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  1. I mean sure, but that would be stupid. Plus, we have AI-off buttons in the form of CC.
  2. Lol, melee is barely getting nerfed, and poorly-modded weapons already delete most content that the average player is going to experience. Let's suppose that someone just wants to do starchart, they can throw a S#&$load of elemental mods on their Broken War and curbstomp the content. Players who tackle more challenging content will still be able to. The nerf has brought melee down from god-tier to 1% under god-tier. Honestly, people are acting like these small nerfs are going destroy melee, which is barely nerfed by range in a game where you can jump at Mach #*!%-all and teleport. Melee should, and always will, be more effective at close range than guns. The current nerfs change none of this. You can still go into level 9999 missions and delete S#&$.
  3. I feel ya mate, just don't forget that Warframe's not the only game out there, you can drop in and out, and you don't have to get everything or nothing. Best wishes for a buff to some of the older frames.
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