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  1. I posted a video replicating it on the subreddit but I think its better to report it here so, here it is: I know its not a big problem but then it must be easy to fix and its really annoying.
  2. This reads as if it would perform better on older hardware but my old PC says otherwise, especially in Orb Vallis. I mean I already had problems with playing at a stable frame rate in Vallis with some weird hiccups here and there but with the new engine it is almost never at a stable framerate on the lowest settings
  3. are there any plans to rework the old primes and give them more "personality" compared to the normal frame beyond the usual black-white-gold reskin? something like Titania or Ivara
  4. The following is a list I compiled over time of things I found annoying and since they are don't seem to be bugs I though this is the place to post it. Add: Ability to preferably mute (or disable like operator) bounty/ordis/nova dialogues. Ability to use warframe app while playing. Ability to cancel a bounty without leaving the open world. Alert the party when host is extracting. Drop chance percentage of bounty rewards next to their name. Show open world timer on the map when we are at Cetus/Orb Vallis/ Necralisk. Add direction to the beeping sound of
  5. Yes! I didn't have any flower until I subsumed my 3rd frame. its color doesn't match though
  6. my room is totaly empty and after subsuming three frames I only have one flower that doesn't even match the color of the frames I susbsumed
  7. I think it is supposed to break as a defense mechanism of the mech but it just perseveres afterwards until you get to HQ
  8. happened to me several times now in the orbiter. the only thing that can fix it is leaving the orbiter (by starting a mission or just exiting the game).
  9. this happened to me several times in the Orbiter
  10. no change to the mission stats screen? the new one kinda looks good but that is it, it just looks good and is not very practical
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