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  1. i know that would be good to but what actual weapons need a 10 mod slot because what would you put on more status for melees it be good for guns it would set them backbecaue damage buffs dont stack with each other and the only good stuff are crit/status that would just be used on guns all it does is put more meta into meta thats all it does my idea makes a chore into possibly something fun and rewarding
  2. (this takes place while your on the railjack mission) so i want to explain as good as i possibly can so the new mod will be RNG based from lich or sister's after choosing kill for both sister will spawn a corpus robot and a lich will spawn a larvling the objective is to kill it as quick as possible the target will spawn the mod which will be only obtainable after killing your lich or sister(meaning if you convert you wont get the spawn) and what it will do is get your progenitors bonus element than 2 random buffs and 1 effect for capacity the higher your capacity(meaning whats left over after modding the weapon the better the effect but there will be a negative with it so it balances it out and be based on rng
  3. i have a small idea for a weird and cool idea for a Christmas event list of the idea below: so the Christmas event will send the corpus to earth for a Christmas event to capture a rare pet lets call it the Jingle Bella (thats the weird part of this event) as a tenno there is 2 missions 1 in space on earth proxima and one on earth PoE the ground team will have to find the kavat and protect it and the railjack team has to find and destroy the captain issuing the capture) so the cat will spawn at night falling from the sky its big enough to be seen when using the archwing the ground objective will be to protect it while the railjack crew kills the captain issuing the commands
  4. 1 complaint i have is marulina versatility in higher content it does nothing to help yareli out what so ever so i propose this make mods specifically made for marulina lets say rather than an augment mod for marulina it gets 3 slots and the mods can give stats or buffs for team mates or yareli or even marulina itself or even debuff's for enemies(sorta like how there is mods for railjack you can use during battle but these are static effects) like upon entering marulina all party member within affinity get prevent all damage for 3 seconds and the cooldown be like 9 seconds or things that boost marulina's utility like while on marulina Yareli prevent half the incoming damage and takes 25% more damage or upon using marulina each enemy in a 15 meter radius has their defense reduced by a certain margin
  5. thanks for your pointers ill remember them for next time i just switched this from a rant to a design
  6. thanks for your pointers ill remember them for next time i just switched this from a rant to a design
  7. a warframe that uses cybernetic hair to immobilize and hurt enemies the idea is that all the warframes attacks are a type of attack from her cybernetic whip like hairs and each combo off its 1st Knot: is the first skill in jangul's skill line it works like ensnare from khora's skill but it doesn't deal damage and only effects one target serrated hairs: the 2nd skill will have 2 effects if you hold it the hairs on jungal will become serrated blades dealing true damage every second after being applied and the tap ability causes your damage to be true damage (only for your weapon) for a short duration 3rd iron wiring: this deals slash damage to each target in a frontal cone if the target has Knot on them apply it to each enemies hit by iron wiring (going to tell her passive before the 4th skill which allows you to use her 4th) so it has 2 abilities the first is upon using knot or iron wiring you build up 1 hair (max of 4) each gives 20% reduced damage and the 2nd allows you to use her 4th skill and using the new skills will cost 1-2 hair(s) the 4th Valknir: Jungal's hairs stand up switching its skill into 3 new skills the 1st will be called crosshairs: dealing massive true damage in a cone shape and causing knockdown. if you hold it though it can cast it twice but will cost 2 hairs the 2nd will be kinda like serrated hairs but the difference will be that it causes your party to have extra true damage and if you hold down the button it will send a shock wave that (only) knocks back targets and staggers than and again that will cost 2 hairs and will be called serrated tendrils and the 3rd is her final which will be called iron shield and will costs 4 hairs and it creates a shield that will protect anyone inside it preventing all damage to all players for a short time and causes anything else inside the bubble to take double damage for a very short while
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