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  1. Crimson dervish and Crossing snakes say hi, they were utterly akward too use before the update and now are at least tolerable. While yes certain classes of weapons such as gunblades and exalted weapons have slight problems. Boohoo your long stick lost slightly a bit of range but other weapons benefited from the change - Daggers, Swords, Nikana and Dual blades can how actually hit a few more enemies with the flat range boost. Some mobile combos are better for gap closing now. Air juggling renders the enemies useless and give you a bit of breathing space for a few seconds useless? Trash mobs float while you can take out your gun and take out a high priority target such as an energy leech or nullifier ain't useless. Maiming strike although your selection of weapons is limited now but it is still way better to be used than blood rush for public lobbies and a flat damage stick is still better as 1) you don't need to build up combo multiplier 2)Nuke frames such as Sayrn, Gara exist preventing you to build a combo multiplier as enemies die from their abilities, you can't build a combo counter when enemies are dead 3)Blood rush is reliable in solo or a team without a nuke frame where you can actually build combo. Slide attacks are still useful for gap closing and heavy attacks are useful for how the new Lifestrike works as you are literally immortal. Once again your point on range, boohoo your stick is slightly shorter now but other weapons are actually benefiting from it. Lesser magnitude of damage, definitely but slightly more defensive capabilities such as movement and manual blocking.
  2. Still usable but not as good as old times, it simply became a "Point strike" for slide attacks
  3. Aww someone took away his favourite toy from him. I should feel awful from having fun? I can actually now break from combos and have much fluid movement without being stuck into an animation is bad thing? I can jump and throw kunais and slam to the ground and continuing melee spree with more fluidity is a bad thing? I can now pretend to be a jedi and try to make use of blocking is bad? My hated stances are actually usable now is a bad thing? More weapons can get actually use off reach is a bad thing? More non-meta weapons are actually being used now is bad thing? Tell me how fair is it with the old prime reached when daggers, dual blades and other weapons with short reach didn't even benefit from using it? With the new change to the reach it made them able to take advantage of the mod. Sure there are problems with the new system *cough*redeemer,exalted weapons*cough* but I'm having more fun with the other weapons instead of using my zaw because its "meta". I didn't know I wasn't suppose to have fun in this game.
  4. Aside from the reworks. Poor Vauban. I personally like the melee rework, it made a lot of weapons decent, fang prime and the dual sword with the new prime reach is delicious. My only gripe is that there are only 2 mods that can decently speed up heavy attacks.
  5. Stop whining about Maiming strike being nerfed already. Everything was nerfed to the ground with the latest update. Every meele weapon was buffed and the changes especially to Primed reach made other weapons at least useable. As much as I love the mod and spin2win even broke my damn pinky over it. DE had already drop subtle hints to players to move away from the spin2win method. Spin2win gets boring quickly and tiring for the fingers unless you are a macro user. Instead of whining, experiment and adapt with the other weapons and a different playstyle. The new melee changes are nice and fluid. Yes there are problems with the damn new system such the slow heavy attack animations with only a selective amount of 2 mods to speed them up but not by a lot. Juggling enemies in the air is way more fun than spin2win. Besides its not like the mod is totally unuseable, it simply became a vital sense for slide attacks for high crit weapons.
  6. You, me like. Taking min/maxing is one of the draws of playing warframe and the shortage of this special forma is a unique problem and will always be one. Enter update X.x.x in the year 20XX -100+ warframes in total primes non primes and weird umbra frames separately. -You've been playing for X years now and only have X umbra forma. You'll never catch up tenno -New player? Aww sorry no umbra forma for you. -Introducing (PH) Forma, this forma functions like aura forma that makes slots a universal slot. It cost a kidney and a liver but wait here's the bundle pack it cost a kidney, liver and your dignity. People scoff at the umbra forma idea now, years down the road this happens.
  7. And yet rivens still make the good weapons better even if its a miniscule amount % in a particular stat. Yet you did not mention how Rivens earned in game are an RNG nightmare, this is why people pay ridiculous amount platinum/money to skip the RNG fiesta to get the riven for their desired weapon and desired stat. That is the whole reason why SOLO, Friends, invite only exist. Not everyone will choose the easiest way and etc to finish a mission. How? How? Let say you work in the army or navy and play warframe. You get deployed to another country for X months of period and don't have access to a PC or the wifi is too crappy for online gaming. You miss a season of nightwave or two locking you out of that sweet umbra forma. Visit market and there you can buy it for platinum? Yes these type of people exist even if its just a small percentage of the player base. Is Umbra forma the only way to make money? Did I say anything about it being the only way of making money? Did I ever say that it should be removed from the Free to Play method of playing of gaining the umbra forma? I did not. Don't get me on fashionframe is end game, some players don't care about cosmetics but rather care about builds and how much the can squeeze of % stats. Giving people more choices on how they want to spend their money isn't up to you. Firstly this game has micro transactions and yes there are people who pay to get ahead, its their choice. Adding an Umbra forma for platinum is a matter of whether you want to purchase it or not whether it be through real life money or in-game earn platinum is utterly dependent on the player. In the end it is up to DE whether the UMBRA forma is going to be added to the Store or not. If it ends UP in the market for purchase in the end its still your choice to purchase it or NOT. If you take a look and the current offerings on nightwave, the only reason to do it is for that UMBRA forma or for those who have not earned the items from the previous season and everyone is who has already earned those are complaining about it. You can say X amount of reasons why X item would be bad and blah blah. But if it an convenience and it ends up in the store, ITS your choice whether you want to purchase it.
  8. Are rivens needed to enjoy the game? No, yet people still buy them when you can still clear game content without them. Do rivens make weapons powerful? Yes to an extent. Do people spend ridiculous amount of money for "god roll" rivens? Yes. Did rivens upset the power balance of the game? Yes and no as game content can still be cleared without any rivens. Will adding umbra forma in market ruin power balance? No, people are already forma around those Umbra mods for the builds. Adding an umbra forma will just reduce the amount of forma needed for frames. Using an umbra forma on a frame just allows player to use their exilus slot to add an extra mod for that extra % in a stat or a different mod in a different slot just for stat increase, allowing min-maxes get their dream build. Power creep? Of course but remember the tonkor. Frames like Gara and saryn exist while ember is crying in the corner. Will adding umbra forma in market ruin your enjoyment of the game in public? Maybe such as a more powerful nuke saryn that kills everything before you even shoot a bullet but there is solo and friends only mode. Do you need umbra mods to clear game content? Nope you can clear game content without it. Will people buy umbra forma when is not needed for the game? Yes even if it at ridiculous prices. Will it help people who get deployed or can't spend alot on time in warframe to grind in warframe? Yes. Will it make DE more money? Yes. Will it ruin the F2P experience? Nope as you can farm prime parts, sell rivens to earn platinum.
  9. How is it a power creep, when it become a universal item through the market? Credit card for paying players, free players can grind prime parts to earn in-game platinum from other players and then purchase it from the market. Lets see, working as an emt with a 12 hours shift sometimes 16 depending if there are late emergency calls 6 days a week due to lack of manpower. Dude don't compare jobs. How players decide on how they want to spend their real life money is really isn't your call. DE is a company in the end in your own words. Its up to them whether they want to monetize the Umbra forma. This is a feedback section. I'm feedbacking that I want to spend money on umbra forma as well there are other players who want to spend money for a convience. Which is not mandatory for those who don't want too spend a single cent for the game. There is a reason why forma and aura forma bundles exist for players who spent money for convience.
  10. Time doesn't feed your employees.
  11. Power creep has always been warframe's problem due to its constant updates. Remember the tonkor? Some of us have jobs and work and don't play warframe 24/7 to grind nightwave and get the umbra forma. If it was a tradeable item, I would gladly buy it off the trade chat regardless of how ridiculous the price would get. There are people who are willing to spend money on microtransactions for in-game items. Do you really think a company is willing to lose out on this market?
  12. Fulmin already had its riven disposition nerfed. it doesn't really need another nerf when the fulmin isn't a god tier weapon. High critical is all it got but it terms of IPS, Impact on semi-auto, tickle me elmo puncture on auto and no innate slash forcing you to run hunter munition to force a status proc that is consistent, innate electricity with that low status chance ain't that grand for armor stripping on longer runs due to how ridiculous armor scaling gets on long runs. Its mediocre at best and underwhelming. Paper damage is paper damage when it comes to gameplay its a different story, mistakes happens, reaction time for everyone is different, input timing, warframe being used and many more factors that involves the human factor.
  13. We all know how good the umbra mods are and that the only way to get them is through nightwave right now with no other alternative. Is it possible if we could get them on the market store for platinum for those who want to get those forma immediately rather then grind nightwave. Keep the free to play option for players who want to go that route.
  14. It already had a nerf to its riven disposition. Why on earth would it need another nerf? Its a decent weapon not a godly weapon, All it has for it is critical stats that 10% status ain't that great. It has no innate slash making it mandatory to run hunter munitions to force a decent status. Running on normal mission with enemies below level 150, sure it makes you feel godly but on endurance runs this thing is poo poo when it can't decently strip armor.
  15. 1000 is not unreasonable with Octavia in mot for a few hours 6 or was it 7 to be precise but it gets boring (invincibility spam) and the excess argon crystals are for the lols as they degrade and you don't know what to to do with them.
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