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  1. Moved to arbis? Thank goodness, this is an awesome change for people such as myself who enjoy difficult content but don't want to touch the failure that is steel path with a 50m pole. However, I do agree with what other people have stated, multiple methods of aquisition is a good thing, why not have steel path shop AND arbis offer this? More player choice is good. Though none of this mentions the 'On-Kill' issue: is this going to be the worst kind of on-kill like Astral Autopsy is, or will this be more merciful and functional? It's great to see that you are listening to player feedback at least a little bit, keep it up! 👍
  2. Hope they do something like that, although it may be possible that after the tileset changes they removed those tiles completely from the game code itself. Would certainly have a bit more variety if they do.
  3. Just the general synergies between frame and operator, would actually encourage using the operator more as opposed to flinging it around for energy/benefits like the current system works.
  4. Sounds great, especially the umbra tree, frame sentience is an absolute yes. 👍
  5. Yes, I phrased it poorly. I was meaning that if they give out a fully functioning weapon this year and lock it behind prime gaming that would be the problem, like athodai but with more p2w.
  6. While this is an odd and kind of shady practice, at least it's just cosmetic stuff (exclusive cosmetic stuff sure, but nothing that would have direct affect on gameplay). Just really hoping that their "tennocon bonus" for amazon isn't something like the athodai (ie,a never before seen fully functioning weapon, but in this case locked behind a paywall) because that's a big red flag in my book.
  7. Yeah, sentients are kind of a pain in the rear to fight right now for that reason, that seems like a good way of balancing their difficulty and preserving player choice. Would this function like it does on bosses currently, where they have a reduced amount of stacks they can recieve, or would it be like normal enemies?
  8. prime weapons and frames are always (or at least 99%) obtainable ingame. it isnt yet the 25th in their timezone, and updates usually launch around noon-afternoon, so waiting about 19-21 hours may be ideal
  9. Cool but grab bags again? why? Set drops would be fine for most people
  10. Much agreed, new tiles would be great. Now that we have added parkour, it would also be neat to see the re-addition of some removed tiles like that tall multi-layered room that was once on the grineer asteroid tile. Or perhaps new tiles to see more of the interesting environments already existing(like the entry tile on uranus looks really neat, but is the only one with that cool surface design) props to a fellow darksector enjoyer as well👀
  11. It was great, good team coordination and recuiting chat active too, but I think DE disliked the concept of space draco so it was doomed : /
  12. Hmm. neat skin and stuff, I guess its good for those prime gaming folk, but just seems a bit...ehh. >_> Oh well, theres plenty of non-pay-to-obtain cosmetic stuff ingame.
  13. Looks very functional and compact, maybe if you add a second floor you could have issues with the height space on the left portion? Can't really think of any other issues
  14. Neat drops! I guess it has to be rng because there aren't enough streams for each medallion type, though it would be nice if there was a form of duplicate protection?
  15. "vast as an ocean, deep as a puddle" fairly summarizes how the open worlds are currently. It would be nice to have more environment/area lore-connected bounties with lasting effects as you stated. From a gameplay point of veiw, it would probably be better for DE to fix some of the enemy flow and bugs before adding stuff like that though.
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