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  1. Nope, the requirement of getting a sister is not fine, outside the quest requirements. Firstly in order to get a sister, you need a Zenith Granum coin which comes from Treasurers which are time gated. Fine a statue and use the coin, kill stuff in there. Now compare it to the simplicity of getting kuva lich. No special requirements outside quest requirements. Kill a few grineer and hello there possible lich. What do we do mostly? Kill enemies. Regardless of whether you looking for a specific weapon or just want any weapon, you cannot deny that kuva liches are easier and way more accessible compared to the hoops that you need to go through for a simple sister.
  2. That doesn't fix the issue, stop being a white knight for DE. Firstly, the game isn't always about veterans who have stockpiles of granum coins. So your big If is an actual possibly. Secondly, stop hiding the fact that the requirements for getting a sister is fine, firstly coin is time gated. Secondly you're ignoring the fact that it takes significantly longer to get a sister comparing to a kuva lich. 45seconds versus 4minutes excluding loading times is a huge difference. In a time for getting a sister and replacing your lost zenith coin. You could do multiple Cassini runs to find your desired weapon for a kuva larvling.
  3. Get rid of the granum void requirements especially when its token is dropped by an enemy which is locked behind a timer. On capture mission it takes a whole 2 minutes until the treasurer who drops the coin spawns. For someone who has 0 zenith granum coins its going to take a while. You have to wait for the treasurer to spawn, grab the coin and then put it into a statue, doing the granum void objective and hope that the sister spawns with a weapon that you want, if its not then you have to repeat the entire process again. The fastest timing I've gotten was 4minutes 21seconds on a capture mission, mainly waiting for the treasurer to spawn. Compare to getting a kuva lich which can literally be spawned in less than a minute, Cassini, capture target, kill enemies and the larvaling spawns and see if its the weapon you want. Fastest timing I've gotten was 45 seconds. Comparing timings, liches are faster to generate and farm weapons that you want. Edit: Liches don't require any special resources too!
  4. You forgot to mention something! Getting Animation locked parrying bullets, it was a hilarious bug but getting stun lock by animations gets old quick
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