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  1. i have 2 syandanas that are glitched on ps4. the first is my obsidian azura syandana. when equipped to my nyx prime theres this tiny cube that floats right in front of her chest. second is my obsidian corvus syandana. it is off center. it looks like it attaches to the right of the spine instead of centered. i paid for both of these. itd be great if they could get fixed.
  2. i bought the obsidian corvus pack and the syandana is bugged. its off center. ive tried it on several frames and its the same on all of them. its slightly off center to the right. like its not attached to the center of the back of the frame. please fix! i really like the cape and would like to use it but its just an eyesore as it is now. another problem i have is that i never got my nekros prime andi watched the entire live stream. i would like to have it added to my account.
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