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  1. Envoy is also more straightforward: no individual reload, no sub--projectiles, no secondary fire, the rocket flies straight. You can get more out of Zarr, but if you just want to see things go boom, Envoy is much easier to get and use. And Ogris got that new UT skin this cycle, which probably explains that nerf.(And also demonstrates why totally formula-based balancing isn't really a good idea.) ADD: Although, Stahlta, also a powerful gun with new UT skin, actually got a buff... So maybe that's not it...
  2. Two most obvious reasons are that palettes cost plat (yes, you can get some decent free ones, but...) And stuff you can do with free colours is limited, defaults often look better. Or the frame is destined for helminth and weapons for deletion anyway, so... I personally often actually like default colours, so, while I customize them some, they end up being close to the originals anyway.
  3. I meant zaws themselves are still as good as any melee can be now.
  4. Not the economy, the grumbling. RJ 3.0 thread was briefly overtaken by "oh no, we need to forma railjack too now?" panic. Which ended up being a bit of a teapot tempest, but IMO it made it all the more indicative -- people were upset even about the possibility they'll need more forma. Then the new kuva/tenet stuff was added with Sisters. It's a substantial forma sink, and people are complaining about it. And it wasn't like that before, people complained about just about everything but forma sink aspect of liches when they were originally released. I honestly can't remember any big complaints about formas from 2019 until this year, but I might be wrong.
  5. My guess is that grumbles about forma economy that started with RJ 3.0 and went on with Sisters update had an effect, without the people spending more plat on formas...
  6. Don't forget plague zaws and arcanes. Even if there are other events with them now, and even if Exodia Contagion received an extra strike of the nerfbat in melee/gun rebalancing, they're still top-tier melees. Otherwise, yes, forma, and ghoulsaw and snipetron as MR fodder.
  7. There would be change. IIRC they didn't talk about it in detail, just mentioned the earlier announced change (SoPs dropping keys and 10 keys in Veil storms and +1 key elsewhere.) would be part of the update.
  8. Thanks for the correction. :) That said, I don't really see the issue with putting them there. It's not a very good relics farming spot to begin with, getting occasional relic there a side benefit at best, and right now Kuva survival actually shares the drop table with Tier 3 normal survival, so it's not like that drop table would be gone.
  9. IDK, I see at least a couple every mission. But yea, drop rate can make this either super easy or even worse than rot C survivals.
  10. They actually said what changes they do plan. IIRC, it's moving it from C to A for the part you get from spy caches and something-something but still defection for the one that everyone has the real trouble with. I'd try to find the exact time in the vod. EDIT: Found it, all drop changes talked about from 59:27 to 01:00:29 Ambassador pieces will drop from the RJ raknoids. (No info on drop rate or whether or not that's in addition to or instead of the current method.) Harrow defection part also will drop in survival (I presume in a dark sector) and Harrow spy part is going to drop from rotation A, not C.
  11. It wasn't a glitch. Redtext said "now fly my pretties" before it started. There was a glitch of you not getting the flight and seeing everyone else as walking on air If you left the relay, then returned.
  12. It is really interesting to see those threads, and how people in them rarely talk about this being a design issue. DE did design some nominally cooperative system where in certain situations, you get more by actively not cooperating (or at least made it look that way) and they can re-design it. We can, say, have choice of "promoting" the lich an getting the murmur, or not promoting them and getting, say, a guaranteed relic instead (everyone else still gets murmurs) or something along those lines...
  13. Yes, but my point was that we didn't find him intact, he was build from resources, much like any other frame. There's no indication he continuously existed all those years. Yet he still has those memories, despite being brand new. The only way this works is if the foundry re-built/copied the original, not repeated the whole process of infesting a human host.
  14. Think about it this way. Our Umbra clearly has the memory of THE Umbra as created by Ballas, not someone else's, otherwise the quest makes no sense. Yet he's made in the foundry, just like other frames (except for the timer) and again, neither our character, nor Ordis notice anything unusual initially. It's definitely a copy/re-creation, and that's likely how warframes were always made after the "prototype" was created by infesting a human.
  15. IDK if that's enough, but it's nice to see she's not abandoned.
  16. I use Wukong for everything except spy. Wukong is neat, until his cloud goes "poof" right in front of a regulator. Or he gets snagged on doors b/c of lag... Or... Basically, he requires your undivided attention and the things can go wrong anyway. Infiltrator Ivara is much slower, but she's WAY more reliable and chill.
  17. Come to think of it, the story of the quest we get railjack in is also in-game explanation of why Cy is so cautious and would force us to retreat rather than risk losing his ship again.
  18. Yes, as far as getting the BP is concerned, I don't remember if all the materials are gettable without the vaults now (it used to be back at the Deimos launch.)
  19. Protea. I farmed her. Twice. And twice got struck by bad RNG streaks. Do not recommend, just buy her, Parvos Granum won't mind. Ivara, bought before Ivara Prime was a thing. Harrow... Actually got lucky with him. Yareli is kinda easy, but I'm one of the 3 people who didn't hate K-Drives... Hildryn, bought, because giant bosses aren't my thing... Didn't really farm most of the other difficult ones yet (Octavia next... The quest itself is... ahem... real challenge... then there are part farms...)
  20. I don't know the exact numbers either, but I just tested this for myself, and there's definitely some kind of exponential damage reduction for Sisters, and yes it causes otherwise stronger weapons to do less damage... Which is, err... 17 different kinds of WHY? but explains a lot of reports of ridiculously tough fights.
  21. OK, Sisters are tough, but not THAT tough. Maybe she had some resist/immunity you overlooked?
  22. Prowl Ivara for slow and sure way. Banshee for "lol, I just one-shot her," but somewhat risky way. Either of those, or necramech for the final part.
  23. The problem with rescue is that can be insta-failed by the lich appearing at just the wrong moment, and unlike with defence/mob def I don't think there are any counters...
  24. As I said, I'm lazy for the full math right now. But even the 54 runs (which is an underestimate of how bad the larvling RNG can get) is actually insane. With liches, that's Ok, 3 minutes mission itself, 1 minute on loading screens. That's about three and a half hours. If that's not insane I don't know what is. Sisters, since you're gated by the spawn rate of treasurers, have potential to be even worse, it's just that they don't have as many weapons in the pool... Yet.
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