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  1. Open the windows of the server room DE, it should be cold enough to decrease the servers temperature where you are based, in Canada !
  2. 2 Millions kuva here
  3. Have you ever considered the possibility that DE have the full competences to do this, but just don't want of this cartesian solution for some reasons ?
  4. Grinding for hours for a weapon you already have without a solution to cancel that is just horrible, painful and a terrible choice made by DE. How did they think it was a good idea in the first place ? Incredible. Sorry but i have better things to do with my time instead of losing it.
  5. Also consider the fact that every kuva weapons have a lower riven disposition, making the Kuva Kohm a downgrade with a riven.
  6. It's meant to be challenging, you are not prepared. If you need help you still can go in PUB.
  7. I don't even know why you quoted me, your comment is totally out of purpose. I never made assomption about making new animations, but just bullet jump rework. Read before making comments. Or maybe you just spoke for yourself, who know.
  8. In most of the looter games, the stuff have random stats, because the stuff is obviously RAINING. Borderlands franchise, The division franchise, Destiny franchise, Diablo 3. It's in the core of the game, simply, but for that you need high drop rate. Again, please don't compare.
  9. Except that in Diablo 3 you can loot 12 legendaries every 2min 30s, nearly 300 legendaries by hour. Except that in Diablo 3 you can reforge a legendary to have a new one with the help of bounties mats that you can farm infinitely. Except that in Diablo 3 you can upgrade yellow to have a chance to have the legendary you want and that you can make pretty much infinitely since the cost is very low. Please, don't compare.
  10. It would be great since people are stockpiling endo with no use.....
  11. My main complaint about this is that i really don't like the animation, i never liked it to be fair. It looks goofy, old and out of purpose (making a 360° spin when jumping), and at the same time this is clearly overused. So i would like to see a change as well.
  12. I never ever was worried about ammo efficiency, nor used mods for or carrier for this. If i fall out of ammo, i just switch of weapon, simple as that. And as i switch very often, that's a problem that never come to me. But yes, i could be great, but just for a few weapons (weapon that i avoid in general, because they have some big recoil combined with low accuracy, not all).
  13. Yes, but IMO that is still better to have - only two mods 95% of players would use - than to have no insensitive to use exilus mods because they are not worth it.
  14. Over complicated. The game is about upgrading the arsenal with better versions. Riven dispositions of base weapons will surpass their variants, people will return back to the base weapons. Prime access will go out, but people will know that the base weapons with a riven outperform, or will outperform the prime version on the next riven disposition update, preventing them to buy prime access because it's not or won't be an upgrade with a riven, in 3 words, not worth it. I'm not sure this is smart, DE.
  15. But accuracy, projectile speed (+ damage falloff) for non-hitscan weapons and recoil mods contribute to DPS, so why not reload speed and magazine size ? I think at this point we should go for it, because if not equiped in exilus slot i think pretty much nobody are using them, so they fall as utility mod as well. These mods were created to be used, so let's go!
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