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  1. I never used any augments on my Rhino, Vitality + steel fiber was enough to prevent any death on most of the situations and is more safe because you have a bigger pool of life if dispelled. But maybe they could make us able to recast iron skin below 5%, without augments, since 5% is very low and you need to pay attention.
  2. I can see "EARLY MARCH" for Scarlet Spear event, there are no mentions of an estimation.
  3. At this rate my warframes will be umbraified in 2035, so sure, we need an other way to have them.
  4. I just had it 3 hours ago by watching a warframe partner during 30 minutes.
  5. I'm curious to see how my 83 100, 93 90 and 94 80 Vidar reactor will be rerolled. I really hope you will make something about vidar reactor dropped before this change that were up to 90 avionics.
  6. They could just increase the amount again by 2 (so x4 versus the previous drop). It's still very limiting at the current rate, and i don't like having to farm that on the lowest planet to have S#&$ drops (MKI). Titanium was never a problem for me, Asterite was always the BIG wall, preventing people to craft vidar stuff. The only viable solution was to buy Rush repair drone (pay wall) and i think obviously DE was totally aware of that, it's just simple math and they had data.
  7. Please fix the no mods equiped bug on weapons when you enter a crew ship sometimes (could be in nearly half of the crew ships)), the only solution to destroy the reactor is using operator AMP, since your weapons are doing damage a very low % of what they should deal. You directly know when no mods are equiped, since you lose the attack speed on your melee. Also please buff again the asterite drop, it's still very very low in comparaison to other mats (30 to 45 by games when you need nearly 1500 for a vidar stuff with random stats). And please increase as well the max wreckage (30 actually) to 50, because ATM i can't chain 2 missions without losing wreckage. And if you combine that with the still very low vidar reactor drop chance (4%) that can still give BAD avionic stats, this just feel wrong, i mean, very very WRONG.
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