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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1194837467
  2. This update really took out the only thing that kept me playing liches. Now without the back-break upon failed stab being gone, might as well block my account from anything lich related until this is fixed
  3. You could have said this from the beginning, instead you had to repeat yourself and make yourself look dumb for thinking you were "owning" me in this argument Whoa slow the hek down, buddy. I'm asking a simple question WHY, key word. WHY is there an MR lock on those weapons when it doesn't even work? That is all, no implications, no one way or another. It's only a question. I don't care that an MR 0 player gets it. I do care if there is an MR lock on something that doesn't even have a point to be there in the first place FFS man
  4. Okay you keep repeating the same thing in a different flavor. It still need an answer to the question. Why have something that is pointless to begin with? Remove the MR lock or put it so you can't use it until you are at said MR no matter what. It's just weird inconsistency that adds confusion
  5. Okay, so I'm going to ask again. What's the point of MR locks on a weapon that doesn't lock players out of its use before said level?
  6. Mirage>press 3>step in shadow>where'd she go?>how come I can't hit her?>why is she not dying?
  7. If you ask me, consoles still get the S#&$ end of the stick as even the Fae Path is still way better than anything any consoles can make. And the kick in the nads is that the Fae path is free... Why would you want to pay $10 for something that's not even 1% as good as the "crappiest" ephemera in the entire game?
  8. Quit trying to act like I'm trying to start a flame war, I'm only curious as to why it's a thing and hoping that DE's gonna fix it on the side when/if ever they get a chance is all. Dang man, you'd know if I'm trying to start doodoo and this ain't it
  9. If this is an oversight, it needs to be enforced by DE. I'm not even sorry to say this. If this is not intentional, it needs to be rectified. So can we get DE to notice this to put on the "things to do but when we got time" list? Something like this isn't that important, but it really helps to *know* how something works or how it's supposed to to avoid newbie confusion and especially to avoid some choice players into thinking they're spethul for having something which isn't even that great at all(or something along that mindset)
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