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  1. Well if i look back i remember the time when there was no trade system AT ALL in the game and some prime parts were hidden in defense at like 2% chance, add to that that it was only in the void for primes, always on the same tileset. We came from very far.
  2. Mag prime has "exactly" the same body skin compared to the vanilla, not ONE more detail, except the helmet. She is very far to be close to up to par with modern primes, not like Rhino who came later with a fully modified skin.
  3. I just checked his profile, that's 24 warframes primes not mastered, while there are only 30 warframes primes in the game. So 4/30, he mastered 4 warframes primes. Veteran... cough... Edit: Actually he mastered 3 warframes primes, since his Frost prime is lvl 18 only. Cough
  4. "Veterans bored of the game like i am" Well, author of the topic is Mr19 with 219/620+ equipment mastered, most of the prime warframe not mastered.
  5. 553 days. I had a few trades today, and most of the people that joined and tried to join had a very big loading time. I would say 30 to 2 minutes at max to see their names in the trade menu. It resulted by some failed trades because some people were annoyed. I even saw some words with **** characters in the chat, that was kinda hilarious, the only thing that was actually. My spawn room is the grandest hall, which reach the max of decoration capacity. I often wrote in the chat to go to menu > fast travel > vault, without much answers. Please fix
  6. Still not fixed. People have a crazy loading time to my dojo due to decorations (not sure), and will spawn often in the dry dock ship. So i need to pm them to go to the menu > fast travel > vault, everytime. Please fix.
  7. There are plenty of good decorations that could be added, we need to make a special topic for this with pictures and location.
  8. I'm missing some statues because i was in 2 clans before making my own, even if i participated enough for some events to win some prices at a ratio superior to 1:1. It would have been nice if DE could allow for warlords only (in the other case it would be too simple by recruiting) to unlock retroactively the trophies if they contributed enough in their past clans.
  9. 56 FPS, i know right how these ayatan sculptures can make your fps drop. :) I removed them all at some point because of this.
  10. Please add Dry dock backdrop research to the Tenno lab.
  11. So still no clarifications about the Player has completed at least 30 Wreckage: Tier 3 despite the hundreds of messages about it if you count forums.warframe and /r/Warframe - Reddit ? I was a very early adopter of Railjack (4*10/10 Intrinsics, all dojo Railjack researches completed, optimized MKIII stuff, all avionics maxed) and it make absolutely no sense to repair 30 wreckage when it was just smarter to skip totally the MKI and MKII stuff since it was easily doable with archwing and repairing costed way too much. All you need is 6 repaired wreckage to have a fully optimized Railja
  12. So you losed 4 minutes of your life ? BIG DEAL But are you really sure it was losed ? Where are the proofs ? On purpose, proof ? Multiples times, proof ? Who know ? If you didn't ask him the question, you don't know, and nobody know, except him. Fact. You know sometimes in life you have imperatives right ? Childrens, tasks, well... life. Life is nothing like a calibrated planning on Excel. All of this topic is about assomptions, nothing else, and you want that DE take some desisions to the point of banning him ? Toxic much ? This is the
  13. Yes, the cost of oxium should be reduced by A LOT. I did just count what i used of oxium in my dojo, already 17500 oxium myself for 2 rooms decorated for a ghost clan (10). This should cost 5 oxium by decoration max.
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