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  1. I thought you were talking about an octavia related color palette that i didn't know about. LOL
  2. Hello fellow tennos! I know I can get color palettes for platinum and on holidays like easter, halloween, etc. But is there any other way to get color palettes for free as I am tight on money rn and don't have enough plat. You know I wanna spice my frames up a bit 😉
  3. What would be the best time as to buying that "starting fund"?
  4. Okay, thank you I appreciate the advice!
  5. Yeah I know very well how generous people are in this community. I definitely can't name a better one I'm trying the best for my dream warframe! :3 completely invested in it
  6. Yeah I'm making all of it sure and I'm well aware. Doing the best I can! Thanks
  7. Yeah i know that this community is absolutely the best. Haven't seen more supportive people anywhere. Anyways yeah I'm grinding and doing the best I can for the Saryn
  8. Hello there! I have some queries as to how I can get the Saryn as a beginner. I have just reached MR5 and I absolutely enjoy and love this game. The community is so helpful people actually help me a lot if i just ask them to. So, everyone I see (most of my friends) always talk about how good the Saryn is. That lead me to Binge watch many gameplays and learning things about Saryn from YouTube. I really seem to love the Saryn and she matches my playstyle a LOT. But the only thing here I want to know is how do I actually get her for now. I know the following options available in order to obtain Saryn - -> I can buy it directly from the Warframe market with platinum but that isn't possible for me as I don't have much platinum (spent the 50 I got as a starting reward in Warframe and weapon slots) -> I can obtain the parts of it from defeating a planet boss but that's really not possible for me as of now as I'm just halfway through the MR5 rank. Please let me know if there's any other way in which I can obtain the Saryn as of now because I really like her and I'm itching to get it. XD
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