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  1. I checked, Ruinous Ext. won't fit in the exilus slot 😪
  2. Afaik Ruinous Extension is not an exilus mod? Plus the exilus only takes utility and not damage enhancing mods. I'm at work so I can't check at the moment.
  3. Thanks, that frees up a lot of mod space for more damage.
  4. I have been running Atomos for a while now, trying to make it a bit more viable for Index, SO and Sorties. Is the Seeker (+punchthrough) worth using with Atomos? From playing with and without, I think it sort of chains better and pierces some shields/barriers, but not sure if the benefits are worth the massive drain. Any opinions from more experienced players would be appreciated.
  5. You are not wrong in that, the grind was what put me off MMOs in the past. Probably will spend the random hour or two casually, until I get a switch or a dog.
  6. As a new player considering on weather to keep it casual or give up completely: The grind is impossible considering my real life obligations. I'm past the stage where staying up overnight or devoting whole weekends to games is a thing Completed the second dream recently, then realising that I am nowhere near minmaxing anything, something that I always did when in single player RPGs. It feeds to the first point.
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