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  1. I think that may have gone the way of the return of raids : \ Either that, or coming in 2022 or something, probably not a feature theyll just drop in without devstream confirmation.
  2. Cool floofs and all, but I guess grab bags are just the future now? What was so bad about guranteed drops on specific streams? :\
  3. I don't think it's launched yet, id recommend coming back during or after tomorrow's devstream since thats a good bet for it being there
  4. I cant recall the exact post, but they mentioned that was intentional due to the similar mechanics as the xoris
  5. I suppose the benefit is that the mods stack with eachother, if they were functioning like sacrificial and regular pressure point for example, then yeah it would be a direct upgrade.
  6. Fully agree, more perma-unvaultings would be a good way to balance out the prime issue. They could put the accessories on other prime packs, or hell, even a separate thing if there gets to be enough of them.
  7. I guess they arent changing the pack to include rhino+another frame because of nyx prime's accessories would not be obtained elsewhere, so its just the easy route of rerunning it instead of making a new pack 🤔
  8. Seems nice, although im not sure an increase of one will be that substantial 🤔
  9. Found that a good easy way to get that one done is oxomocco in the void, or possibly sister of parvos missions since they do not seem to often set alarms compared to the base missions(this might be a bug though)
  10. Moreso a sign of people willing to waste 50 plat on an ignis wraith worth 2p, but I digress 😁 From what they've said so far in prior posts, I think they aren't wanting to put story focus on nightwave anymore at least until the new war launches, since that's taking their story development currently. So yea, an intermission within an intermission it would seem. Dojo bugged lighting fix when DE? :(
  11. I completely agree, it was unfortunate, at tennocon helminth looked so cool, but it really did turn out to be a pandora's box :/ With steel path, though I personally dislike it, I'm not sure its ever been used as an excuse for nerfs (although I could be remebering incorrectly?) And as someone in this thread has mentioned, there will keep being a 'death is the best CC' meta until DE goes to the effort of making more CC content.
  12. Baro Prime, cost 9000 ducat 10mil credit and your entire soul 😂
  13. Most of that idea sounds neat, but I'm very much against the idea of needed to grind rank 5 of fortuna and do profit taker just to get a archgun, no thanks 😬 Perhaps they could be considered 'sniper' ammo type instead?
  14. Those sound like some good ideas so far. Its always nice to see when people post solutions alongside criticism, a lot more helpful to the devs than rants if they ever do read this. Especially solution C, that would also have the added benefit of even if they didn't spawn with a weapon desired by the player, you'd still get a decent amount of kuva from it too.
  15. better yet, bring back ye olde technocyte and play as one of these guys vs sentients: just want more darksector de ples ;_;
  16. Like TheSixOfDiamonds said, its focus icon. It could also be semi-representative of the lotus given that its kind of flower-ish?
  17. My condolences 😬 I don't think adding such an item would be a good idea in the long run though, with the whole point of the tests supposedly being to 'prove your mastery'. (for mr19 I recommend xoris heavy attack spam)
  18. Anomaly shards are either listed in the middle or near the end sometimes
  19. its the DE frame! xD Weird as this idea is it actually sounds like it'd be fun and interesting to play, with a neat passive too 👍
  20. it's baffling that anyone ever made it indeed, my only possible guess is to keep newer players from accidentally using ayatan stars?? Yeah it still makes no sense
  21. My guess is if they say a year, assume the end of said year. Sooo probably December 31st 2021 🤔
  22. That would certainly be a lot nicer than spending hours grinding up a ton more of the same weapon if you got unlucky with a 25%, in rj the system is at least faster and more rewarding. Frankly as it is now it just feels punishing to make a lich/sister then see a low % and realize it means many hours more grinding just to get the weapon to significant power.
  23. Ive put galv. hell on both bubonico and cedo, and thankfully unlike the status ones the bonuses work on alt fires! On bubonico however it does seem to consume extra ammo as well. Mods are great so far but for some content they just aren't going to cut it (namely vs sentients of decent levels) because of the whole 'on-kill' thing. I will say though it works very well in almost all other missions. If the headshot ones triggered more reliably they'd be an auto-include for sure
  24. YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!! The hype is REAL :D Can't wait to watch, hoping the release date follows a diemos pattern of being "soonish soon" as opposed to "see you in 3 years soon" 🤔 Cool stuff, hype, fun, whats not to like?
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