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  1. I mean sure, but that would be stupid. Plus, we have AI-off buttons in the form of CC.
  2. Lol, melee is barely getting nerfed, and poorly-modded weapons already delete most content that the average player is going to experience. Let's suppose that someone just wants to do starchart, they can throw a S#&$load of elemental mods on their Broken War and curbstomp the content. Players who tackle more challenging content will still be able to. The nerf has brought melee down from god-tier to 1% under god-tier. Honestly, people are acting like these small nerfs are going destroy melee, which is barely nerfed by range in a game where you can jump at Mach #*!%-all and teleport. Melee should, and always will, be more effective at close range than guns. The current nerfs change none of this. You can still go into level 9999 missions and delete S#&$.
  3. I feel ya mate, just don't forget that Warframe's not the only game out there, you can drop in and out, and you don't have to get everything or nothing. Best wishes for a buff to some of the older frames.
  4. Game rewards are just bits of, well, bits, why play if the content itself is dry, sparse, and padded out through grinding?
  5. The original statement sounds illegal.
  6. I'll only respond to the portion of your post in which I was quoted. I agree completely, apologies if I came across in a manner other than intended. I consider exclusive glyphs a form of cosmetic, and I wouldn't want to compromise anyone's fun through the implementation of cosmetic armor/skins/attachments/syandana/what-have-you. Would having something to compete for in the form of glyphs compromise enjoyment?
  7. Select relic, relic you want, or relic level (and/or) Queue for game, people with relics get matched with people who want those relics and are given host. People who want a relic get matched with people who have those relics, you choose which queue you're going for. Relic level is a filter.
  8. Well, for controller, I can certainly see the issue. I actually tried looking into the binds, and I can see the feature's purpose a bit better now.
  9. Yeah, we definitely need a better application programming interface in Warframe, not, maybe, a better market system and market GUI.
  10. Not certain I follow the idea of being better than everyone else, but competition and exclusivity of rewards are a cornerstone of competitive modes of playing games. I don't care if you play video games non-competitively, and I hope you can respect my desire to have an, obviously illusory, sense of virtual competition. Also, I'm not really certain how gating cosmetics behind PvP as a reward affects your experience, aside from in the most basic sense. I don't really see how your desire to have all the toys in the box negates the need for the occasional exclusive reward. And, as foreign a concept as this may sound, for some people, it's not the feeling of being better, but the competition that's fun.
  11. It's one #*!%ing movement of a finger. Why does this of all things bother people.
  12. C'mon, these are only poor, 175 million dollar devs working for a Tencent-owned studio, cut them some slack, not like it's their job.
  13. I mean let's be fair. Just tap shift again lol.
  14. Apologies, I've not slept for a day and a half, may have misread. As for state persistence, yeah, that should be pretty easy (from the experience I've had in game development), but, again, I've never used Evolution Engine, and it may just be really jank.
  15. The issue could be that the Evolution Engine itself doesn't calculate state-based behavior for Lavos' ability, but momentum based values, which would complicate the issue. Sadly, we don't really know how the Evolution Engine works in terms of its syntax and logic, but I support the idea of developing this feature. If it is an issue of default states, a default sprint state could be nice, but it would severely conflict with the way players have been playing for a while, and might annoy some people in terms of muscle memory for a while. Ideally, there would exist some toggle-able menu options.
  16. I feel similarly. Sadly, it seems like, especially in Western countries, people have become very entitled and feel as though no one should miss out on rewards, which just seems ridiculous to me, though it may be my culture, because working for your gains has always been a value that my people hold dear. You'll even see people complaining that Conclave-exclusive rewards are not accessible through PvE!
  17. Why should anyone try to understand something that's not even that out of the ordinary though... Government-imposed systems and regular, non-malicious server relay issues are commonplace, and yea, it would affect all players in the region, that's how regional servers work.
  18. All this because someone didn't like their Prime part drops... Also, if anyone's interested in some neat math that's somewhat related, I recommend looking into Kolmogorov's Law, fascinating stuff, and you're sure to learn some beautiful things about math!
  19. Certainly doesn't help that all Corrupted fire weapons with golden-hue projectiles, other than the infamous Corrupted Bombards, and are placed against a gleaming, golden backdrop. Honestly, they still feel like a placeholder faction for the most part.
  20. I'd also argue that the Corpus are the best faction in terms of visual clarity. All of their units have defined, but not chaotic, color schemes and distinctive unit designs. It's harder to tell the difference between a lancer and a bombard than a crewman and a MOA.
  21. Ah, good to know, I had assumed, from other comments, and having not read diligently enough, that they had simply split the difference and added, but that gives me a bit more hope.
  22. Not even mentioning the fact that the Infested themselves are more obnoxiously color-coded than any other faction, which does bring to the surface of my mind the idea of the Corrupted as well, they're generally a huge sea of monochromatic, grunting soldiers.
  23. I have to agree though, because if you take Khinchin's Law, that seems to be the expected, theoretical result at a value for X.
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