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  1. Smeeta kavat buff has a chance to double the resource during its duration. The buffs are stackable and do not overwrite each other. Your kavat could have loved you for that run and given you the holy double resource buff twice. Were you running with one?
  2. But the strange thing is they made it farmable (intended for veil proxima region and to make it an incentive to play broken jack) when railjack was first released then removed it because of an event. I was one of the lucky players who got the umbra forma blueprint due to spaghetti code and the mess that was the release of railjack. They could at least put it back since scarlet spear it over. I can understand why they won't put in the market. But with how easy and how immortal your warframes are now thanks to shield gating (Brief respite + Rolling guard + 1 Augur mod combo). They should at least bring back the possibility of farming it at a very low chance just like how they intended it to be. Hotfix 27.0.3 We've made a change related to the Umbra Forma Blueprint reward. These are an intentional reward drop for Railjack missions in the Veil Proxima region (harder enemies, better rewards)! Wires got crossed to have it drop on Earth, which is not intentional.
  3. I don't see how my post is trolling. Its just a wish that will never happen. Warframe is a PVE and farming game anyway. If everyone had optimized umbral builds it would reduce the time of enemies dying and more polymer bundles and other loot. Win win for everyone.
  4. Try changing your amp on your operator. Some amp names prevents kuva larvaling spawns. I don't know whether is bug is present on XBOX1. Refer to the kuva lich fixes on the update thread.
  5. Honesty it all depends on your particular playstyle with that particular warframe. If you're not using Umbral mods, 2 or 3 forma is usually enough to squeeze in everything. Just forma until you feel comfortable with your build that suits your playstyle.
  6. Nope they were potential rewards from rare caches during the release of railjack. I got mine from earth twice and once from saturn before the hotfix that removed them from those two locations because they weren't supposed to be there. Haven't seen them since that specific hotfix. As for whether they're back? Looking at the past update and hotfix logs. Doesn't seem so.
  7. Spend all your umbra forma on him! Then you will be the only player in the game with Excalibur Prime Umbra and have the biggest flex in game. But Buildwise: Vitality, Intensity (Umbral Or Normal) both works fine. Fiber is nice but not necessarily need as because Shield gating exist now. Augment - Chromatic Blade. Get to 180 power strength to make your exalted blade to have 100% status. Add more if you want to take advantage of the new status mechanics. The rest is totally dependent on your playstyle.
  8. That is just plain and simple bad RNG and has nothing to do with your warframe or is it bugged. Warframes do not affect the TYPE of weapon that you get, it affects the ELEMENTAL bonus of the Kuva Weapon. Just keep farming, it will bound to show up sooner or later. Its just plain bad luck.
  9. Firstly there is no such thing as a god roll riven. Game is constantly being updated meaning there is bound to be an update that is going to force you to reroll that riven. A good example would be the status rework. -Status duration hurts now on rivens. Potential Damage system overhaul will force you to reroll rivens again. Did I mention riven disposition changes yet? A 5 disposition riven weapon if it gets popular enough can turn into a 1 disposition riven. Meaning while the stats maybe good now it can change into a trash stats later on. Rivens are not a necessity as you can clear the game without them. I don't see a riven as a good investment on platinum as because the game is always in a flux but thats just me. What i consider a good investment in platinum are things like orokin catalyst and reactors because their effects are permanent and won't see a change in the future.
  10. No riven is ever worth the platinum investment because riven disposition are always changing. You can pretty much clear the game and do endurance runs even without touching the riven system. If you are looking for a X weapon riven, just buy an unrolled one or trash riven, head to kuva with a booster and then pray to RNG. Which is much cheaper unless its a popular weapon (Bramma rivens even unrolled or trash stats are still ridiculously high). Rivens are nice but they aren't need to enjoy warframe.
  11. As the title states the bug..falling through floors bug which still exist... This usually occurs sometimes why I'm in rolly polly mode using grendel or using K-drives on open world maps Yes yes /unstuck exist I know but a bug is a bug
  12. Aside from the Dark split sword which actually benefits from it. Stance forma is just to future proof your melee weapons for a possible rework in the future.
  13. The thing is that the original thread poster thinks that HP is everything when its not since well everything one shots you on higher level content before shield gating. He literally forgot 1 thing, Nidus has literally infinite HP and EHP as long you have enough stacks to trigger Nidus's Undying passive.
  14. This thread has well thought and great arguments with regards to Vauban. I agree that his photon strike is underwhelming and could use an better augment instead of photon repeater. Would an augment that works similarly to to Baruuk's 4 augment potentially fix it or at least make it better?
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