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  1. This particular instance of buff ideas is for Nyx, I will make more of these for some other frames and things later. Personally, I think these buffs would help Nyx be a bit more enjoyable to play, and effective in content without changing base abilities or playstyle drastically. Passive: not really sure what to do about this one, open to suggestion but possibly active mindcontrolled targets take some percent of damage done to Nyx? Mind Control: Uses warframe specter AI instead of enemy AI. The damage of a target can be quite decent with augment and a fast-hitting weapon, the issue is they n
  2. It would also be nice if the heavy attack could launch a wave as well.
  3. I'll still play, but will have to see just what the nerf entails, may be better/worse than the stream led to believe. Its also buffing guns, which will be interesting. It would take alot to get melee to its 1.0 stage, I don't think just a nerf to weapons themselves could do that.
  4. A good and very informative devstream, although I must admit I'm not sure what to think about the avionic respec and change. On one hand this will make it less dependent on the host, but at the same time lessens the connection to the railjack itself. How will this handle battle avionics? Will each person have their own to launch from the ship, or will it be somehow tied to all party members? Looking forward to seeing more detail in the march dev workshop.
  5. Maybe if DE could reballance the drop rate of the rare arcanes from eidolons to be more inline with it now needed 21 of them to make a full one, instead of 10, it might even the appeal and just make an alternate farming method instead of killing eidolons completly.
  6. Wonder if the arcanes are going to be back as a vendor like in the event, or if they will be rare drops like eidolons. It wasn't very clear in the stream.
  7. You will likely need to buy an imprint from another player, or try your luck getting one by random incubation(that will take much longer, as the odds of getting a 'lotus' kubrow are very low).
  8. Sometime around 1PM, depends where you are, there are timezone converters that could tell more precisely.
  9. Thought of some questions: Is that darksector trilogy pitchbook shown off in a late 2020 devstream going to be uploaded to the internet? Will there be any plans to reduce/remove self-stagger from amps? operators are already quite squishy without getting stunned in a 2-sec animation, not to mention they don't have access to sure footed and other such mods. Any news on the third orb boss, or deimos large bosses being added in the future?
  10. That..is an AMAZING idea! Although probably the least-likely thing to happen given how much of DE's revenue comes from prime access. Its also great just to have more lore/quests in general.
  11. Hmm, tricky to put these into one per category Warframe? Nyx, psychic characters have always been the coolest in any media(Psycop Bester, Yuri, even Troi was cool) Mission Type? Spy, love stealth at any time. Weapon? Latron, no idea but just love it. Quest? War Within, really liked the darker atmosphere and the 'you're not invicible' kind of feeling it had. Aspect? Tie between customization and lore, both are pretty unique. Character? Wally, like his concept as an entity. Location? Ceres, reminds me of darksector a lot. Enemy? Hard to pick one, but probably Nox for their desig
  12. I wonder what the two alerts will contain? Q&A is always great, looking forward to this one!
  13. Not sure if a in-game message is needed, but yeah those people are quite annoying.
  14. Nail gun in warframe?? 👀 yeeessssssssssss Perhaps there could also be a sort of chamber that could launch heat gel similar to thermite, that would stick to targets and burn them (given how the grineer also seem to put fire in a lot of their weapons)?
  15. Interesting lore, not sure if the Tau thing could work (presuming you mean sentient type of energy, since they are the inhabitants of tau as far as we know), since the sentients are not compatible with void. But then again, DE themselves don't pay too much attention to lore in creating new warframes some of the time. I'm curious as to what that means gameplay-wise, are the enemies rad-procced or debuffed in some way?
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