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  1. I only received 2 argon crystals. 😞 But thanks for keeping us updated on the Switch cert.
  2. I've been in group with a friend of mine for our Nightwave missions. We started with the PoE Bounties. She is at three and i'm stuck at one. We noticed at the second mission that mine was not being tracked. We started together and did the same missions together. And yes all different ones.
  3. I honestly don't know what we could do more... It's there. Very easy to reproduce. There is three steps to the issue. 1- In the settings allows motion controls 2- Go in any missions, Aim with ZL. 3- Do a very small movement with the right JoyCon to move the reticule. Notice that the reticule will fight the mouvement or small movements are blocked until "bigger" mouvements are done.
  4. I had no issues with those games. Also for BotW, didn't they said it was a known bug caused from the Switch going into sleep mode while the game was still running behind? And there was a fix to it from what I can remember.
  5. Like LostVector said, it's is about the motion controls that we are talking about, not the "joy-con drift".
  6. Thanks for your reply Helen. I did many re-calibrations and an update of my joy-cons before doing my post, I did the same again after seeing your post this morning. Sadly nothing has been fixed on my side. Just went back in game, went directly into PoE, moved my character a little bit and pressed ZL to aim and right away my cursor was moving. I also did try to slightly move as if i was aiming for a pobber or a kuaka, and i still have to fight against the game to be able to aim. Even sometimes my mouvements are so small the games doesn't seem to see it and suddenly it goes the opposite way of what i tried to do.
  7. I don't know if it got worst since the last patch, but i never really that much issues with aiming with my joycons. However,lately all the small tasks are frustrating to do: 1- I miss a lot of the mining nodes. Before it would just lock on the target but now it drifts so much. It's almost impossible to succeed a node that is far, in those hard to reach spots, you place yourself and you fight against the game to stay in place... 2- With fishing, you want to do small movement to follow the fish but the game goes against you. 3- Hunting for conservation is also a pain, mostly on small targets or to hit those that require precise aim to hit a specific spot. Just like you said, you can end up with a weird position with your wrist when you try to "fight" the game, it's not normal....
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