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  1. Hi, want to report that I kill my Kuva Lich and take his weapon but he also appears and help me on missions. Every time he appears the game freezes for a few seconds, like 5 to 10 seconds, and disconects some of the party members but the game don't crash, just turn the screen black for an moment and then Cakk Fulirvt appear to help me, it had happened twice, but the first time I did not manage to take a screenshot. Here is his weapon on my arsenal: And here is he with me on a mission: The other weird thing about him was that he stole an anasa ayatan sculpture from a sortie but the sculpture did not appeared in the recovered list, I got it back but it did not show it up (I have the screenshots if you need them but I don't want to take more space from here) Thanks for the hard work 😁
  2. Totally agree, the room looks beautiful now but it feels weird to hit and invisible ceiling, mainly using weapons like the lenz when you try to aim something below you and escape the blast jumping up... I've killed myself several times thanks to that "ceiling"
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