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  1. 'E - Pick up Burden' / Hold E - Drop all Burdens If a player chooses to leave after dying and you already looted some of them to revive them, you are stuck with them for the rest of the mission. (You're screwed) We need to be given the option to pick them up and drop them. I believe that Tenno will revive one another. We need one another for the mission to be easier, especially in Arbitrations more than any other mission in the game. "Forcing" us to revive one another by giving no control on whether we can pick up the Burden or drop them as required is counter-intuitive. A Tenno could be intentionally playing Inaros to take on the Burden and keep everyone alive. Another Tenno who is playing Banshee would never get near the Burden in fear of losing their precious little health which is the only survivability they possess. Hotfix this in or Iteration 1.5 please, DE.
  2. These have either broken or messed with how we earn Ventkids Standings because it's harder now. It feels like Inertia Dampeners is not working anymore. The multipliers do not increase like they used to before the above hotfix's changes. A workaround is doing tricks slowly. Coptering and Flipping with intervals. Tapping your spacebar and right-click slower than usual so that the multiplier registers. Please check K-Drive multiplier related to doing tricks.
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