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  1. The Mastery Rank system is garbage. The 24 hour lockout is one of the most stupidly punitive and anti-fun things I have ever seen in any game.
  2. I think they quit the first time they fail a Mastery Rank test, see there is an absolutely brain dead idiotic unnecessarily punitive 24 hour lockout, and say "WTF? Seriously? Screw this game." /uninstall. For me that happened at MR11, and if I hadn't made a bunch of really cool friends in game already, I would have quit.
  3. It has been 9/3 for 5 hours! When is this available? :)
  4. Hey all, I'm a lifetime MMO junkie who got my start in MUDs before MMOs were even a thing. Over the years, some of my favorites have been Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, WoW, Guild Wars 1 and 2, Phantasy Star Online, Anarchy Online, Skyforge, and too many more to list. When I play, I play pretty hardcore, though RL sometimes interrupts (wife, 2 kids, and 2 businesses, one of them a video game studio). I play mostly at night, though occasionally daytime when possible. I'm also an adjunct professor teaching "Intro to Game Design" and it was one of my students who talked me into playing Warframe. I am more than happy to get on Discord with folks either to do harder content or just chat. I am looking for a clan with cool, active folks who don't mind taking on a newer player and helping him learn the ropes. I am certain it won't be long until I can be a significant contributor to the overall group. I just need to get up to speed. I'm MR3 after a few days and having a blast with Rhino. I typically play tanks in MMOs, but I also dig off tanks and both melee and ranged DPS (though lean a bit towards melee) My in game name is: Snarlax My discord name is: Frogdice#8329
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