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  1. This is a recurring issue with Warframe where the old characters are completely forgotten, it seems. I am baffled by the fact that Cephalon Cy's introduction has received zero response from Ordis. During Cy's reminiscing of the past, it should have minimally made Ordis' precepts go haywire due to it jogging some of Ordis' old memories. But, no. Nothing at all. Then, during Cephalon Cy's search for a 'viable' Cephalon, I found that it was a perfect timing for some interaction between Ordis, Suda and Simaris but once again, nothing. There was barely any interaction amongst the Cephalons despite the introduction of a whole new Cephalon. What made me enjoy Octavia's quest was the involvment of all the 'main' Cephalons AND HUNHOW in that quest. (tsundere Simaris was a huge bonus) It made the game and characters feel more alive. There needs to be more of that, more old NPCs getting 'updated' by being involved with new stuff. Has anyone noticed that barely any (none) of the other NPCs has mentioned Nora's name so far despite her introduction since Nightwave? Don't get me wrong, introducing new characters is fine but the old NPCs should get 'updated' with their existence. The old NPCs and even bosses are basically AFK right now. Sargas Ruk and Vor have been right about how things have currently transpired. (us being mercenaries fighting for scraps, no Tenno honour, Lotus being false prophet) If they don't appear to make any speeches that sum up as "I told you so" during The New War or Duviri Paradox, I'm going to be extremely disappointed. I'm not asking for full-on cinematics of these characters. I'd just like to see comms-interactions between them. (Remember Alad V, Tyl Regor and Neffy?) It feels boring that new characters are introduced with old characters being oblivious to their introduction/existence.
  2. Apologies if this does not belong here. (I was deciding between posting it here, UI or Performance) I hope forum mod moves my post accordingly. Hacking with Hysteria active, ends Hysteria. It did not do this previously and I believe the introduction of Parazon has caused this change. I believe it should be a bug. Valkyr was my go-to when I saw Sortie mission to be "Rescue - Energy Reduction". There's nothing more comforting knowing that the armoured-savage-kitty of a Warframe is coming to get you out of imprisonment.
  3. One of those that you tagged posted something that I found appealing. Bringing back Naramon: Shadow Step's old Invisibility ON HEAVY ATTACK. (It used to be Invisible on Critical hit but they completely removed/reworked that node with a new name, I think) Think about it: You lose your entire combo count but go invisible upon Heavy Attack and can safely ramp up your combo again while invisible. You can repeat it to stay invisible more but actually have to Heavy Attack again, which would repeat the above. This was an amazing suggestion because it will make everyone and anyone want to go Naramon and actually use Heavy Attacks. Currently, with where Heavy Attack stands, they are either spammed (because Corrupt Charge/Riven with Initial Combo) or completely ignored to keep our combo at 12x because we still want out Blood Rush multiplier up.
  4. Also, it's difficult to build for Critical and Heavy Attack. You simply do not have enough mod slots to put on all the mods required. This is even while sacrificing Pressure Point. And you have to, because there are too many new viable mods now to use for Heavy Attack.
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