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  1. Raise cap and add fall off so that it's fun but doesn't nuke an entire rooms. Will make it viable for certain frames but won't break the entire meta. line of sight and the fact that allies can cancel the ability with their damage already kinda made this tricky to use on some maps and multiplayer. I appreciate the small back peddle, but for the requires to get access to MFD is steep and players who get to that should be rewarded. Boost it some more and make it rank 10 for helminth and it will be balanced. Expedite suffering should have been like rank 3-5 unless I am missing a tac
  2. The higher stats in preview through chat links to the weapon riven. The lower stats after it's actually equipped. Seriously misleading
  3. I've never seen previews show stats that don't match current dispo, though. Unless, it's always been this way and I had no idea all this time
  4. While purchasing a riven today, I noticed that the stats shown did not match the stats after equipping it. I bought an unrolled nukor riven and this is what I saw in chat with the riven link. Screen shots: Preview VS actual stats after equipped paid 700 plat for this riven. Heck
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