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  1. I miss the "bug" where yareli is status immune when she is on meralina. It gave a boost of survivability in long endurance missions and u can still can get one shot if you're not careful with acolyte or other high level enemies. But it gave a good reason to me to use her 2
  2. Yea I don't like this change either it's too confusing
  3. I thought I got bugged cuz I had 2 nidus options but it seem DE didn't combine both nidus into the same invigoration option. Hopefully they fix this before the new invigoration comes out cuz I want my nidus prime to be more crazy
  4. invigoration reset yesterday and my 3 warframe option was nidus, nidus and protea. i was confused cuz this has never happened before. the second nidus had way better stats than the first so i decided to put my nidus prime in the chair but it said, "Incompatible warframe, equip Nidus to apply selected Invigoration". i was confused and tried the first one and it did gave me the option to invigorate nidus prime but i wanted the first. so i Override the first one to be applied to my saryn. after the override and invigoration to my saryn and protea. i was took out my nidus prime and tested it again with the second nidus invirotion but it denied me again. i reset my game twice and after a day of waiting i still can't apply the buff. As u can see i've took screenshot of the bug and showing that my nidus has no buff in the moment i took these screenshots.
  5. recorded myself after i disconnected myself from the squad to see if it will fix this random bug. it did not and i did not get my reward from the mission and neither did my friend. this bug happened at wave 46 and i just want my reward or a command to fix prevent this bug from happening similar to /unstuck but for bugged enemy spawning.
  6. now when will we get helminth ability on merulina?
  7. since the day yareli came out, i've invested time and plat on her to be as powerful as i can push her build at steelpath level. i love the huge buff that you've given her even though i would've loved it if u gave that extra 100% to when she's on her k-drive but whatever. At the end with my build and goal for yareli was to be a pure k-drive driven buildand only using pistols and found out only kitgun truely have the one shot capability to do hour long endurance survival missions but still kinda struggle with the acolytes. So here where i suggest possible synergy to boost yareli and encourge player to master her k-drive capabilities. First is her sea snare i want sea snare to follow her as long as she is on her k-drive and debuff enemies or double damage if i shoot them with my pistols while moving. second her K-drive is amazing at tanking and giving her alot of survivability but i would love it if u can add a charge jump that u can aim where to launch when u are standing still and maybe add a energy cost when doing this. this will help navigating tight areas like tunners or trying to squeeze in upper layers of the map. On another not can u make yareli crouch a bit when she's not shooting or auto crouch when u are entering a low ceiling area though this could've been avoided if yareli was smaller. Third her aqua blade is a great CC and force procs slash but needs more synergy so how about when u can ram to enemies with aqua blades u can force proc slash and a double damage if said enemies is in the effect of sea snare when u are on your k-drive. Lastly her 4th agility which i hate because u can't take advantage of the grouped enemies cuz after u can take out your pistol to shoot, the enemies are already blown away from the water tornado. So what about when yareli is moving on her k-drive and uses her 4th ability she surrounds herself in water and starts grouping enemies adding aqua blade's slash proc and sea snare's damage debuff/dmg buff. when she stops or shoots her pistols she will be able to kill all the enemies she grouped up. Other options to buff up yareli kit is to add status buff on her gun when she has her abilties active like +status when sea snare is up, force slash proc when shooting enemies when aqua blade is out and maybe faster reload when u are on her k-drive. I've always wanted a k-drive warframe and yareli is one of my favorite but she's not my strongest but she is very fun to use and parkore with on her k-drive. On a side note pls allow helminth abilities to be used on her while on herk-drive and i know the animations might break if she's on it so how about replace the animation with yareli's animation when she uses one her 3 her abilities. another option is maybe make her get of her k-drive to do said helminth ability animation and get back on her k-drive in a more fluent motion. Also this is kinda related to yareli and other gun loving warframe player but maybe add a gun version mod of pack leader but with the restriction that u can only equip one or the other or make arcane bodyguard work for both melee and guns or through warframe ability's dmg
  8. waited till the weekly reset and went to buy teshin weekly item that is 3Xforma and a riven cipher and saw no cipher in his shop. My friends saw their ciphers but not for me. i took screenshots of my screen and my friends sent me his screenshot of his shop with the cipher. i also took a picture of my mod storage showing there is no cipher in my inventory. I've bought the cipher every week till this happen so please help me out and fix this bug.
  9. Why couldn't DE just bring guns to melee level because if they did then they could've expanded the enemy variety in higher missions like new acolyte or random bosses spawning in mission. This could've given us a challenge and a reason to play steelpath for more exclusive rewards. Also who suggested moving the galvanized mod to arbitration because even for me as a player that love the grind will say that grinding on arbitration for years is the absolute worst grind ever. Steelpath shop needed those mods to gain more players and motivate low level players to up their arsenal.
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