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  1. I just chained 3 vault at this instant, and no scintillant for me. We had 2 nekros. Maybe you're lucky, or maybe i'm not. BTW we had a mech from the portal of the vault (the one you can go in) and he dropped nothing when killed by the infested.
  2. Can you please DE consider adding more info in simulacrum ? For the basics: - Timer (i often need to start a web timer and it is annoying and less accurate) - Enemy counter Extra infos (all numbers and not % number like screen reward) : - Total damage dealt - Damage dealt by type of damage - Critical damage - Critical % - Status procs - Accuracy - Headshot - Damage taken - Total Heal - Shield damage - Shield recovery - Health damage - Health recovery - Energy consummation - Energy drain
  3. I would totally mute her too, she is so annoying and feel out of place in Warframe.
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