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  1. I have the same issue here but I’m on ps4. Have 2 of the same acts and they don’t finish. They keep resetting at 100
  2. So for the daily act I got the “Mow them Down” killing 150 enemies with primary. Easy enough, except no. So I have two of them at the same time for some reason. Why is this bad? Because any progression towards the bounty doesn’t get saved at all. You do the bounty; finish the mission and nothing happens, the bounties become undone also so if you attempt to do it, when you get 100 kills, it resets you back to 0, making this act impossible for anyone to do update: I read all your comments and I guess all we can do is wait lol, either for a hotfix or for the first act to end so we can do the second one.
  3. Anyone know why twitch drops never work for me? I always make sure my account is linked. And it is. I always watch the whole stream. Same with partner streams. But I never get any of the 30min/1 hour drop things. Is this common for everyone? Because I see people get the twitch color pack or the glyphs but I never do lol
  4. I’m fairly new to sorties, haven’t don’t that many. I think only like 4. Yeah I know it’s not that much lol. But that’s not my issue. I wish to know how the reward system works. So I got an Ayatan Sculpture, the Anasa I believe for all my runs. This is not me complaining because I actually love collecting sculptures. But I am intrigued as to if the rewards are actually random. Ive heard and seen several stories of other people getting loads of these sculptures. It’s almost kind of a meme/joke according to a few people I’ve talked to. But back to the topic at hand. Is the reward system actually random? Or is there coding behind it giving a person with the highest kills the rare reward or a person with the lowest damage taken etc... again, I am new to sorties so do pardon some ignorance I might have, should go away with some time lol. Just am curious now.
  5. Same here bud. But what can ya do. Technology messes up like that sometimes. (All the time for me lol) I feel you.
  6. I’m with you on that one. I love the uniqueness off her abilities. But the looks, so many bumps, it’s a bit gross not gonna lie. Also what is this new fat frame you mentioned?
  7. I see. I love mirage primes looks. But her default, I just can’t get over the legs, they look odd to me.
  8. That would make sense. I’d believe you. You were kinder in responding.
  9. We know there’s a ton of nice looking default warframes. Some of my favorite are Mesa Prime and Chroma Prime. but there’s a few frames which people consider not looking as great. (Default) what is the “ugliest” frame you have seen.
  10. Not a throwaway account bc it’s what I play with lol. And as for trolling. If I was good at it I would do it. And I’m sorry if my topic offended you but I’m here to see people’s opinions and I’m gonna do that. edit: I appreciate your input though. Thanks for you opinions edit2: did I pick a heated topic? Yeah. Ofcourse I did lol. Why? Because it gets people talking and that’s what I’m here to see
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