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  1. Just catching up, does that mean I can no longer shoot at my feet with Lenz and kill myself along with everyone else?
  2. I never used broken war, so I was wondering if the riven would be worth the forma sinking, will give it a try. Regarding the lenz reload speed, what does that affect? (Also grinding for mr14, I need to experience blowing up myself with that multishot before selling)
  3. I got the following broken war riven, after rerolls or crap negatives. Would that actually help with a critical build, that could measure up against a nikana prime hybrid build? https://imgur.com/brdTYfP Also got that Lenz riven, but not sure if the multishot is good enough to justify the mod slot, or needs re-rolling. Still not at mr14 so I can't test in game. https://imgur.com/6RvucaG
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