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  1. Heck yes, glad to see you got yours working Zwiebel! I wonder why this version hates the microSD cards so much??
  2. Yeah...I've seen a few others mention this and wondered if it was related.
  3. Thank you Helen for the reply! This has been very frustrating for a large portion of the Switch player base, I'm glad to see someone from Digital Extremes reply about it here. Please let us know of any updates to this matter, as it is still causing most people here major problems! Look forward to hearing updates
  4. Same, you can see my thread on the topic currently going as well in the Matchamaking section.
  5. Hi Zweibel! Yeah, me and Zweibel both have support tickets open currently on the connectivity issues from the Dog Days update, and are really trying to get some traction on it from the devs. It seems more people are finally talking about it now on here than just complaining about it in public chat in-game, which is good I guess...gotta speak up!
  6. Zwiebel, Man, I'm sorry that sucks. Just curious, so you say you opened a support ticket as well? Also out of curiosity, which support person did you get, because mine recommended the same, lol. He did just post today on my support ticket and said they are now opening an investigation into it, and I replied back to him just now to inform him about the (temporary) success I and a few others had with the transfer to system memory. Man, I was really hoping that would've worked for everyone else though, so yours just kinda shot that theory down I guess 🤷‍♂️. Well, I still say we keep at it with them until they get a hotfix patch out for it or something. If nothing else, I'm glad that we have a good community of gamers here willing to try and help one another 👍.
  7. Yeah Alleno, unfortunately just deleting and reinstalling on microSD isn't working for most here...I finally got enough games archived to put my Warframe data on my system memory vs microSD card, and I can also confirm that it fixed my connectivity problems. Everything is now working as it should! Soooo nice to be able to play on Public again for the first time in weeks now without it crashing out!! I still consider this a temporary solution though, as this problem should not be occurring at all, and you shouldn't be forced to have to put a large game such as this on the system memory only just to not have this major bug occur. I'm still going to try and see if I can get the support guy to elevate it further, but I will also let him know of this solution for the time being. Perhaps it's a bug specifically from that Dog Days update not meshing well with microSD card game data storage, so it still warrants further investigation imo.
  8. Hmm, so you guys are having success by switching your game data from being stored on the microSD card to the system storage? I might have to try that out, if I can find a way to clear enough room to do so. I'm one of those types who plays my Switch quite a bit, this being the case, I have well over 100 games on my system right now, have the main system storage full, as well as 2 128gb microSD cards, and am working on my 3rd microSD card now, a 64gb one...I'm pretty heavy into the Switch scene you could say... Regardless, even if it makes a difference transferring all the game data to system storage rather than microSD storage, that sounds like an issue they still REALLY need to fix, as I've had my game data for Warframe on my microSD card this whole time and had zero issues until this last update, so why is it a problem now all of a sudden? I'm still gonna keep at it on those devs with my support ticket with D.E. I think, which by the way, still haven't heard a word since my last update on that, it's been several days, which is frustrating me. This whole thing is just getting frustrating in general at this point. They clearly don't have the Switch version of the game as a high priority... Thanks for all the help though so far, everyone! Maybe that game data transfer to the system will help!
  9. Update#2 Heard back from the same DE support person from my (still open) ticket. He had me try multiple things to see if they would help, neither of which did. I replied back to him telling him (and showing through screenshots I attached in the message to him) that neither of their suggestions worked, and that I was still encountering this error afterwards. I didn't get a reply back yet, as it was Sunday and I think they were possibly closed or something. So I'm expecting to hear something back from him/them later today now that it is Monday. Frustrating to see this taking so long to get them to fix it, but slow progress is better than no progress I guess. Will update next time I receive a response from them. Edit: just for clarification, the two things he had me try were to a) check my Switch for a possible system update to make sure that it wasn't an out-of-date version causing the problem, but after checking i was obviously on the most up-to-date version. Not sure why they thought I could've possibly even been on an older version because afaik the Switch won't allow you to even play any online games if your operating system is out-of-date, and forces you to update when even trying to do so. b) he had me go into system settings and Delete All Saved Data for Warframe to "clear the cache" as he put it. He first assured me that doing so would NOT delete any of my progress or anything, im guessing because your online account & data for it is kept on their servers ultimately, which I can confirm is true after doing this, it ultimately just really reset all of my customized settings such as playing inverted, and disabling motion controls, back to default. Just wanted to add this so you guys would know not to bother trying either of these methods, as they were just a waste of time and didn't fix the cause.
  10. Update everyone, I've finally gotten a reply from someone from Digital Extremes on the Support Ticket I created almost a week ago. They relied to it finally yesterday afternoon apparently, and I just noticed it today after checking on the ticket status on the website. I'll quote the reply below: "We're very sorry for the delay in responding to your ticket request. Due to the nature of technical issues, we would like to confirm that you are still having these issues with your game or not. Personal changes, game updates, and/or small hotfixes often solve these issues after a ticket has been sent in. If the issue continues, we would like to help in any way that I can! Please let us know either way. Good luck out there!" I have responded to this reply basically stating that I am still having this issue, that I have confirmed with others here on this forum as well as in in-game public chat that there are others having this same problem as well, and reiterated what the specific issue is. Hopefully this means they will be looking into it now. Progress! (even if it's slow and not much as of yet...) If/when I get further replies from them, I'll repost here and let everyone know of any updates on the situation.
  11. Scratch that. Still does it in docked mode just as bad...guess that first time it didn't was a fluke...
  12. Hi Zatick, Unfortunately no, I don't believe that's the case, although I really wish it were. I am in the U.S. and have my region set to North America, and I've never changed these settings since day one of owning my Switch. I do have one question for everyone that's been posting here, something that's been on my mind about all of this since we began having this problem, and I just haven't asked it yet. For everyone encountering this problem: what mode do you primarily play Warframe in? I.E. handheld or docked mode on your TV? The reason I ask is because I almost exclusively play in handheld mode myself, and i tried playing on docked mode for the first time ever since having this problem last night, and it seemed like it still locked up at that 60% loading mark, but for FAR less time. Like only a few seconds vs. several minutes. I still only played it in Solo mode though, so I am going to go docked mode right now and try switching back to Public matchmaking and see what happens. But I am VERY curious to hear what modes you guys all play in, because I'm starting to think it's possibly primarily handheld mode that is affected, and maybe that is why a bunch of other people aren't noticing issues because they always play in docked mode. Just a working theory in progress atm, so guess I'll go do some testing and eliminate some more variables...
  13. I still have not received a reply from the developers or anyone from their team on the support ticket I opened on the website. This is honestly bothering me quite a bit, as it has been 3 days now since I created it, I guess today will be day #4, and not a peep there or otherwise. I just turned the game on about 8 minutes ago for the first time today though, and it is currently downloading some kind of update, don't know as of yet what it is sin e it's only at 50% downloaded as of the typing of this message, but maybe it will be a patch to fix this? Guess I'll find out in a few minutes. The update appears to be 14.6gb in size (judging by where I'm at in the download process, 7.3gb remaining to download @50% completed). I'll let everyone know once its finished and I have time to play it for a bit if it is any kind of update that improved our specific problem we're all having in any way. I just feel like adding this in here as well, thank all of you guys for your responses, I really appreciate it if no one else does. Even if the devs aren't doing anything to help as of yet, I feel like Warframe really has a good community of players behind it who really help support one another often, and it shows. So, just wanted to say thanks all. Edit: Just finished downloading that update, and tried starting the next mission in my main quest where I'm at, and still encountering the same problem, it locked up at the 60% mark on every loading screen I've come across so far. So, it doesn't look like that update did anything to help at all...oh well, let's keep trying to get through to the devs. All we can do really, I guess.
  14. Check out my other post in the topic I created. I agree. It's frustrating me to no end that I haven't heard or seen anything from the devs about it as well. We are not alone in this, either, so you would think they would be trying to get a fix out quickly...but I digress. Again, go chk out my latest post in my topic, I've created a support ticket on the website about it, and will be updating if/when I hear anything. We need more people to do the same though, so maybe consider creating a ticket yourself as well? In the mean time, try Solo mode, it BARELY works, but it does work, just enough to be able to play it alone. Good luck, talk to you soon.
  15. Thank you everyone for the posts. I am relieved to at least hear others are having the same problem. I have since also realized that I can still play as long as I am in Solo mode. This wasn't the case originally, but since then it does seem that switching to Solo has helped. As I'm sure you're all aware as well though, it only JUST helps. I still get the issue doing this where ALL loading screens lock up around the 60% mark, then proceed to take SUBSTANTIALLY longer to finish loading than they otherwise normally would. I now end up spending anywhere from 10-30 minutes waiting on the load screens like this for EVERY mission, if you add up the loading times coming & going on each mission. I was actually able to complete the Dog Days event this last weekend, but where it maybe should've taken me an hour or so to play all the levels enough to get to mission 4 and unlock the final rewards, it literally took me around 6 hours to do so, and that was time from actually staying in the game constantly, just repeating each mission as quickly as possible, with little to no down time. If I even attempt to play in any mode other than Solo, (friends only, invite only, or public), I will simply get to that 60% load point on the loading screen before it then locks up, and after a few more minutes of sitting there like that, getting that error message of it saying the connection to the host has been lost. Badger, it is NOT a problem on our ends with our wifi connectivity. I have very good wifi here at my home where I always play, and have continued to have a perfect connection to my wifi. It is VERY MUCH the introduction of this latest update that came along with the Dog Days summer event that has caused this. I have over 300 hours logged onto Warframe on my Switch, and have never encountered a single issue with any glitches or load/game crashing or long load times until now after downloading this latest update. Don't feel too bad though, everyone, as along with us, I have been asking around quite extensively in the public chat rooms online in the game, and I have encountered many more people having this exact same problem as well. Yes, there are some people who aren't having any issues at all, but the number of people I've talked to that are having the same problem is quite large, so we aren't alone on this. I have also created a Support Ticket a few days ago on Digital Extremes' Warframe website regarding this issue, and am eagerly awaiting their response from that. As soon as I hear anything back from the developers, I will lef you guys know when and what exactly they say. I really hope they get this fixed soon, as it's really hindering our game experience overall pretty hard. Edit: I forgot to add, it may help if more of us submit Support Tickets on the website as well. Maybe more voices that direction will get heard better and/or get action on this moving quicker. Please consider doing so, if anyone needs help figuring out how to do this, please ask me on here, as it was a bit confusing for me to figure out initially as well, but I'd be glad to help if anyone decides to try it.
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