ☑ mark
  21. Doing it with Naramon passive on any mission with any melee
  22. Раньше как-то не замечал, но окончание слова не то: "почерпнуть столько же, сколько и при участии в ней."
  23. Thanks to all of you! It was just a curiosity :')
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