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  1. Well void storms and the general "space is an ocean and spacers are sailors" theme this update goes with... Also, yes the theme is amazing.
  2. Thanks. I'm not using WF Discord and missed that :)
  3. And the 29.10's Trello board seemingly is gone... I'm not entirely sure if it helped or only added further confusion, but it was a step in a good direction, letting DE to "officially acknowledge" some bug or feedback without over-elaborating on it, and all in one place... I would definitely like that for the next big update.
  4. I hate host pigration as much as the next player, but there's already a penalty for bailing out, and actually a worse one for disconnecting/reconnecting (you don't even get the XP you earned before the DC.) There's no point in making it any worse. And ESO needs a major rework, because I strongly suspect most of those early quits are over lag issues...
  5. Nice drop. I'm not sure about this new policy, the old one had its drawbacks and this one has its advantages, but whatever irritation the old drops caused, people at least knew what they were signing up for at the start. No "rare" items like the last week, and maybe some kind of anti-duplicate feature (not 100% bad luck-proof but something more int the nature of "consolation prize," like, IDK a free forma for 3+ duplicates, something like that.) could make it feel less like "surprise mechanic."
  6. Well, I'm just here to add to the sentiment that random drops should be the exception, not the norm, and better not used at all. And that adding "rare" drops to the mix is a bad move -- it may boost metrics but it won't boost anyone's actual interest in the streams.
  7. No, no one knows what exactly causes it (and yes, there are people who can do pulse turbines with no issue.)
  8. Happened after the 3rd pre-Profit Taker bounty, right after I left the squad this thing spawned. It only played idle animations, no attacks, unlike with a similar Railjack bug. I asked in the relay chat if anyone else saw it, but got no answer.
  9. nebfab

    Affinity Bug

    Had the same thing this morning, all affinity gone despite not having boosters, being solo and not doing anything crazy just a simple run in Kalabash. Also the mech and the Mausolon, although it was used, did not appear in mission result screen at all, but the Arquebex did (with 0 xp gained...)
  10. Yea, the way it replaces the zoom and with no respec and no ability to turn it off there's just no way to "try" it.
  11. OK, sorry if it's one of the impossible ones: Good Night from Bofuri. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92SIWFL7WBo Verse (from the 0:08 on) is probably the most recognizable part. Alternatively, the intro of the instrumental version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_tLu-Lse-4 but really, whatever works best. ADD: Good fan cover with sheet music in the description if it's any help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFxWLO39qjk
  12. I don\t remember right away how persistent he is or supposed to be, but if there's a Wukong in a Railjack team (and with enough intrinsics) you can give an additional twin to yourself or another player from tactical menu.
  13. If you fall down one of the holes in that tileset, you're respawned outside in an archwing, and if you're solo and it's a mobile defence point of interest, you're left with no means to get back to the objective, it's no longer displayed in the HUD and all you can do is abort the mission.
  14. Just a bit of a pet peeve about the Trello...It needs more/better categories for feedback. Right now the stuff confirmed being worked on (liches not just defending,) the items devs agreed with but had not committed to (FA changes to make it solo friendly) and the things they "nope"'d out of (Gunnery 10, changes to the flow of Corpus RJ) are in the same column... Speaking of Gunnery 10... More people would have tried it if it didn't irreversibly change a control that works a certain way almost everywhere else in Warframe into something completely different. Seriously, could it
  15. Then he goes on about how he was afraid the kavat would be sucked into a breach and that's why he reconsidered... He really needs some modding help :D
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