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  1. ya alot of the support dont look at anything or cross check ..try twitter with with the various DE's and emailing every staff member on forums
  2. make other players suffer to revive one player possibly leading to an array of deaths fails..that player gonna stay dead... you can do better DE ///try listening to players complaints instead of thinking you know what thier complaints are and devising horrible solutions
  3. its pretty clear how when you look at the costs and time spent to get one alert weapon in the old system vs how much time and costs it takes to get one now..uts the amount of credits earned and the costs of things..you can get 1 cosmetic item per week now and thats it nothing else vs the old system where you could get multiple alert rewards per week even a casual since players hosted alerts in recruiting all the time
  4. it was topic about over moderation and de's mods not following de's rules no name s were mentioned ..just the situation of makeing a mod mad then getting banned... and Support doesnt set chat policy De does.. hence the subject of the post discussing De chat moderation policys...i tend not to blame subordinates but leadership
  5. it had 2 comments on it and followed the rules of the forums the topic was over moderation ..how did my post violate stated forum guidlines ...no names were given and no banned words were used
  6. the credit costs for rewards is completly off base in regards to pre wolf weapon and cosmetic helm aqqusition...you can earn 50 creds a week from wolf which equals 1 weapon or 1 alt helm and 1 mod per week...even a casual player could get 7 times that amount of alert rewards in 1 week random sure and 7 times is a conservative number and at alot less the time invested ...while the wolf system brings diversity the cost in time rewards and reward diversity is a clear and strong nerf from the old system ...1 weapon a week vs the old alert rewards where you could easily get a weapon and a alt helm per day ..cmon now and de you know the fix uncrease creds earned per week or decrease costs...1 weapon or 1 alt helm and mod per week with that much time put in to earn it is a far cry from the old reward system..this seems extra punitive to new players vs us old players...you could have brought in the new system and kept rewards distrubution much the same ... but you didnt ... we arent so naive as to not understand why...
  7. the loss of new weapons and cosmetics past 1k days suck...why would you stop adding those when everyone enjoys them?.. that makes little sense
  8. at close to 3 years of logging in everyday(1050 days) its kinda hard to see how you dont have plat weapons slots and more forma than you could ever use tbh
  9. evergreen choice a needs reworked ... noone at 1k days needs those items at all
  10. with no trades older login reward players will only really have one choice the newest one balance works both ways ...all de would have to do is create new choices in the weapons and primed mods category instead of only having the one real choice the newest one
  11. you may have missed the part of rebeccas post where you cant sell the login rewards ...this seems all about making it fair for new players yet doing nothing for older login reward players...all de would have to do is a have constant stable of 3 new choices at the max tier of logins so we always have a choice
  12. why would you take another old weapon or primed mod? thats not really a choice since you cant trade them
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