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  1. These are the changes, before these they were kind of not worth using because other weapons were just much much better. With these changes they're potentially competitive with other melee weapons but not if they can't use Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds.
  2. After the recent buff to Garuda's Talons I wanted to try to use them since the new stats seemed very good in comparison to other melee weapons. I settled on using this build: I did a few low level missions and didn't notice anything off, was killing the enemies as easily as normal. Today I went into the first sortie mission and noticed that I wasn't getting the extra critical chance from Blood Rush. I went into Simulacrum to test some more and noticed that both Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds had no effect. As you can see, I'm at 12x combo. I should have 152% critical chance from Blood Rush, but there aren't any orange crits and even non-crits. My status chance should be just over 199% which means 2 status procs on almost every hit but you can see that there are lots of hits that don't proc any statuses at all. For comparison, this is a screenshot of Kronen Prime with a similar build only swapping Vicious Frost for North Wind. You can clearly see that Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds are working from the orange and yellow crits and the multiple status procs per hit. Previously, equipping Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds did apply the mod's effect. I tested Garuda's Talons just after Update 26 and those mods worked then. Hopefully this can be fixed as Garuda is one of my favorite frames and I would enjoy using her Talons in normal gameplay.
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