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  1. Today I was in the plain, attending a team for plague star. When we come to the stage two, one of my teammate pointed a place, and asked us to go there 30 seconds before the end of stage 2. Sometimes it's a little boil near the big one, or near the lake. When I ask him why, he replied: "Where we are at the end of the stage 2 decides where the drone spawns in the stage 3. Now we all come to the pointed spot and wait for the end of stage 2, and at the beginning of stage 3,the drone will spawn near from the boil, approximately 200m.' Compared to the conventional tactic, in this can we dramatically reduce the time of stage 3 in Plague star. With loki or nova my teammates were able to finish stage 3 in less than 10 seconds. I wonder, DE has been working to eliminate any bugs or abusive tactics. So, is this so-called tactic a kind of unauthorized way, which should also be fixed, like making the spawn point of drone fixed, nearly 500m away from the big boil......
  2. Sentients evolve through fight with them. That is to say, as long as we do not contact them until the new war is released, they will not change any more?🤪
  3. The problem come from the peer pressure from your teammate. As we all know when a lich is stabbed,10murmurs will be given to everyone in the squad.Then some players feel leeched when they see their teammates not stabbing liches or sisters,and consider them as parasites and self-centered ones. They care more about the so called"general process"of all players in the server ,and then force other players to stab their lich or sister no matter if they have a murmur to test. A mind-clear player certainly know whether to stab his/her lich or sister depends on the process of murmur,not the personal need of others,right?
  4. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION:After Hydroid is nerfed,now Titania users rely on their skill four to make them smaller to easily infultrate spy missions ,especially in Lua and Fort kuva.Thus,common players' experience is destroyed. VISUAL:(sorry but sending a image is not available in my country because of the Internet condition) REPRODUCTION:get to spy mission in Lua or Fort Kuva and initiate Titania skill 4 again and again near the console until it "enter"the room without experiencing the obstacles. EXPECTED RESULT:this should not happen,as players should go through the obstacles in spy missions . OBSERVED RESULT:this case happens, now we see Orokin buildings are waterproof(Hydroid is nerfed)but still not bugproof yet. REPRODUCTION RATE:It happens as you want.
  5. let's suppose the Oull to be called O,and other requiems called A and B in a lich or sister. First, after the first requiem is revealed,place A-O-B(lich level 1) if A is right,O will be dinfinitely right,then we have two situations: ①:B is right,go killing the lich right now. ②:B is wrong,now lich get level 2, switch the sequence to A-B-O ,and wait the lich and kill it. What if A is wrong? I do not suggest placing O to the first slot,so let's place B to the first slot then,and we get a sequence of B-O-A. This time the trial is just the loop of the situation above. ①If B is right and the third A is right,congratulations. ②If B is right and A is wrong,just switch the sequence to B-A-O and wait for the lich.(now lich level 3) So if you are extremely unlucky to get those two situations wrong... O get the firat slot,then repeat the process above. Now that we get the sequence of O-A-B. if A is right,lich dies in level 3. if A is wrong,switch to O-B-A and kill the lich in level 4. Under no circurmstances the lich will rise to level 5 if this tactic is used well,and never to stab the lich before we have a chance to have a test.It's a waste unless you do not mind fighting it in kuva fortress.
  6. Some skills are completely useless like Mesa 1 in such cases I choose Rhino or Mirage‘s skill to replace it. Now my Mesa can hold almost all steel path missions that's good.
  7. So what about visitors that cannot see this video as it cannot load any like me? A summary is still necessary.
  8. Recently the question has provoked heated discussion in my server and other Warframe forums:Do you accept that your teammate choose not to try to kill the lich or sister in the mission under the circumstance of no murmur is solved? Sounds unbelievable?Then pls listen to what players who do not accept this will say. I see opinions like these: "In a squad made up with random players,our joint goal is to kill the Sister as fast as possible.If we see our sister appearing we will try to parazon her without hesitation,but what if you choose not to do so?you r just wasting our time and trying leeching our 10 point." "If you choose not to parazon the sister,we see you only selfish and self-centered as you never know to benefit your teammates you just think of you yourself." "Go to solo if you don't want to pazazon her,and make room for helpers." "With your sister in the mission ours will not appear.If you do not parazon the time used to finish the mission is extended and our time is wasted." "The core is that you are too weak.If you have a banshee or nyx that will not be the case." These are opinions of dissent.However the true situation is never what it seems to be.Sisters tend to appear before the first requium murmur is solved.Then,what should we do?Ignore the true need and waste the chance that the sister appear and let her go to the next sector? In my server I see many players being aware of this but they choose to ignore the situation of their teammates and still forcing them to parazon their sisters even if no murmur is solved.They do not care and just say it's for the improvment of 4,not you one. I feel so puzzled----why it seems that seldom do players take care of the need and situation of their teammates?In practice I hardly see players being angry because of that,but the status quo often gives me the illusion that most players hate it. Let me clearify my opinion.I never mind any one of my teammates choosing not to parazon their sister because their murmur is not solved,but seems that lot of players cannot underatand such a simple reason and easily get outragous. So what you guys think about it?Accept it or not?
  9. When I see your proposal, Prototype,the game,comes into my mind. An image that Warframes fighting against men(?)with weaponized arms or legs begins to be vivid too🤣 Shall their leader be Alex Mercer?🤣
  10. When I am firing karak it gives me the feel that I am using an AK47😋 But the biggest disadvantage of primary weapons is that their bullet cannot explode.If a weapon needs to aim and fire,killing enemies one by one,then sorry but it will be eliminated no matter how powerful it seems to be,as explosive weapons can always kill more in the same time.Guns are not camparable to cannons all the time.
  11. Though I see now that someone has reported this before,I still believe more players report,the more likely the situation will be changed.
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