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  1. I am confused, do buffs on warframes carry over onto gunner positions? That does not seem right.
  2. War heavy attack becomes ranged blast.
  3. I have been on a few railjacks and sometimes the beam array is a different color. my issue is there is no energy color select on the customization menu, so something else is selecting the color and I don’t know which one. Or if it’s even that.
  4. The solar rails might come back when we go attack the sentient home system, be nice if I could chuck a ball full of army at them.
  5. Galavarc is designed to chain to three ships but needs to be pointed at an enemy ship and held on, which is annoying I would of preferred a lock on beam, and also has a short range. the Milati I have no clue what it is designed for, swarm launched dumbfire launcher, which I swear has drop. If I was bombing something I could understand, but everything smaller than a crewship is nimble and small and everything crewship and larger needs to be boarded to be destroyed. That being said I found it in the later portion of the second void sector that ships would take two Artillery strikes in order to destroy, during this to soften up the target beforehand might work.
  6. Communicate when using the artillery weapon, the pilot needs to hold still so you don't miss, and any dodging resets the charge up. Dodge movement also affects using the forges.
  7. Sarpa is the worst for this. I have no stance mods and the damned thing was made for a fighting retreat.
  8. Railjacks was released with both a lot and very little information on there operation and mechanics, and this topic is just to cover all the things that maybe people don't know at the start. This is just the stuff I have noticed and am sharing. Please share what you have learned as well. -Almost all operations on a railjack are level locked behind intrinsics. Many of us have seen the videos showing off railjacks doing cool stuff, like launching archwings or firing the artillery weapon at targets. Unfortunately a lot of this is cut off to the starting crewmember by the intrinsics system. Not only is the archwing launcher (gunnery 3 to use, gunnery 4 to board crewships) and the artillery weapon (gunnery 5) use cut off, but construction of energy (engineering 2) and consumable ordnance (engineering 3, engineering 5 for dome charges for artillery) and even the ship map (Tactical 1, press L to access) and boost (piloting 1) is locked behind this system. -Ordnance and energy is limited and can be used by gunners. Unlike your Warframes the Railjack cannot passively recharge energy or pick up ammunition. both require manufacturing in one of the forges. This resource is not limited to the pilot but the one or two gunners as well, or anyone using the tactical interface to remote cast abilities. This means that the system can be mismanaged. Torpedos can be fired wildly, powers could be cast for amusement, resources could be waisted before they are needed. This Is co-op crew work, move your crew to victory. -It is exceeding difficult for a Railjack to be destroyed. Railjacks do not explode when they hit low health, they instead hit a state of immortality for one (1) minute where the ship can be repaired, and are given health and temporary immunity to damage for a small amount of time. They do not lose any major function during this state and nothing is disabled. If you fail to make the repair during this time, either from neglect or lack of omni resource to repair, then your railjack is "destroyed" and you will be returned to the drydock, losing all your resources you gained during that mission. There is no repair cost or penalty otherwise. -Enemy Missiles can be shot down, Outrider Mines cannot. Avoiding damage can be difficult for the railjack. You can try to hide behind static objects in the map, some pilots can dodge, but some enemy ordnance has tracking. If you see any large blue shots coming towards the ship you can destroy them before they hit. Unfortunately the Outrider Mines it sometimes deploys cannot be shot down and the only option is to run away from them. -Save ordnance for harder threats, but not for use on Crewships! Ordnance packs quite a punch, but in some cases it is a waste to use. Smaller fighters can be easy to beat with guns, but larger ones more difficult and ordnance can save time. Crewships on the other hand are as immortal as Railjacks, except they have 37 times the hull and have armor that can reduce your damage to single digits, and when reduced to 0 damage via conventional means will eventually restart at half health. -Only things that can kill a crewship are Artillery and doing it yourself. Crewships are a massive threat, with explosive tracking ordnance and three weapons positions combined with there stupidly solid armor. That being said they can be affected by weapon effects and disabled by shooting out there engines. But there are only two ways to destroy a crewship. One is using Railjack Artillery, which unfortunately requires Gunnery 5 to operate, and should you run out of charges during combat Engineering 5 to reload it in the field. Leaving the second option more preferable and less resource intensive, flying over in an archwing and blowing up the reactor yourself. -A lot of things shown in previous demo's have either been scaled back, streamlined or not been implemented yet. Some might remember things like power redirection from the first demo or quick slotting powers from the second or tactical power support on remote locations. There is very little to board and its all small stations. I personally have only been to two of the three sectors and have not seen a corvus ship or been on an orokin station (I'm assuming this one might be in the void sector). This release was fast and looks like not all content is ready. Patience, eventually all will be released.
  9. Ah no I think the issue is that after a certain gunner upgrade they lose all sense of the ships direction and roll status. There is no visual indicator for front of ship or up, so your trying to describe the area.
  10. I’ve actually had a different theory, there is a rather large scale difference between inside the railjack and outside the railjack, I think the finger is actually normal sized and people inside the railjack are shrunk down.
  11. I also find it odd that I haven't had a archwing mod drop while going around. Lot of basic Warframe mods but no Archwing mods.
  12. There is some issue with the drones, as they are easily destroyed by splash damage, and most railjack archwing combat is done at full burn and they cannot keep up with burn and blink.
  13. Ok so there are four problems: 1: crewships may be over armored requiring boarding to be destroyed. 2: level locked ship technologies requiring large intrinsic cost to use. 3: crew members with little or no knowledge about the operation of Railjack’s and how to combat enemies. 4: bugs preventing proper operation of the railjack as intended.
  14. I just don’t understand the torpedoes. Tooltip says it does 8000 blast damage and I’m not sure if I’ve cracked 250 using it on a crewship. In some cases a torpedo seems overkill for fighters.
  15. Why the hell would IT BE IN PROFILE?!?! This game was made by engineers that have never experienced human contact!!
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