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  1. so your suspending and banning players who used a technique that you after the fact stated was wrong...so these players did nothing wrong yet your banning them..wow you screw up and you blame and punish your customers...great move de....i hope you ban a player that streams and monetizes the stream ..ive always wanted to see how a lawsuit would fare based on a games actions when it impacts someones financial/social affairs..
  2. make other players suffer to revive one player possibly leading to an array of deaths fails..that player gonna stay dead... you can do better DE ///try listening to players complaints instead of thinking you know what thier complaints are and devising horrible solutions
  3. its pretty clear how when you look at the costs and time spent to get one alert weapon in the old system vs how much time and costs it takes to get one now..uts the amount of credits earned and the costs of things..you can get 1 cosmetic item per week now and thats it nothing else vs the old system where you could get multiple alert rewards per week even a casual since players hosted alerts in recruiting all the time
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