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  1. @AkHannarthanks i just wanted to put it out there knock down does seem a better idea the stun honestly
  2. same happens to me been happening since i started fishing in the deimos area its getting quite old now if you ask me
  3. i know this probably will never be seen by anyone of importance but want to get it off my chest i have a fun and unique idea so listen to me ramble on i want to see a warframe preferably female that is like megumin i know most probably dont now who she is but she is a character from konosuba she uses explosion as her main skill(and only skill) in the anime so idk what to call the attacks other then the 4th which would be explosion so the first skill be a buff that gives a standard blast element to all weapons in a fixed area (affected by all stats) the second is a blast of energy th
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