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  1. Original system ( the one that they show at tennocon, not current system. ). is interesting tho. They act like nemesis. Like boss. Kill multiple times. Still got line to deliver. Need to do something to kill not just wack and slash. 

    Scrap murmur system. Get back to OG system. Circle the weapon. Rng the percentage bonus.  And i am in. 

  2. Imo that counterproductive.

    For me Nyx assimilate build only need mobility ( maybe with reave but hey we have spoiler mode. )  and silent build is for low range. ( silent only stun for a couples second + cant recast. Need to move from range to stun again. ) for me silent is for finisher. 

    If u want enemy not hit u with 100%+ range i think its better with shooting gallery or just let chaos do its job. 

    But dont let my comment ruin your game. Do want u want to do. As long its fun for u then doit. 

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  3. Arbitration have so much offer. Aura Mod, arcane, riven, endo, grendel, and cosmetic. 

    I agree if u ONLY want endo there is better place to that.

    Btw arbitration used to be 2x longer than normal mission to get the reward. Ex. Wave 10 defend. And pls dont bring this back. 

    Exalted weapon can cheese the purpose of arbitration. Like for example. Mesa. And yes it will be funny but what the point of arbitration if this just like normal mission? 

    I do arbitration just for vitus essence. And its guaranteed reward. Any reward is just bonus for me. 

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  4. Test it. And die instantly

    Lol what a mess.. 

    But im sure if we are the jugulus. We will get the "hotfix" Asap. But because we arent. And the zephyr main its self maybe only 10-11 player. Then the hotfix.  probably not gonna happen. 

    Because .. You know... 

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  5. For general I use elevate and lockdown. 

    For eidolon it depend. 

    Amp for eidolon x77. 

    Amp for kiva siphon. Ignis like amp. I forgot what it call. 

    Amp for jupiter eidolon. + profit taker. Amp that can shot from far away. 


    Arcane for tanky frame. Arcane grace + guardian

    Arcane for hildryn. Arcane barrier + replenish shield over time. 

    Arcane for caster frame.  Energize + guardian

    Arcane for mesa velocity + energize. 

    Arcane for titania pistoler + energize 

    Arcane for rhino. Tanker + depend on playstyle


  6. When u doing something over and over again it become dull. Become boring.. Then u start asking yourself..  why u doing this with your time? 

    Every person have a purpose to live... Is this my purpose to live? spend hours to get kuva.... 

    Is this the story that i will tell to my child? 

    Dont get me wrong. But its like addiction, to get godroll but braton with lot of forma will do just fine even in SP. 

    But anyway... Yeah this is the correct way to get godroll with minimum plat. 

    Even DE doin it.

    "Oh you want x frame but dont want RNG bother u? Give us plat and this x frame will be for u"

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