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  1. Sorry but your argument of Armour value is nonsense, Armour value is a core game mechanic which affects our damage output, regardless of whether is "normal" or "high" doesn't matter because its a game mechanic that affects the damage formula. Your counter argument itself contradict yourself and it shows that viral isn't the main problem as well as you say it yourself, corrosive kills significantly faster than pure viral on certain targets. Also it shows that viral requires a secondary element in order to significantly outperform instead of being standalone. Your last point is also moot b
  2. That is where you're wrong. As you explained in your own post. Viral takes damage mitigation into consideration while slash effect does not as it deals true damage which ignores all damage reduction and mitigation effect. As enemy levels go higher, their armor values go higher which leads to more damage mitigation reducing your damage output to the point where removing armor is much better than trying to amplify your damage through viral. Remember viral only amplifies damage and is still required to have damage mitigation and reduction in its calculation. Slash does not as
  3. Viral isn't the issue the issue is Slash status proc. Viral on is own does nothing, it doesn't benefit or does bonus damage on its own, Viral as a standalone status/element is only useful against Infestation because they pure flesh. Viral only affects health. What makes viral good is Slash which is the MAIN culprit for the overuse of Viral Damage. Go ahead and bring Viral only in a mission without any weapons that can generate a slash proc/status and you will see that viral on its own is basically useless outside infestation. DE needs to relook at slash which is basically the ki
  4. Corrosive lost all its purpose in game when the helminth system came out because Pillage exist and is busted as hell, removes X percentage of armor permanently, removes status and infinite shield gating which every literal frame can abuse except for Inaros, Nidus and Lavos (Cooldown locked) Besides being a damage booster for ferrite armor and removing armour for a limited time window which there are other more efficient methods of doing. The main problem isn't Viral, the main problem is Slash! Slash has been king of all the damage types since way back. Viral would be useless if Slash
  5. Because exalted blade's damage is also affected by the melee combo counter.
  6. Well they finally updated the tiers and its much clearer. RIP my 30 repair drones.
  7. Can a dev Clarify the tier 3 reward? Do we need to have 30 repaired stuff in our inventory? Or stuff we repaired and valence transferred count to it? If its the first one, those who valence transferred to make the prefect railjack are being punished for using a system that they placed in game!
  8. The mobile app hasn't been updated to include the new prime access. Unable to build, view progress and claim octavia prime, tenora prime and pandero prime.
  9. Read the second option: Have an option to switch off umbra AI through a menu or through the arsenal. If the first option is not viable then the second option is a possible solution. I know some like Umbra's gimmick of having AI/sentience. Having an option to switch this on and off through a menu or arsenal would fix the Yeeting combo meter and those who hate the gimmick.
  10. Umbra's AI needs a tweak badly. Whenever Exalted Blade is activate and you switch out to operator and switch back in, exalted blade is switched off and the combo meter built up by it gets YEETED into oblivion. I propose that when exalted blade is active and we switch to operator, umbra continues using Exalted blade until it runs out of energy or have an option to switch off umbra's AI through the option menu or arsenal. Its on exactly easy to build up combo meter with umbra because exalted blade's waves do not count towards the combo meter. Regular Excalibur doesn't have th
  11. Steel path missions are supposed to spawn enemies as though there is a full squad in missions however on Steel path disruption the spawn rates are some what similar to regular missions on solo. I am getting solo regular missions spawn rates for disruption on the steel path.
  12. BIG YES for dual nunchucks! With dual nunchucks I can finally roflcopter my enemies to death!
  13. Are all the disruption nodes on the steel path spawn rates bugged? They are spawn as though I'm on a solo survival mission on normal mode. Steel path survival is spawns as though its a full squad but disruption is barren as though i'm on normal more. According to the the wiki all endless missions on steel path are supposed to be a full squad spawn.
  14. I wouldn't say its not useable by any means, the combos of wise razor is clunky af compared to other stances. Remember the Devstream before the nights of Naberus event? They said they were working on a new stance for 2-handed nikanas and warfans which has been silent. Instead we get ghoul saw instead.
  15. Its already widely available in the steel essence store every 2 months. Just set reminders for. Next umbra forma in steel essence will be on 22 march 2021 based on the last available date. Having umbra forma available besides from nightwave is great enough since nightwave takes forever to update. Besides with the introduction of Shield gating in game now only Umbral Intensify is relevant.
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