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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Son doesn't give tokens for releasing companions. REPRODUCTION: Release a companion with Son VISUAL: Unfortunately I don't have any evidence to show that I traded in the Vizier Predasite or evidence to show that I ever owned one because I did not gild it. Here is the in-game interface which suggests I should receive tokens for "a Companion that is either Max Rank or has been Gilded." EXPECTED RESULT: I should have received 10 Son Tokens for my Rank 30 Vizier Predasite? Did I read it wrong? OBSERVED RESULT: I received nothing as far
  2. A lot of frames have CC, and Rhino's CC is not good outside open areas unlike a frame like Frost. A lot of frames can also survive, and that alone isn't enough. The damage boost is definitely the most significant contribution to the team from his kit.
  3. There is nothing to understand. It's a matter of opinion. Many people feel that this update in its current state will make the game worse overall. In my opinion, the system overall is not a terrible idea, but many of the abilities available for transfer are the best abilities of a given warframe. Why would you play Rhino if another support frame can take his Piercing Roar along with the rest of the utility in their kit. For me, it will be incredibly frustrating to play Rhino knowing that every time I squad up, another frame will already cover my main contribution to the team.
  4. You see. That is because, up until this point, DE has done a good job with new updates.
  5. Yes...he should uninstall a game that he is clearly passionate about because the developers are adding an update that he and many others do not agree with. Excellent logic.
  6. This is absolutely the worst update to any game I have ever heard of. You literally have decided that any warframe is allowed to pick up Rhino's Piercing Roar ability. Are you insane? Every other ability on the list isn't even close in terms of power. Not only that, but if you can just plug Piercing Roar on literally any warframe of your choosing, what reason does anyone have to play Rhino anymore? Rhino Stomp? Sure he's a tanky frame, but so is Inaros. And now Inaros can have Piercing Roar too? Please admit that this system is a poor idea and figure out a way to rework it. If you actually rea
  7. https://imgur.com/a/jjxEbIX I barely wanted one of this Warframe. Thanks though.
  8. During a Kuva Spy mission on Ceres, the Kuva Siphon spawned under the map. The only impact it had on gameplay was that the siphon became impossible to fail. The Kuva clouds were stuck above the siphon and you had infinite time to react to them. https://imgur.com/a/RwArQ75
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